Are you looking for the best local bars in Las Vegas? If so, keep reading!

If you’re visiting Las Vegas, you might be on the look out for bars that are a little less-tourity than the bars on the Las Vegas strip.

Not everyone wants to spend every night surrounded by tourists and crowds, so if you’re looking for bars that are off the strip in Las Vegas – here are some places you’ll love!

In this list, we’ve put together all our favorite local bars in Las Vegas, bars that are away from the tourist bubble, and part of the wider Las Vegas community.

So, where do locals go in Las Vegas?

Just about anywhere really! Las Vegas is an ever growing city, and there are plenty of suburbs and neighborhoods to explore, without even venturing near the Las Vegas Strip.

In fact, some of the best bars off the strip in Las Vegas beat those on the strip! So let’s get into it!

Distill – A Local Bar

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Distil is our first suggestion for the best local bars in Las Vegas. It is located around the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, which is a popular place for residents and locals.

It’s a really popular hangout, and the vibe is really casual, friendly and fun. They even have a VIP gaming club for regulars! It’s a great choice for the best bars off the strip in Las Vegas.

Oh, and the cocktails are fantastic too – with a varied menu of tastes and techniques!

The Golden Tiki

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Second on our list, it’s The Golden Tiki! This place is great fun! This is one of the most unique on this list, and is known for its tropical cocktails, pumping DJ sets, and relaxed atmosphere.

Whilst some of the bars on this list are more chilled out, this is definitely one of the more upbeat and nightlife centered options!

As Vegas can get pricey pretty quickly (which locals know all too well), we’re pleased to say that this place is well priced too.

It’s not uber-cheap, but you can expect to pay around $15 for a cocktail and $6 for a beer which is honestly a steal in Vegas! This is absolutely one of the best bars off the strip in Las Vegas.

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Grape Street Wine Bar

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Grape Street Wine Bar in Downtown Summerlin is our next idea for the best local bars in Las Vegas. If you like a relaxed and chilled atmpshere, then this is the place for you!

Grape Street Wine Bar has been open for 19 years (!) and it’s a favorite amongst the locals that live nearby.

This place just has a lovely, friendly and cosy vibe. It’s the kind of place you can sit in with friends for hours, just chatting and people watching.

Many consider this one of the the best bars off the strip in Las Vegas!

Double Down Saloon

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Double Down Saloon is tucked away on Paradise Road, and it’s been bringing excellent pours and good vibes to Vegas since opening in 1992. And as well as being one of the best punk bars in the city too!

This is one of the best local bars in Las Vegas, and it’s always rammed. Why’s that you ask? Well, it serves affordable beers, has several snooker tables, and awesome mood lighting that instantly puts you in the mood to party.

Although there’s tons to love on their drinks menu, you can’t leave without trying their signature bacon martinis.

I mean, you’ve got to try bacon-infused vodka at least once in your life, right? This is one of the best bars off the strip in Las Vegas!

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The Sand Dollar Lounge

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Cocktails, pizza and live music, what more could you want? The Sand Dollar Lounge is one of the best local bars in Las vegas, hands down!

This place was once an old blues bar, but has since been reborn and redecorated into a cool ‘dive bar’.

But this isn’t just ay old dive bar… There are craft cocktails, handmade pizza and handpicked musical artists to sing you into the night. Sounds pretty great huh?

It’s easy to see why many think this is one of the best bars off the strip in Las Vegas!

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Starboard Tack 

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Next on our list, it’s a dive bar dating back to the ’70s… Starboard Tack! This place once welcoming guests like Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra, so you know you’ll be in good company here!

Starboard Tack is now less of a dive bar, and more of a stylish rum bar, but either way, we know you’re going to love it. You’ll feel like you’ve stumbled upon one of the city’s biggest kept secrets!

We also love the decor here too – it’s so much fun and so quirky! And you’ll feel like you’re crashing someone’s themed house party!

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The Mint Tavern

Our next suggestion for the best local bars in Las Vegas, is The Mint Tavern. This place is an absolute Las Vegas classic, and you’ll love it!

This place was actually once attached to the Mint Las Vegas Casino and Hotel (which used to be on Fremont Street), but that closed in 1988. that operated from 1957-1988.

Mint really plays up the retro theme, and you’ll find fun and quirky decor, and even the restored neon signs too.

You’ll also find live music here, another great reason to check out this local bar in Las Vegas!

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The Tap House

Next up on our list of the best local bars in Las Vegas, it’s The Tap House! This (as you might’ve guessed) is a sports bar!

And we should clarify… It’s (very specifically) a Cleveland Browns bar!

This place is friendly, fun and full of locals. Oh, and they serve up old-style american-italian food too (to soak up the alcohol). We think you’ll love it.

This is a great pick for the best bars off the strip in Las Vegas!

Huntridge Tavern

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If you’re looking for the cheapest local bar in Las Vegas, then Huntridge Tavern is going to tick all your boxes!

You’re going to find cheap booze here, plenty of TVs for sports games, and a really friendly and unpretentious crowd.

This place is actually really popular with the local rockbiully crowd too, which gives this place a really unique air, and we love it.

Apparently this place was also a favorite of Anthony Bourdain’s too – which is pretty awesome, and reason enough to try.

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Cork and Thorn

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Cork and Thorn is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for the best local bars in Las Vegas. This place is one for the wine lovers!

As you’d expect from the name, these guys specialize in wine, and have some incredible bottles on their menu. We’re talking about exotic wines from all around the world, the likes you’re unlikely to try anywhere else.

There’s also a great variety of spirits too, and they have regular live music too! We love it here! Oh and here’s a tip, they do a great happy hour from Tues-Friday 5pm-8pm.

Herbs & Rye

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Herbs & Rye is located a decent distance from the Strip in Richfield. So, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the strip.

If you’re wondering what makes it one of the best local bars in Las Vegas, it’s largely down to the food and atmosphere. This spot serves up excellent handcrafted cocktails, but they’re also known for their American-Italian menu and ambient mood lighting.

It’s one of those spots that doesn’t look like much from the outside. But once you’re in? You’ll understand why it’s so great.

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Velveteen Rabbit

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If you’re looking for bars with gorgeous vintage décor and craft cocktails, then you’ll love Velveteen Rabbit.

This place is run by two siblings and is in the heart of the Arts District. Seriously, everything from the floral wallpaper to the rotating selection of beer taps is bound to blow you away. 

Oh, and did we mention that they’ve won several awards including Las Vegas Weekly’s 2021 “Best Cocktail Bar”?

There’s no dress code here, but we recommend rocking your most whimsical clothing and chugging down several cocktails during your visit!

Off The Strip – The Linq

Next on our list of the best local bars in Las Vegas, it is one of our favorite bistros – Off the Strip. It’s a Las Vegas classic and is adored for its amazing food, high-quality pours, and incredible location.

As you’re super near the strip here, it’s a good option if you’re looking for central locations, that still have that local feel.

This is a wonderful choice, so add it to your shortlist if you’re planning to be near the Strip.

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Firefly Tapas Kitchen + Bar

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When we first visited Firefly Tapas Kitchen + Bar, we just knew it had to go on our list of the best local bars in Las Vegas. They’re a self-proclaimed Las Vegas staple, and we’d be inclined to agree!

Alongside large plates of bacon-wrapped dates, mac and cheese, and incredible meat dishes, you’ll find a selection of amazing beers, wines, and cocktails that’ll help you relax in style.

Downtown Terrace Kitchen and Bar

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The Downtown Terrace Kitchen and Bar is technically a restaurant, but it’s also one of the best local bars in Las Vegas.

It’s super-sophisticated and serves some of the best surf ‘n’ turf dishes in the city. Don’t sleep on the beverage menu though. They offer an immense range of new-world wines, local draft beers, and unique cocktails that are bound to tickle your fancy.

Whether you’re here for a meal or just want to grab a quick drink, it’s one of the top choices!

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We hope our list of the best local bars in Las Vegas has given you loads of inspiration!

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