We woke up this morning to heavy snow over the mountains – which was gorgeous! I was hoping we’d get to see some snowfall whilst over here – but it seemed unlikely because NZ is approaching summer rather than winter – so I’m considering myself very lucky to have seen some!

Needless to say I was straight out onto the balcony taking photos (I now have numb feet from the cold) and the photos were stunning. Funny thing was, as soon as I got back inside and got warmed up – the view outside had completely changed again. Meaning I had to go back out to take more photos.

It carried on this way for a good hour. The weather changes so fast here – I’ve never known anything like it. One minute you’ll have blue skies and the next (literally – maybe 60 seconds later) it’s chucking it down and the sky is black.

This is how much the sky changed within 60 minutes: