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50 Fun Things to do in St Louis – The Ultimate List

November 23, 2020

If you’re visiting St Louis in Missouri, you may be looking for lots of fun things to do in St Louis.

The good news? There are so many things to do in St Louis, along the Mississippi River, so take a read through this ultimate list of things to do in St Louis and hopefully, you’ll find lots of great ideas and inspiration!

Saint Louis Art Museum

First on my list of things to do in St Louis, it’s the The Saint Louis Art Museum. This is one of the USA’s principal art museums and is visited by half a million art fanatics every year.

We highly recommend checking out the 250 oil paintings that are part of Monet’s water lilies collection whilst you’re here, as they’re arguably one of the museum’s finest offerings. 

Things to do in St Louis

Grab a hot dog at the famous Woofie’s 

Next on my list of things to do in St Louis, it’s Woofie’s. Though this may seem a strange thing to do in St Louis, you absolutely must pay a visit to this famous hot dog spot.

Opened way back in 1977, this place offers some truly amazing hot dogs that will change the way you look at grab and go food forever.

Woodie’s is located on Woodson Road, and we genuinely believe that once you grab a dog from here, you’ll never look back. 

Things to do in St Louis

Skyview Drive-In

If you’re after a date night idea, then this is a great choice for things to do in St Louis. Why not pay a visit to St Louis’s Skyview Drive-In?

An extreme upgrade from the usual Netflix night in, a trip to the drive-in is an old-fashioned experience that shouldn’t be passed up.

Playing the latest releases for theatregoers, it’s a unique way to catch those blockbusters that you’ve been eagerly waiting for. 

The Gateway Arch

This is another amazing option for things to do in St Louis! And it’s impossible to miss it! The Gateway Arch an obvious addition to our list of things to do in St Louis.

Arguably St Louis’s most famous monument, we highly recommend paying the arch a visit on your trip due to its sheer size and importance to the city.

If you can, head up to the top of the arch on a gondola which offers unparalleled views of St Louis from above!

top Things to do in St Louis

Catch a game!

If you’re a sports fan… then you’re in luck. St Louis has a few sports teams, and it’s so much fun to catch a game (whether you support the team or not).

A baseball game at Busch Stadium is going to be a winner regardless… the atmosphere will be brilliant and it’s so much fun!

This is such a great choice for things to do in St Louis!

Check out the mosaics at the New Cathedral

The New Cathedral is a wonderful place to visit in St Louis, but one of the best things to do inside this structure is to check out the mosaics that line the walls.

With around 41 million glass pieces lining the walls of the cathedral, you’ll find yourself truly transported if you choose to do this wonderful thing in St Louis!

the best things to do in St Louis

Tuck in to some St Louis ribs

Next up on my list of the best things to do in St Louis, it’s eat! There’s so many great food options in the city…. but St Louis ribs are kind of a big deal in the city…

So my next suggestion of things to do in St Louis, is eat some ribs! Seriously, you won’t try better! They’re so tasty and will probably be the best you’ll ever taste!

If you can opt for yours in a BBQ setting (even better!) but to be honest there are so many amazing places for ribs in St Louis.

Head to John’s Donuts

One of the best things to do in St Louis before heading out for the day is to head to John’s Donuts for some truly stunning donuts!

Offering a massive range of sumptuous snacks, this famous donut shop is a must-visit for those with an insatiable sweet tooth…

Try your hand at some pinball

Next on my list of the best things to do in St Louis, it’s playing pinball! Whether or not you consider yourself a pinball wizard, you may wish to try your hand at pinball in St Louis’s Silver Ballroom.

Though it’s a strange little place, it’s got some real old-school charm that makes it a popular spot with both locals and visitors. So, grab some quarters and spend the afternoon trying to set a new high score!

list of things to do in St Louis

Visit the Compton Hill Water Tower

If you fancy viewing St Louis from a vantage point that isn’t the Gateway Arch, then why not visit the Compton Hill Water Tower? This is a St Louis landmark and such a cool choice for the best things to do in St Louis.

Deemed one of the best things to do in St Louis for those that love good architecture, this place is the perfect spot at which to grab some memorable shots of the city. 

Union Station

Union Station is not just a mall in the city of St Louis but is also one of the area’s finest architectural marvels.

When it initially opened in 1894, it was the largest station in the world with tracks and passenger service areas operating on one level.

Though it’s now home to several attractions and restaurants, it’s an interesting historical spot to add to your to-do list. 

the top things to do in St Louis

Visit St. Joseph’s Church 

One of the most beautiful churches in the U.S. is in St Louis, and we highly recommend adding it to your list of things to do in the city.

This church is considered a landmark, and its beautiful shrine makes it stand out amongst the other churches in the state.

There’s a legendary tale involving Ignatius Strecker who was supposedly cured of a fatal injury after touching a relic within the church. So, it may be worth trying your luck!

Have a night out

Next up on my list of the best things to do in St Louis, it’s enjoying the nightlife!

St Louis has some pretty amazing nightlife, so next on my list of things to do in St Louis, is the nightlife. Head out to The Grove, which is a huge nightlife hub and really popular with locals and visitors alike.

Head out of Creve Coeur Lake

If you fancy a quiet afternoon out on the water, then we highly recommend visiting the Creve Couer Lake. Sailing lessons are offered here as well as rentable boats that are available for more experienced boaters.

We consider Creve Coeur Lake the perfect place to explore St Louis’s more natural side whilst letting the wind blow through your hair!

list of things to do in St Louis.

Visit Mastodon State Historic Site

One of the best things to do in St Louis for archaeological or history buffs must be the Mastodon State Historic Site.

Known as the spot where archaeologists dug up mammoth bones and human tools, it’s an amazing place to visit to understand how man used to live amongst prehistoric creatures.

Ride the 10-Story Spiral Slide

The City Museum in downtown St Louis is an amazing place to visit for both kids and adults alike. Though this old warehouse is mostly packed to the rafters with architectural objects, there’s an amazing 10-story spiral slide that’s loved by those who visit the museum.

As a massive slide isn’t the most common feature present at most museums around the world, we highly recommend adding this to your list of things to do in St Louis. This is a really cool option for the best things to do in St Louis.

Marvel at the Miniatures

One of the best things to do in St Louis is to pay a visit to the quaint Miniature Museum of Greater St Louis. Whether it’s the stunning dollhouses or miniature artwork that captures your heart, you’re sure to have a wonderful time here.

list of things to do in St Louis.

Check out the Missouri Botanical Garden

Built as both an educational and conservational resource, the Missouri Botanical Garden is a stunning testament to St Louis’s sustainability effort.

With plenty of gorgeous examples of flora, you’ll be able to spend an entire afternoon in this garden simply marvelling at the stunning array of natural beauty on offer. 

ultimate things to do in St Louis


If a natural garden isn’t quite your cup of tea, then why not put a trip to the Citygarden on your list of things to do?

Home to a host of wonderful creative playgrounds, fountains, and sculptures, this is a unique part of the city that is certainly worth exploring. Be sure to take your camera along for some truly memorable shots. 

ultimate list of things to do in St Louis

The Jewel Box Conservatory

Another stunning area of St Louis that should make its way onto your list of things to do in the area is the Jewel Box Conservatory.

Essentially a display greenhouse that now serves as a public horticultural facility, it’s a beautifully designed spot that even has literary significance. Though we won’t spoil Williams’s The Glass Menagerie, if you’ve read the book, you may just recognise this famous spot. 

Grab a float at Fitz’s Rootbeer

Though it may seem strange to an outsider, grabbing a root beer is actually a St Louisan tradition that began in the 1940s.

Though the original Fitz’s closed in the 1970s, you can still grab a float at the reinvigorated location that’s just as good as any past incarnation!

ultimate list of things to do in St Louis

Head down to Anheuser-Busch Brewery 

If a non-alcoholic beer doesn’t float your boat, then why not source something stronger at Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

A trip to this well-known brewery is one of the best things to do in St Louis as it introduces you to both the brewing process and the history behind the location. Don’t forget to try any one of the copious samples that are on offer throughout the tour!

Visit the Blues Museum

The National Blues Museum is located in St Louis and it’s well worth a visit if you’re into music or love the Blues / Jazz. The museum centers around the birth of the bLues and the history of the music, and it’s fascinating, as well as entertaining.

The Cathedral Basilica of St Louis

This stunning cathedral is one for the books and is absolutely one of the best things to do in St Louis.

What makes this cathedral so memorable is its beautiful interior; amazing mosaic artwork covers the entire ceiling, and we’d argue that this unique ceiling makes it one of the best attractions in the city. 

Visit Forest Park

If you’re a fan of wide-open spaces, then look no further that St Louis’s beautiful Forest Park. Spanning a massive 1,300 acres, this beautiful park is an oasis in the centre of a bustling city.

With a zoo, museums, and more connected the sprawling park, you’re sure to find a host of wonderful things to do here to occupy your afternoon. 

St Louis Science Center

Located inside the Forest Park is the St Louis Science Center. A great place for intuitive kids and adults to explore the wonders of science, this museum is a favourite amongst both locals and visitors.

With a planetarium and an IMAX theatre that tend to draw visitors from across the country, we highly recommend adding this place to your list of things to do in St Louis. 

Head to the turtle playground

If you just can’t get enough of reptiles, then be sure to head down to the Turtle Playground in St Louis. Housing 7 awesome turtles that are native to Missouri, this is one of the top places to visit in the States for reptile enthusiasts.

We particular recommend that you check out the large snapping turtle; at 40 feet long, it is most certainly a sight to behold!

Try and catch sight of the eagles

If you’ve always wanted to catch an American Eagle in its natural habitat, then head up the Chain of the Rocks Bridge.

We recommend going when it’s slightly colder, as you’ll have a better chance of spotting the Eagles as they dive for fish in the waters of Clarksville. Though it’s slightly outside of the city, it’s an amazing sight that’s well worth the detour. 

Visit the St Louis Zoo

One of the best things to do in St Louis is to visit the amazing St Louis Zoo.

One thing that these guys are particularly famous for is their penguin habitat; whether it’s King or Rockhopper penguins that float your boat, you should be able to catch these guys waddling about year-round!

The Casa Loma Ballroom

If you love some good music and even better food, then grab a table at the Casa Loma Ballroom for a big band blowout.

The bands here tend to play classic tunes that visitors will recognise, but you’ll also hear up-and-comers and lesser known music too, so it’s an excellent way to find some new favourites. 

Eads Bridge

Known as one of the great American engineering marvels, Eads Bridge was once the longest arch bridge in the world! Completed in 1874, this long arch bridge was St Louis’s first rail link with Illinois.

Not only is this bridge a historical point of interest, but you’ll get some great views of the river below if you look down!

list of Things to do in Saint Louis

Butterfly House at Faust Park

Butterflies make for some truly excellent photographs, so we highly recommend adding the Butterfly House to your list of things to do in St Louis.

This place is great, as not only does it allow for some excellent photography, but kids love it when the butterflies land on them!

list of the best Things to do in Saint Louis

Raging Rivers

Waterparks are never a bad idea, and St Louis has a great one in the form of Raging Rivers. True to its name, you can head out into a massive wave pool or explore one of the many other attractions on offer here.

There’s plenty to do at Raging Rivers for kids and adults, so it’s a great family day out if you’re looking for something that will please younger guests.  

Head out on the Riverfront Trail

The Riverfront Trail is one of the most popular spots for bikers and hikers in St Louis, and we highly recommend heading along if you have a spare slot in your itinerary.

Whether you want to feel the summer breeze whip through your hair or wish to check out the Chain of Rocks Bridge, you’re sure to have an excellent day out on the Riverfront Trail. 

Things to do in Saint Louis list

Six Flags

If you’re a thrill-seeker, then you won’t want to miss a trip to Six Flags! Deemed one of the best things to do in St Louis for those that love a good rollercoaster (or six!), we highly recommend heading down to Six Flags on your next trip to the area.

If you’re feeling brave, give the Superman Tower of Power a whirl; be warned that you may get wet however!

Things to do in Saint Louis ultimate list

The Barkus Pet Parade at Mardi Gras

Though it’s certainly a bizarre thing to do in St Louis, the Barkus Pet Parade promises a riotous good time for all involved. Whether you fancy dressing your pooch up for the doggie event of the season or simply wish to watch the event unfold, it’s an unforgettable St Louis event that we recommend attending! 

Bob Kramer’s Marionettes 

Whether or not puppetry is your jam, you may want to check out Bob Kramer’s famous marionette show. For 44 years, Bob Kramer has been manipulating marionettes to dance to everything from Broadway to classical music.

So, if you’re after a weird yet wonderful activity to partake in on your next trip to St Louis, then pay Bob a visit!

Visit the Opera Theatre of St Louis

If high-brow music is your kind of thing, then be sure to check out the Opera Theatre of St Louis. Offering some truly phenomenal vocals from the best performers around the globe, a night at the Opera Theatre is sure to be one to remember. 

Check out the buildings in Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square is a little neighbourhood in St Louis, and there are some gorgeous buildings there to admire and take photos of. I love this part of the city and capturing the beautiful architecture.

Candle Fusion

Have you ever wondered how candles are made? Well, wonder no more, for Candle Fusion in St Louis lets you make your very own candles!

You can choose your favourite scent from their extensive range, pick the candle’s vessel, and watch it come to life as you create your candle over the course of a couple of hours. Not only is this a cool thing to do, but you come away with a great souvenir too. 

Eat some St Louis Style pizza

Did you know that St Louis has a distinct style of pizza loved by locals? You won’t really find this style of pizza anywhere else, it’s pretty unique to the area!

What makes it unique? St. Louis-style pizzas have a crispy thin cracker-like crust (made without yeast) and they often use Provel processed cheese. There are loads of places that serve up amazing St Louis style pizza!

Catch a sunset

There are loads of gorgeous viewpoints in St Louis, and one of the most beautiful things you can do in the city, is watching the sun go down. It’s romantic… and a perfect opportunity to capture some lovely photos of St Louis too!

Head out to St Charles

If you’ve got a spare day, why not head out on a trip to historic St Charles?

This city is home to some truly beautiful old buildings, and its quaint demeanour and boutique shops give visitors the impression that they’re stepping back in time. If you get peckish, there are several amazing restaurants on offer here too!

Catch a musical at The Muny

The Muny is one of the best things to do in St Louis by a mile. Simply pack a picnic blanket and watch a Broadway-scale show in the comfort of the St Louisan centre.

We recommend sitting slightly further back than the very front of the seating areas, as you may be too low to get a good view otherwise. 

Soulard Farmers Market

A good Farmers Market never disappoints, and the Soulard Farmers Market in St Louis is an excellent one. Whether you want to grab some lovely arts and crafts or try out some bizarre foreign meats, then this should be your first port of call in the city!

Things to do in Saint Louis 2

Eugene Field House

If you’re travelling with kids, then be sure to check out Eugene Field House. This gift shop was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2007, and it sells some unique windup toys and memorabilia that will serve you well as unique souvenirs of your trip to St Louis. 

Ride the train at the St Louis Zoo

The St Louis zoo also has a train, and it’s super cute! If you’re heading to the zoo… then definitely take a ride on the zoo train!

International Photography Hall of Fame Museum

Some of the greatest photography in the world is on display in this museum, and whether you have an interest in the profession or not, the shots on display here are truly breathtaking.

With subject matter that spans decades, you’ll be able to spend an entire afternoon in here marvelling at the excellent work on offer. 

Catch a show at Helium 

One of the best things to do in St Louis for those that need a good belly laugh is to head to Helium.

Though stand-up comedy isn’t for everyone, Helium’s open-mic nights tend to attract some great new comedians that will have you doubled over with laughter.

Chess Hall of Fame

Whether or not you’re a big chess aficionado, you’ll enjoy the Chess Hall of Fame in St Louis! If nothing else, you’ll get a fantastic photograph with a giant chess piece which we deem worth the price of admission!

Guided tours are only $5 and audio tours are free, so you won’t exactly be breaking the bank by placing this on your list of things to do in St Louis!

Take a Helicopter Tour

The final thing on our list of things to do in St Louis is perhaps the most extravagant. If you’ve got the guts, we highly recommend heading out of one of the Gateway Helicopter Tours that run from the Mississippi Riverfront. Though these flights are quite pricey, the experience is truly unforgettable. 


Hopefully this list of things to do in St Louis has given you plenty of ideas and inspiration!

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