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The World’s Most Glamorous Holiday Destinations

June 7, 2018

Many of us know how exciting it can be to plan our next vacation; unfortunately, we also know how restrictive our budgets can be at times.

But what if there was no budget? What if you could go to the most exclusive (not to mention expensive) destinations? Where would you even start?

Well, lucky for you, we’ve scoured the globe in search of the most exclusive and glamorous spots. Ever wondered where the rich and famous spend their time off? Then look no further!

Thanda Island Private Marine Reserve, Tanzania

Few things will ever reach the level of exclusivity you experience while spending a vacation on a luxury exclusive island – and very few luxury islands come close to the impeccable standards set by Thanda Island!

Situated off the east coast of Tanzania and inside the Shungi Mbili Island marine reserve, why not bathe with a whale shark, or go for a walk along your own private 1,1km beach?

Upmarket and exclusive, Thanda Island beckons anyone who craves unparalleled luxury and adventure.

Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

A carefree paradise radiating serenity, relaxation, and calm. Situated in the Koh Rong Archipelago, Cambodia, Song Saa Private Island practically breathes nature.

The resort features 24 private pool villas, a private beach (of course), scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, speed boating, and much more.

With each villa on the resort being its own private sanctuary, take some time to reconnect with the profound nature around you, all while nested in a cradle of absolute luxury.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

This list would never be complete without an actual palace! The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, describes itself as “a lavishly imagined dream”.

With award-winning 5-star luxury and hospitality, featuring 394 rooms and suites, not to mention an intense attention to detail and quality; it’s no surprise that the palace suites are considered a “presidential” level of opulence.

Fulfill your lifelong dream of rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in business and entertainment by having a premium cognac while smoking a cigar (if you’re into that) in some of the most exceptional bars in Abu Dhabi.

Walk through the palace walls and take a deep breath, because this is probably the closest many of us will get to feeling like actual royalty!

Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

Located in the heart of Europe and connected to almost 130 destinations by direct flight, we turn our attention to Geneva.

With incredible scenery and thrilling skiing trips readily available for the eager adventurer, Geneva has always been a popular spot for travelers; and the President Wilson Hotel is a popular spot for guests who demand only the most prestigious and upscale hospitality in Europe.

Featuring in-room Jacuzzis, “rainforest” showers, and even mirror Televisions, this 5 star hotel directly overlooks the unforgettable Lake Geneva shoreline.

To take full advantage of this magnificent view, each room features large bay windows to allow each guest the full visual rush of natural beauty that surrounds the hotel.

Musha Cay Resort, the Bahamas

The Musha Cay Resort and surrounding islands of Copperfield Bay are known to cause excitement and desire among travelers, especially when you consider the prospect of sitting on a private beach at night while watching the moon cascade through the evening sky above.

If that doesn’t sound like much, here’s something else for you to consider: this resort offers its lush forests and pristine beaches to only you and 24 other guests of your choosing!

That’s right, this private island resort caters to only one group at a time. Exclusive enough for you yet?

Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, France

Set in a forest at the tip of the Cap d’Antibes Peninsula, this hotel emulates a luxurious nineteenth-century villa experience.

Take a swim in the heated infinity pool, or instead spend an afternoon tasting the culinary delights of world class chefs.

Featuring 33 seafront cabanas, 5 tennis courts, and a top of the line fashion boutique, it’s not surprising that this glamorous retreat has long been a favored getaway for the rich and famous.

The lineup even includes the Kennedy family – who summered here back in 1938 – meaning this hotel has just as much history as it does luxury!

In conclusion:

While it might be difficult to know exactly which resort she was referring to, one can understand why Belinda Carlisle sang so passionately about heaven being a place on Earth. And with resorts and destinations like these on offer, you can’t help but sing along!

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