Do you feel like your home needs a makeover after stopping at a beautiful hotel? If so, here are some tips for making your home feel like a luxurious hotel!

We all know the feeling right? You get home from your luxury vacation at a 5-star hotel and suddenly your bed feels tiny, your flat feels lack-luster and you’re yearning for those crisp cotton bedsheets and infinity pools.

I know the feeling all too well.

Whenever I return home from a luxurious getaway or a 5* hotel, I always start mentally redesigning my bedroom to make it feel more ‘resorty’ and ‘hotel-esque’.

So, I thought I’d put together a blog post, about recreating that five-star feel at home. Little tricks that can immediately make you comfier, more relaxed and happier at home.

And give you the same feeling you get whe you’re relaxing in your favorite hotel room!

Invest in an amazing mattress

Key takeaways:

  • Find a good quality mattress
  • Choose the right firmness for your body
  • Opt for a large size, like super king or California king

OK, so one of the best bits about 5-star hotels is a good nights sleep. The easiest way to get a good nights sleep is to invest in a proper mattress.

Make a proper big deal out of it… visit some shops, find out which firm rating you prefer (soft, medium, firm, etc) and invest as much as you can afford.

A good mattress is one of those things that can truly change the quality of your sleep, and it’ll make your bedroom feel instantly upgraded.

For me, I like a mattress that both supports your back, has some kind of cooling technology (I’m a warm sleeper)… and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) is available in super king or California king.

The bigger, the better, I think. Big beds are always the most ‘hotel-like’ in my opinion, as it’s rare to get anything smaller than king size in a five-star hotel.

Here’s some good guidence, if you’re not sure where to start looking.

A mattress topper

Key takeaways:

  • A mattress topper is a cheap way of making a bed comfier
  • Mattress toppers are cheaper than mattresses
  • Memory foam toppers are good for comfort

If you can’t afford a new mattress (it’s a big purchase, I totally get that), then a mattress topper can transform your bed for a much cheaper price.

I’ve picked up a gorgeous mattress topper for around $150 before, and it has helped make older, or firmer, mattresses much more comfy and relaxing. I found this list pretty useful.

So, if your budget is smaller, and you want to make your sleep immediately better – a mattress topper is a great place to start!

Invest in luxury bedsheets

Key takeaways:

  • Upgrade your bedsheets to 400 thread count, or higher
  • Choose white or cream colored sheets for a ‘hotel’ feel
  • Keep sheets clean and fresh to maintain hotel-feel

Now you’ve bought a proper mattress, make sure you throw over some luxury bedsheets. When purchasing, look out for a high thread count (it really matters!). 

It’s hard to explain how much of a difference this can make… but great bedsheets can transform you from a normal ‘at home’ feeling to a ‘wow, I’m in a hotel suite’ kinda feeling.

Bed sheets are one of my biggest indulgences at home, and I rarely buy anything less than 400 thread count now, but if you want to feel super luxurious, go for 600TC (thread count) or higher.

I also think that crisp white sheets feel more hotel-like than any other color. There’s something about fresh white sheets that reminds me of a luxury hotel.

Sticking with cream or white bedsheets, feels a bit more sophisticated, modern and stylish.

Get new towels, and buy yourself a robe

Key takeaways:

  • Replace your old towels with high-quality, fresh, matching ones
  • Buy yourself a fluffy robe

The next thing I love about stopping in five-star hotels, are the fluffy towels, and big fluffy robes.

One fo the best things I did when I tried to upgrade my home to feel more like a hotel, was buy myself new towels and a big fluffy robe!

Popping on a fluffy, comfy robe after a shower is one of those sensations that immediately reminds me of stopping in a hotel.

Here are some highly reviewed robes to take a look at!

Stock up on scented candles or diffusers

Key takeaways:

  • Give your bedroom and bathroom a signature scent
  • Fresh linen is a nice smell, as are vanilla and orchid
  • Have a scent that automatically refreshes the room

Keeping your house fragrant and smelling great is one of the quickest ways to give it that ‘hotel’ feel.

Having a fresh and beautiful scent greet you every time you enter your bedroom is such a nice way to make the room feel cozier, and beautiful.

Personally, I love the fresh linen scent, because it reminds me of fresh sheets and hotel rooms, but I also scents like Orchid and Vanilla for the bedroom too – they’re super calming scents so lent themselves nicely to a relaxing bedroom space.

I have a couple of scented candles upstairs in our bedroom, but I also have a plug-in diffuser, which keeps the scent fresh and noticeable all throughout the day and disperses automatically.

I recommend doing this for bedrooms and bathrooms!

Keep a well stocked mini-bar (or not so mini)

Key takeaways…

  • Buy a mini fridge for your room
  • Keep snacks in your bedroom

You know when you’re on holiday and you come back to your room, and you can have a little bedtime drink?

If you can afford a mini-fridge, then keeping a minibar stocked in your bedroom gives you the same thing at home (but way cheaper!).

Oh, and I’m not suggesting you raid the mini bar every night! And it doesn’t need to be full of alcohol either – you could just fill it with your favorite midnight snacks!

We have a whiskey globe in our house with our spirits on, and it’s lovely to be able to make up a cocktail or a drink without worrying about whether we have anything in the house.

Invest in some art

Key takeaways:

  • Invest in some photography prints of your local city, or favorite global views
  • Invest in some art to hang on your walls
  • Think about views or colors that make you happy, and go from there

There’s no denying that most five-star hotels come with some incredible views from the bedroom window. Or, failing that, an incredible array of art, or local landscape prints.

It’s obviously not always possible to recreate the views at home (you can’t just transport the Eiffel Tower to right outside your London flat window).

But you can print off some amazing canvas prints and mount them on your bedroom wall. Think of it this way, you’ll be playing a kind trick on yourself every morning…

If you’re not into photography, then investing in some local art might be a great idea instead. Art can do wonders for transforming the vibe of a room.

We have a huge painting of New Zealand in our bedroom, which was commissioned specially for us. The painting is one of our favorite views – and every morning I absolutely love waking up to it.

Tip: Etsy is a great place to look for cheap art prints.

Choose clever accents 

Key takeaways:

  • Choose thoughtful decor and accents
  • Try and color match aspects of the decor

Choosing the right room accents and decor, can make a huge difference. For example, little matching pillows (all in similar hues) can make a big difference, even in a small room.

Try buying a matching throw too – and coordinating things like candles and towels in the bathroom.

Most hotel rooms in 5* hotels tie these details together, and even the smallest accessories have been thought through.

Here are some things to try out:

  • Have decor cushions on the bed in coordinating colours (like the photo below)
  • Purchase a comforter or throw for the bottom of the bed – this finishes the room off really nicely.
  • Have matching lampshades on each bedside table, and try and coordinate these to the cushions.

Don’t forget outdoor space!

Key takeaways:

  • Don’t forget outdoor space
  • Simple matching items can work wonders

If you’ve got outdoor space, like a balcony or a garden, or a terrace, don’t forget to give it the same luxury five-star treatment!

You don’t actually have to spend loads to make your outdoor space beautiful – just some thoughtful purchases can really help!

Personally, I’d opt for some matching furniture pieces, and some big beautiful plants, in statement plant pots!

Buy luxury pillows

Key takeaways:

  • Invest in some high-quality pillows
  • Choose the right kind of pillow for you

For me, one of the MOST lovely parts about stopping in a 5* hotel is the fluffiness and amazingness of the pillows.

I love have plumped up hotel pillows are, how big they are… and how soft they are. And my pillows at home never seem to make the cut!

When you next go pillow shopping, look for bouncy, plump pillows and opt for quality – it makes such a difference!

Also, opt for luxurious pillowcases too, that’s such a big appeal of stopping in five-star hotels.

Regular Maintenance and Upkeep

Key takeaways:

  • Keep your rooms clean
  • Try an keep clutter to a minimum

To sustain a five-star experience, regular maintenance and upkeep are essential.

Keep everything clean, well-maintained, and up-to-date. Replace worn-out items promptly and continually refine and evolve your setup.

Part of stopping a five-star hotel that feels so special is that it’s always clean and lovely. So, if you can stay on top of the cleaning, you’re really going to feel the benefit.

Choose statement decor

Key takeaways:

  • Find unique pieces to transform spaces
  • Look for interesting shapes, or bright colors.

One way to really elevate a room, and make it look like a five-star hotel, is to choose beautiful statement piece of furniture.

Or, if you don’t have the budget for statement furniture, opt for statement pieces such a vases, or lightshades.

Going for statement pieces with unique shapes or designs is a great idea, or you could opt for unique pieces in bright colors. Either works!

Invest in Technology

Key takeaways:

  • Look for ways to upgrade the technology in your home
  • Find ways to use apps to make life easier
  • Sound systems and automated lighting are a great place to start

Some of my favorite five-star hotels have integrated amazing technology into their rooms.

In a hotel, this could mean having an iPad to control the lights and curtains, etc.

However, at home, it might be something a little simpler. Think about having lights on a timer, or dimmer. Music that is linked up to a sound system. It all helps!

Integrate modern technology to enhance convenience and luxury, and you’ll really feel the difference from before – smart home devices, sound systems, and automated lighting can add a contemporary touch to your home, and make it feel so much more upgraded than before!

Make space for yourself

Key takeaways:

  • If possible, find a designated space for yourself
  • Find a relaxing place to make your own

This might not be possible for everyone – it depends how much space you have to spare in your house / flat.

But one thing I noticed about all my favorite five-star hotels, was how they made special room for dressing / getting ready.

But if you can make space for yourself, a peaceful area for relaxing, getting ready, etc – that’s a very luxurious way to upgrade your home to feel more like a five-star hotel.

Creating a five-star hotel experience at home is an exciting project that allows you to design a space tailored to your preferences.

By focusing on bedding, lighting, bathroom amenities, furniture, organization, scents, personalized amenities, technology, and upkeep, you can transform your home into a luxurious retreat that rivals the best hotels in the world.

Enjoy the pampering and relaxation in the comfort of your own home!