If you’re planning a visit to Las Vegas in March, you might be wondering is it warm in Las Vegas in March?

How warm is it in Las Vegas in March?

The answer, in my opinion, is yes! Las Vegas is warm in March – and it’s a pleasant temperature for seeing the city, both the outdoor and indoor attractions!

But it’s worth bearing in mind, it also does really depend on what you consider ‘warm’. People from colder states in the US will definitely find Las Vegas warm in March (especially compared to their home-state’s current temperature!) but people from states like Florida or LA might not consider it quite so warm.

March in Las Vegas is when the city starts to warm up after the winter season, and the days are generally mild, warm and sunny with clear skies. The cold months are behind you, and the city starts warming up and more guests start arriving.

So, how warm is it in Las Vegas in March…

How warm is it in Las Vegas in March

What are the average temperatures in Las Vegas in March?

When asking ‘How warm is it in Las Vegas in March?’ the best thing to do is just look at the temperature averages.

The temperatures tend to hover around the 20 degrees Celsius / 70 degrees Fahrenheit range. Which is a great average for lots of outdoor activities (including sunbathing!).

The temperature will hover around this area, likely going a few degrees over and under this number depending on the day and weather. So it’s a comfortable temperature for exploring the city, and it’s certainly warm enough to be spending time outdoors!

What is the average humidity in March in Las Vegas?

If you’re curious about ‘How warm is it in Las Vegas in March?’ you might also be wondering about the humidity.

In Las Vegas, humidity doesn’t ever tend to be unbearable. The only times I’ve ever felt uncomfortable due to humidity in Las Vegas is when there is a summer storm (and these are pretty few and far between).

In March in Las Vegas, the average relative humidity is 33.1%. That’s pretty average and shouldn’t cause you any discomfort whilst spending time outdoors.

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las vegas temperature in march

Something important to remember!

If you’re worried about humidity and heat in Las Vegas during your visit, everywhere in Las Vegas is air-conditioned indoors! All the casinos, shops, restaurants, shopping malls on the strip are all air-conditioned – so even if it is a bit warm outside, you can easily cool off by popping indoors.

Are the Las Vegas pools open in March?

Chances are, if you’re wondering about how warm is it in Las Vegas in March, you’re probably thinking about the pools, and whether it’ll be warm enough for pool season.

Las Vegas pools are on a schedule, they close the outdoors pools for the autumn and winter months, as usually the weather just isn’t warm enough to keep them open, and keep enough people in them!

The good news is, most pool seasons start in Las Vegas in March. March generally tends to be the ‘opening’ month for pools across the majority of hotels on the Las Vegas strip. The pools in Las Vegas are heated too – so even on slightly cooler days, you can still go for a dip!

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Is it warm in Las Vegas in March

What are the best activities in Las Vegas in March?

There are so many to choose from!

Most outdoor activities in Las Vegas will be possible in March (because the weather is mild and sunny) so that opens up lots of options for you.

You’ll also be able to head out to the National Parks around Las Vegas (I’ve included some of my favourite tours below). In March the temperatures are lovely (not too hot!) so exploring the great doors is really enjoyable.

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I hope I’ve answered your question “Is Las Vegas warm in March?”

But if you’re still unsure feel free to drop me a comment, and I’ll be happy to offer any more advice if I can!

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