If you’ve ever been to Fergburger you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t – it’s a pretty solid reason and pretty strong justification for booking a trip to New Zealand.

No, really.

I’ve never had a burger like this before.

I don’t think my photographs do it justice either. Which is actually probably a good thing – what with the risk of you drooling over your keyboards right now. What makes it so damn good?

– The bread. Not crumbly and not to squishy. Just good bread. Also it is the perfect huggable size for the burger – so you don’t end up a slipping sticky mess come the final bites when the bread to burger ratio is all ruined.

– It’s cooked right in front of you. And you get it within 10 minutes of ordering. That’s fast food. Except it isn’t “fast food” it’s yummy hearty proper food, just fast.

– It comes with the best mayo I ever had. I’ll go back just for the mayonaise. Seriously.

– You don’t need to order chips. Which is money saving. The burger is so MASSIVE you would be a fool to order chips. Unless you are some hugely experienced burger genius who is trained in burger and chip consumption.

– It’s very fresh.

– It tastes so good.

– It’s also VERY reasonably priced. Which in a tourist hot-spot is quite rare. Also considering the burger now has “cult” status – trust me – they could be charging double.

I am actually really proud of us for only going once so far. We’ve been here 4 days – and only had one Fergburger. That’s quite an achievement. We are here for 6 months though – so I’m guessing that by the time we leave – we’ll have sampled every single burger they have to offer.

Challenge ACCEPTED. 

Here is us all excited from burgerness:

Also – this was on the wall near our seat. It is funny. It also explains in better words than I ever could, how huge the burgers actually are: