custom itineraries for NYCA trip to New York City, is the trip of a lifetime.  

Your vacation to NYC deserves to be the best vacation you’ve ever had. That means plenty of planning, research and preparation. This is the best city in the world, after all… You want to squeeze as much out of this amazing city as possible, right?

Well, that’s where I come in.

For those seeking to fully experience New York City, I specialize in crafting unique, tailor-made, custom itineraries for this amazing city.

As a professional travel writer (who specializes in NYC), I have been in love with this amazing city for well over a decade. I’ve spent years exploring the vibrant streets of Soho, the dazzling heights of Midtown, and the jazz bars of the Upper West Side.

This city isn’t just a place; it’s an adventure of awe and amazement waiting to be discovered. And I love helping people discover the best of what’s on offer, with a tailor-made itinerary for NYC, made especially for them.

Take a watch of the video below, and let me explain how it all works!

Why is a custom itinerary for NYC a great idea?

NYC is a big city like no other. It can be overwhelming. It can be expensive. It can be confusing.

And (oh boy!) there is a lot to see and do here.

Having a professional travel writer and New York trip planner (that’s me!) who knows the city, and loves the city, create an itinerary for you, has all kinds of benefits:

  • 👉 Your NYC itinerary is completely personlized and custom-made to fit your personality, your tastes and your travel style. I’ll ask you to answer some simple questions when you get in touch – and build your personalized NYC itinerary from that info.
  • 👉 I’ll help you discover hidden gems, fun locations, and unique attractions that the average tourist wouldn’t know about.
  • 👉 You’ll discover restaurants and neighborhoods that you would’ve missed otherwise.
  • 👉 You get someone dedicated (me!) to answer all your questions – and I’ll be around on Whatsapp and email throughout your entire trip just in case anything pops up!
  • 👉 Having a custom NYC itinerary takes the stress out of trip planning, meaning you can just concentrate on enjoying yourself and having fun.
  • 👉 You’ll save lots of time on travel research and pre-planning, because I’ll do all that stuff for you!
  • 👉 You get all the insider information that regular tourists wouldn’t, such as when to visit somewhere for less crowds, or how to save yourself the queuing time at big attractions.
  • 👉 It’s my mission as your NYC vacation planner to make this trip amazing for you – and that means it’s going to be awesome.

I have a decade of experience knowing (and loving) this amazing city! So you better believe you’ll have an incredible time. 

A collection of images of Ellie in NYC, in different parts of the city

What will my custom NYC itinerary include?

Your custom-made itinerary for NYC is basically your personalized NYC trip plan. A handy guide on your phone, that tells you what to do, when to do it, and gives you handy tips along the way. 

I pride myself by always going above and beyond with my itineraries.

It will be a detailed itinerary to follow for your entire trip, setting you up for success, and ensuring you’ve got time to see all the sights, take all the cute photos, and eat all the delicious food, you had hoped for!

The custom NYC itinerary is provided to you in an easy and accessible pdf, which is easily accessed from your phone, at any time during your trip.

A collection of images of Ellie in NYC, in different parts of the city

You can expect to find the following in your custom NYC itinerary...

  • ✅ Planned out timings for activities and tourist sights, day-by-day.
  • ✅ Hidden gems, personally picked by me, that I think you’ll love!
  • ✅ Links to ticket-providers (if needed) so you can book ahead and have peace of mind.
  • ✅ Approximate costs for all activities (so you can stay within budget).
  • ✅ Restaurant recommendations I think you’ll love for each mealtime (tailored to your taste in food, and budget!).
  • ✅ Walking routes that you can use on Google Maps, and transport tips and advice (getting from here to there).
  • ✅ Insider tips for avoiding crowds, or charging your phone, or sheltering from the rain (you name it!).

As well as your amazing NYC itinerary, you’ll also get some included extras with your itinerary, including:


  • ✅ Email / Whatsapp support from me, before and during your trip, where I can answer any questions you have about NYC.
  • ✅ A free 20 minute Zoom call, where we can chat over your itinerary and discuss any worries / questions / concerns you have about visiting NYC.
  • ✅ A bonus guide to my favorite eateries in the city. This is a list of all my absolute favorite restaurants and cafes – that I usually keep exclusively for family and friends!

Alongside your itinerary and schedule, you’ll find useful photographs, clickable links, and things that will make your vacation super easy to navigate.

A collection of images of Ellie in NYC, in different parts of the city

My itineraries are built from real-life experience and exploration, so you know you’re in good hands!

How much does a custom NYC itinerary cost?

To have me as your personal New York vacation planner, is pretty affordable.

I’ve tried to price my services as competitively as possible, because this is a service I love providing – and it’s something I get a lot of joy from too. I genuinely love being a New York vacation planner for people, and I adore seeing people’s vacation photos when they return home!

Remember, you’ll also get email support included in the price, as well as an optional Zoom video call (should you want it!).

During this free Zoom call, I can answer any further questions about your itinerary or schedule, or NYC in general.

1 day NYC itinerary

A custom made travel itinerary for NYC, with 1 day of activities and restaurant suggestions.
$ 80
  • 1 day itinerary
  • Zoom call
  • Email support

2 day NYC itinerary

A custom made travel itinerary for NYC, with 2 days of activities and restaurant suggestions.
$ 160
  • 2 day itinerary
  • Zoom call
  • Email support

3 day NYC itinerary

A custom made travel itinerary for NYC, with 3 days of activities and restaurant suggestions.
$ 240
  • 3 day itinerary
  • Zoom Call
  • Email support

4 day NYC itinerary

A custom made travel itinerary for NYC, with 4 days of activities and restaurant suggestions.
$ 280
  • 4 day itinerary
  • Zoom call
  • Email support

Ready to get in touch?

Getting in touch is easy! You can drop me an email to this email address:

Or, you can use the contact form below (whichever is easier for you).

Please include ‘NYC itinerary’ in the subject line – it helps me answer to your email quicker because my itinerary customers always get priority!

custom made itineraries for NYC

How does it work once I get in touch?

We’ll start off with some emails back and forth!

As your NYC trip planner, I know the point of this service is to make your life easier, so I like to keep things really low-key.

The first stage, is for you to drop me an email, and tell me all about the trip you’re planning. I use the bullet points below as a guideline – so feel free to copy and paste them into your initial email to me.

What the trip is for (special occasion, birthday, engagement, etc)

  • 👍The length of your trip
  • 👍 Any budget constraints
  • 👍 Your hotel (but don’t worry – I can recommend hotels, if you haven’t decided yet!)
  • 👍 Any special activities you’d like to do
  • 👍 Any specific parts of the city you’re desperate to see
  • 👍 Any special interests you have (food, art, hobbies)
  • 👍 Any type of food you particularly love (or hate!)

The more information I have the better, but I’m also totally happy to plan trips for people who are flexible, and perhaps don’t know what they want, or where to start.

That’s part of the fun of my job as an NYC vacation planner!

From your information, I will then create a full itinerary for you, tailored precisely to all your favorite things, and requests. The itinerary usually takes me a couple of days to create, because it is completely bespoke and personalized to you.

Once your personalized and custom itinerary for NYC has been created, you’ll receive it over email, for easy access during your trip.

If you need any changes, or want to swap anything out, this is totally fine – and I’ll happily do one round of edits and amendments. If you’d like, I can also jump on a zoom call (included in the price).

custom-made NYC itineraries

Don’t be afraid to make weird requests!

NYC is one of those cities that has something for everyone! And one of the reasons I love making custom NYC itineraries for people, is because I love finding the perfect activities for people.

☕️ If you want to spend a whole day visiting different bookshops and drinking coffee? Tell me!

🥰 If you want to spend an afternoon in Little Tokyo, trying Japanese cheesecakes and buying skincare – I can totally fit that into your itinerary!

👗 If you want to find some amazing thrift stores or thrift markets – I’ve got you covered!

🍲 If you’ve got a craving for Korean BBQ and Bibimbap, then I know just the place in Koreatown!

🍪 If you’ve got an obsession with cookies, and want to try 20 different cookies in one day – I am fully onboard with that plan!


Don’t be afraid to let me know exactly what you’d love from this trip. My job as your NYC vacation planner is to make it happen.

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custom made itineraries for NYC