Have you been searching for the best silent retreats in the UK?

We’ve rounded up the best silent retreat options in the UK, that’ll have you reconnecting with your inner self!

We get that finding silent retreats in the UK can be tough. There are plenty of great retreat choices here, but nothing in comparison to the USA and Europe.

And we know how frustrating finding silent retreats can be. Whether they’re too far from home or just poorly reviewed, it can be tricky finding the best one to suit your needs.

So, we’ve weeded out the best silent retreats in and around the UK so that you don’t have to!

From Buddhist-focused options to long retreats that offer a total reset, you’re bound to find something you love.

Now let’s uncover the retreats that’ll have you ready to rest those vocal cords!

8 Best Silent Retreats in the UK

8-Day Silent Meditation Retreat

To kick off our list of the best silent retreats in the UK, we have this 8-day meditation retreat in Devon.

Sure, it’s a long time to be silent (don’t worry – only 3 days are fully silent!).

But you’re bound to appreciate the inspiring lectures, regular meditation sessions, and Hatha yoga experiences!

During your retreat, you’ll have Q&A sessions to help you dive deeper into your spiritual side. 

Plus, you’ll be given practical advice for destressing and enjoy vegan meals prepared by the Wild Fig!

If you’re wondering exactly what you’ll cover, you’ll engage with Manua (noble silence), Tapas (self-discipline), and other sacred teachings.

What makes this one of the best on this list is that you’ll walk away with a profound sense of well-being.

And that’s something that money truly can’t buy!

4-Day Silent Retreat (Digital Detox)

Next up on our list of amazing silent retreats in the UK – it’s this 4-day silent retreat and digital detox in Wales!

It’s no secret that we’re way too reliant and attached to our phones these days.

And if you want to escape from the constant notifications and “always-on” expectations? This is one you need to visit.

Along with 3 meals a day and 3 nights of accommodation, you’ll engage in basic meditation and yoga techniques.

There’s tons of regulated relaxation time and private meditation time. 

But you do need to remember that there’s a strict no-chit-chat rule to maintain peace and quiet.

Most of the retreat is centered around meditation, but you’ll also get occasional readings from great spiritual masters.

Plus, this is one of the most affordable silent retreats too. Hey – who said that getting in touch with your spiritual side had to break the bank?

3-Day Relaxing Silent Retreat in Northern Ireland

Our next pick for silent retreats in the UK that you need to try is this relaxing retreat in Northern Ireland.

It’s tucked away in Derrylin and gives you the chance to enjoy meditation, peace, and silence for a full 3 days.

You’ll reconnect with nature along the lake, engage with Power Yoga, and go for mindfulness walks in the forest.

And if you’re a fan of hot drinks, you’ll get treated to complimentary herbal teas each day to recharge!

We wouldn’t say that this was one of the best silent retreats for advanced meditators as it starts from the ground up.

But it’s an awesome choice if you’re dipping your toes in the water and are desperate to relax.

Not only is this one of the cheaper retreats on this list, but you’ll even get equipment provided for you.

So, there’s no need to shell out for yoga mats or blocks – just bring yourself and bundles of enthusiasm!

The Tree Relaxation Retreat

Next up on our list of the best silent retreats in the UK, it’s The Tree Relaxation Retreat.

These guys run a 5-day silent retreat option, which is such a wonderful choice to explore and experience.

This event happens twice per year, and it’s such a unique and beautiful way to relax and unwind, whilst also connecting with your innerself and healing trauma.

So what will you do and take part in on this silent retreat? Well alongside the beneficial yoga practices, and mantras, and meditations, you’ll also take part in visualisations, relaxations and a mindful and meditative silent walk up onto the local (and very beautiful) moors.

3-Day Silent Retreat with Yoga and Mindfulness in Derrylin

If you’ve been looking for the best silent retreats in the UK, this is another one in Derrylin that’ll blow your mind.

It’s tucked away on Lake Isle and includes mindfulness and meditation classes with instructor Tim McEvitt.

In case you were wondering, this guy left Dublin at 18 to become a Krishna Monk. So, this is one of the silent retreats in the UK with a major expert at the helm!

You’ll get 2 nights’ accommodation as part of the package along with vegetarian meals and herbal teas.

But honestly, it’s the mindfulness walks, massages, and Ayurvedic teachings that make this one of the best retreats on our list.

Oh, and don’t forget the talk on Vedic wisdom and the ferry to the island for a temple music chant.

4-night Marion Young Silent Retreat

Our next suggestion for the best silent retreats in the UK, is the 4-night silent retreat by Marion Young.

During this retreat, you’ll have exclusive use of a large Victorian country house, so the scenery and landscape surrounding you are bound to be beautiful.

The property is set in 16 acres of picturesque Leicestershire countryside, it’s it’s right by the National Forest too.

There are guided group sessions for meditation and relaxation, including a beautiful sound bath on the second evening.

And, importantly, 4 staff onsite to help with everything you need.

7-Day Silent Retreat with Yoga, Meditation, Walks, and Swims in the Lake District

If you’re looking for longer silent retreats in the UK that allow for a full reset – this Lake District option is ideal.

It runs for an impressive 7 days and is held in a super-secluded location for ultimate privacy (and no distractions!).

This is one retreats that includes yoga, meditation, and guided walks.

But stay tuned for reflection classes and opportunities to connect with others in the group too!

The first day is all about community planning, while days 2 through 5 are about silent yoga and meditation.

From day 6, you’ll slowly be coming out of silence to round off the experience and share what you’ve learned.

Overall, it’s one of the finest retreats to try if you’re an intermediate or advanced participant.

It might be too much for a first-timer as 3 full days of silence can feel intense!

4-Day Yoga and Silent Meditation Retreat in Snowdonia National Park

Our next suggestion for silent retreats in the UK that you should try is tucked away in the beautiful Snowdonia National Park!

This 4-day Buddhist meditation retreat is led by expert meditation teacher David Johnson and accredited yoga teacher Manu Orozco.

So, you can expect everything from Buddhist meditation sessions to relaxing Vinyasa yoga.

We adore the fact that it takes place on a large 18-acre site surrounded by rivers, gardens, and orchards.

But it’s the freshly prepared plant-based meals and glorious lake views that make this one of the best silent retreats in the UK.

Seriously, staying quiet will feel way easier when things are this easy on the eyes.

As the days run from 8 am to 8:30 pm each day, we’d say this was one of the best for intermediate participants.

Like a few of the other silent retreats on our list, the intensity may be a struggle for newbies.

If you’re up for a challenge though – feel free to dive in headfirst!

4-Day A Space for Grace Silent Retreat in Glastonbury

Forget about the Glastonbury Festival…. It’s time to embrace one of the best silent retreats in the UK instead!

This incredible retreat is run by two amazing women called Jennifer and Octavia. 

Just so you’re aware of who you’re working with, Jennifer is a bodywork and yoga expert while Octavia is a cranio-sacral therapist!

On this program, you should expect plenty of gentle morning yoga, silent group sittings, and cranio-sacral sessions.

You’ll also have several light meals throughout your experience to keep the body functioning optimally.

This is one runs for a total of 4 days, but the silence begins after the first light meal.

So, you’ll have a bit of time to get acquainted with your fellow retreaters before heading into the experience.

Gaia House

To round off our list of the best silent retreats in the UK, we have Gaia House!

This is a dedicated Buddhist Meditation Retreat Centre in the UK that offers silent retreats to people of any age.

The courses here are led by experienced Dharma teachers and everything is set in the woodlands of South Devon.

The retreats aim to teach the Buddhist practices of loving-kindness, insight, and Zen meditation, and you’ll be carefully guided throughout the retreat.

Just be warned that you might not click with it right away as each emotional resource takes a while to master.

But with patience and full commitment, this is one of the silent retreats in the UK that’ll rejig your way of thinking.