If you want to know more about The World and Then Some, and me (Elle-Rose – the writer) then keep reading!

The World and Then Some, is headed up by me… Elle-Rose. I’m the writer behind all these words, and the face in all the videos!

If you want to know a little bit more about me, my job, and what it’s like being a professional travel blogger… then keep reading!

Let me introduce myself.

I’ve been writing about travel for 12 years.

I started off as a hobby blogger (before Instagram / Tiktok even existed!), and used my blog to document my travels and adventures for family and friends.

During this time, I was blogging ‘on the side’ and I was working professionally in PR, magazine writing, and social media management during the day.

I’ve written travel content for publications such as cosmopolitan.co.uk, Orbitz Travel blog, and huffingtonpost.co.uk, and I’ve had my travel photos featured on The Daily Mail, and The Metro.

And then, through a lot of hard work, and late nights, I decided to take this website full time. And now, it’s my full-time income and career, and I’ve been a travel writer, professionally for around 5 years.

My day-to-day life consists of running this blog, managing a team of writers, traveling for content, and researching content.

I’m pretty sure have the best job in the world.

I’m basically a professional traveler.

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I specialize in city breaks.

I specialize in city breaks.

I love cities, I always have, so it made sense to specialize in city breaks. Cities are the locations I have experience visiting. Cities are the locations I love.

Cities I visit regularly and update content on constantly are:

  • NYC
  • Las Vegas
  • Dubai
  • Seattle
  • London

I’d consider myself an expert on these cities, they are places I have been writing about for years.

I have visited these cities multiple times (per year!), year in, year out. These are the cities I know better than my own hometown!

Cities that I know inside out, back to front.

Would I consider myself an expert in city breaks? Yes I think I would!

How many people read The World and Then Some?

At the moment of writing this, The World and Then Some received approximately 2.5 Million readers in the last full year (2022).

Based on past years’ growth (the website typically grows in readership by an average of 20-25% each year) we predict that our readership will be around 3.2 Million in the next year.

How often do I travel?

Well, because this is my job, and my full-time income, I travel as often as I can.

The trips I take vary from short weekends away in Europe, to exploring my favorite US cities, to long haul getaways like Australia and New Zealand.

The cities I love going back to time and time again, are:

NYC, Las Vegas, Seattle, London, Edinburgh, Dubai, Bologna, Rome, Venice, Sydney and Queenstown.

But, honestly, I’m constantly adding more locations to my list of favorites.

I love different places for different reasons, and I have destinations I prefer in different seasons and times of the year too.

The whole idea behind ‘The World and Then Some’ is that you’ll be able to find recommendations, ideas, and tips for many different locations, all around the world.

What are some key locations I can learn about on this blog?

I write about a lot of US cities, as well as international destinations such as London, Paris, Singapore, Italy, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand.

Here are some of my favorite blog posts to get you started…

What is my ‘style’ of travel?

Whilst I started this blog in my early 20s… I’m in my 30’s now.

So my style of travel has changed. You’ll find historic articles on this blog where my style was very much budget-friendly backpacking.

But now? Well, my travel style is unique, boutique, comfortable, special, memorable, and a little luxurious.

I love cities for their food, their buildings, their people, and the way they make my soul feel.

I love properties and hotels for their distinct architecture, unique touches, or incredible interior design.

And lastly, I’m happy to spend a little more money now, than I was 10 years ago.

  • I love flying business class
  • I have a weakness for 5* hotels
  • I love hotels and companies that go the extra mile

But most importantly…

What does a day traveling with me look like?

Well, obviously, we’ll be in a city.

First of all, I’ll probably sleep in a little. I’ve always been more of a sunset person, than a sunrise person.

But after a lazy morning… I want to get out and see all the things – so we’ll do a lot of walking.

I want to take beautiful photos, I want to wander around scenic streets, I want to eat delicious food, and I want to take my time.

And then in the evening, let’s take a little siesta, and go out for more food and some rooftop cocktails. I love chasing an amazing sunset skyline, so if we’re in a city, prepare for some epic views.

The kind of articles you’ll find on The World and Then Some will reflect this kind of travel. Indulgent, fun, and personable travel, for people who know what they like!

What are my favorite recommendations?

I have so many favorites, especially when it comes to traveling. But I’ve tried to make a list below of my key destinations and places I adore.

  • My favorite city: New York City
  • My second favorite city: Queenstown (NZ)
  • My favorite country: New Zealand
  • My favorite airline: Emirates and Singapore
  • My favorite airport: Dubai
  • My favorite cuisine: Vietnamese and Korean
  • My favorite hotel: The Address Downtown, Dubai
  • My favorite wildcard vacation: Las Vegas
  • My favorite view: Manhattanhenge sunset in NYC
  • My favorite travel accessory: Lumbar support pillow (I’m getting old, ok!)
  • Favorite underrated city: Bologna, Italy
  • Cities that feel like home: London (I lived there for 10 years), NYC (my soul city), Queenstown (my perfect place) and Dubai (I have family that live here).
  • Favorite cities for food: NYC, London, Seattle, Queenstown
  • Favorite winter cities: Edinburgh, NYC, London
  • Favorite summer cities: Seattle, Rome

Who do I travel with?

I mainly travel with my husband, my sister, or friends!

I love traveling with different groups of friends, because it exposes you to different kinds of activities, restaurants, and things to do.

Some of the most memorable days and evenings of my life, have been when I’ve been taken somewhere completely out of my comfort zone, by a friend or family member. Please see this incredible blog post by my dear friend Geraldine, as a perfect example.

Sometimes I also make solo trips, which are less common, but I love just as much.

Is travel writing/ travel blogging my only job?

Yes, this is my only job! How awesome is that?

Becoming a specialist in travel has been life-changing, and doing this for my job is awesome.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe this is my career.

Alongside running my website, I’m also currently writing my first book, but that isn’t making any money (yet!).

Writing a book is a new and entirely different adventure. I’m learning a lot about a whole new industry and way of working and it’s exciting, fun (and scary!). You can follow me on TikTok or Instagram to learn more about this process.

It’s going to be a travel guide to one of my favorite cities in the world – and I’m so excited! Stay tuned for more information!

Do I mentor aspiring writers?

Yes, this is something I love doing!

I mentor other digital writers and creators, so if you’re interested in becoming a writer yourself, and want to build a career like mine – I’d love to hear from you!

How to get in touch…

If you want to get in touch, then you can email me!

My email is ellerosewilliams (@) gmail.com

Can’t wait to hear from you!