Are you looking for more information about the best timeshare resorts in Las Vegas?

If you didn’t already know, I absolutely love Las Vegas. My husband and I visit every year, and even though we know it’s not to everyone’s taste – it’s definitely to ours. If you’re looking for more information about Las Vegas time share resorts, you’ve come to the right place. 

There are many time share resorts in Las Vegas – and they offer a really beautiful way to stay in the city in a regular location, and somewhere that feels like home too. 

We’d love to one day own a property or timeshare in Las vegas – so I began looking at different Las Vegas timeshare resorts and seeing what they offered and the kind of facilities you get, compared to stopping in a hotel in Las Vegas. 

Timeshare tip! When looking at timeshares in Las Vegas, it’s worth opting to go to timeshare owners directly (through websites like this Las Vegas timeshare owner website, SellMyTimeshareNow) as you’ll be able to secure a timeshare for less (rather than going through the resort). 

First of all – What is a Las Vegas timeshare? 

If you’re on the lookout for a timeshare in Las Vegas, it’s important to know exactly what a timeshare is.

A timeshare (or timesharing) is a form of vacation ownership. In the most traditional form, when you buy timeshare you essentially purchase the right to vacation one week every year at a specific timeshare resort.

Buyers of timeshares usually own the rights to a property for a specific amount of time each year, so it’s a great idea if you love a certain location and know you’ll want to be going back there each and every year.

If you love Las Vegas, and you want to be heading back there each year, to the same familiar hotel and apartment – then a timeshare is a fantastic choice. 

There are many ways timeshares can be organised, though! A fixed timeshare provides the owner with the same unit and the same week, year in year out, for as long as the contract stipulates – however if you buy a timeshare with a floating week, the dates are more flexible and you can choose a new vacation week each year.

Here are my top picks for timeshares in Las Vegas…

Elara, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club

I love the super modern look and feel of this place, and the reviews online are pretty incredible too. Location-wise it’s just off the strip, with easy access to Planet Hollywood Casino (one of my favourites).

The strip itself is a short walk away, so if you like being in the heart of the city, then this timeshare in Las Vegas is a great call for you.

The facilities are basically what you’d expect of a 5* hotel, and the pool area looks brilliant. And let’s face it – in Vegas the pool is a main draw, especially during the summer months! Elara by Hilton is a really choice for the timeshare resorts in Las Vegas. 

Wyndham Grand Desert

This timeshare resort in Las Vegas has a more classic style, and the apartments feel more homely than hotel-y which is nice. If you were to go back year after year (which I guess is kinda the point) then this place would feel like coming home. I really like the pool area here too. Location-wise it’s in a similar location to the property above too, however a little further (only a couple of minutes) from the main strip. The Wyndham Grand Desert is a perfect choice. 

Grandview at Timeshare Las Vegas

Rated as a 4* grade, this timeshare seems to be a good family-friendly option. The pool area is majorly geared towards kiddies, so if you’re looking for a place to spend family holidays – this could be a fab option for you.

Location-wise it’s a little further away from the previous two properties, closer to the airport, but much further from the strip. Click here to see more info. 

Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Boulevard

Located towards downtown Vegas near Circus Circus, this one is in another great location. If you’re a big fab of downtown Vegas (rather than the newer strip side) then this location might suit you really well, as you’re basically halfway between both.


Tahiti Village

Tahiti Village is an all-inclusive resorts with huge comfortable beds, full kitchen (handy for families!) and an amazing pool and outdoor areas too. If you want to feel like you’re been swept away, the Tahiti Village has it all and would be the perfect choice.

Polo Tower Suites

The Polo tower suites are located right in the heart of the strip. The Polo Tower Suites are located right near the heart of the Las Vegas strip, and it’s in a great location for nights out!

The Polo Tower Suites are right near the Crystal Shoppes (a fantastic shopping centre in the heart of the city) and also nearby the big hotels and casinos such as MGM Grand and Cosmopolitan.