Are you looking for the best cheap eats in La Jolla? Read ahead for our top picks that are ideal for travelers on a budget!

If you’ve been searching for cheap eats in La Jolla that won’t break the bank, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a list of amazing places to eat that promise to please even the fussiest eaters.

Cheap Eats in La Jolla

From taco stands to vegetarian joints, this list will have you chowing down on delicious food without overspending.

And what could be better than that when you’re hitting the beach?

Now let’s dive into our list of the best cheap eats in La Jolla!

Here are the best budget eateries in Las Jolla…

The Taco Stand

First on my list, you can’t beat The Taco Stand. This is the place to be for cheap easts in La Jolla as everything is affordable and ready in minutes.

Everything here is utterly delicious (including the burritos!), but the tacos are where it’s at.

Not only are they crafted from handmade corn tortillas, but they’re packed with guac, salsa, and delicious meats.

But if you’re happy to shell out slightly more, order a few courses!

Although this is one of our favorite spots for cheap eats in La Jolla, you’ll also find them downtown and in North Park.

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Cheese Shop La Jolla

Next up on our list, it’s the famous Cheese Shop! What started out as a cheese shop, is now a cheese shop / unique sandwich shop – and we love it.

This is a bit of a local treasure, and when you eat there, it’s not hard to understand why!

There’s a really unique atmosphere here, and the sandwiches are second to none. Honestly, if you’re craving a sandwich whilst stopping in La Jolla, this is the place you need to visit.

What would we order? Well their Roast Pork sandwich (for $12.95) is a classic Cheese Shop sandwich, and it’s stuffed full of delicious ingredients!

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Deli-icious has been hanging around since 1992, and it’s one of the top spots for cheap eats in La Jolla.

Many San Diego residents call this place the “Locals Deli” as it’s frequented by the folks that live and work in the area. And if locals love it, you know it’s a fabulous place for lunch.

Their most popular items are the handmade breakfast burritos and bagels, but their coffees are nothing to sniff at either.

There’s tons of stuff available for under $10. So, it’s a wonderful place to visit around lunchtime or for their famous breakfast bowls.

Whatever you order here, you’ll find that it’s unlikely to break the bank (phew!).

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The Coffee Cup

Next on our list, I have The Coffee Cup. As you might have guessed from its name, this is one of the top places for cheap eats in La Jolla that involve COFFEE!

From glorious espressos and cappuccinos to sandwiches and breakfast items, there’s truly something here for everyone.

We’ve always adored the Avocado Scramble to kick off a day in La Jolla with a bang. But you can’t go wrong with the Coffee Cup Rosemary potatoes either!

So, don’t expect to stop here for dinner as they close at 2:30 pm on weekdays and 3 pm on weekends!

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Pamir Kabob House

Next on our list of the best cheap eats in La Jolla, it’s Pamir Kabob House.

Now, we can’t resist a kebab, this place is THE place for anyone in La Jolla searching out the perfect kabob!

Let us paint you a picture… Delicious juicy meats, fluffy breads, creamy hummus, spicy hot sauce, crunchy salads!

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Rigoberto’s Taco Shop

Rigoberto’s Taco Shop is a great option for budget friendly food, and it’s whilst it is a small chain restaurant, they offer great quality food, and tons of flavor.

They have 8 locations dotted around California, and two of those are in La Jolla!

Harry’s Coffee Shop

If you’re on the hunt for cheap eats in La Jolla, you need to visit Harry’s Coffee Shop – stat!

This spot has been a local favorite for cheap eats since 1960, making it a tried and tested spot for light bites.

You’ll find a selection of breakfast classics on the menu (like the strawberry pancakes!). But the lunch menu is equally delicious.

Everything from their burgers to their bacon pancakes are enormous. Trust us when we say that most of the portions are large enough to serve two.

So, you can save even more money by skipping a meal if you’re tight on cash.

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Brick & Bell Café

Are you searching for somewhere with cute vibes and fresh food? Well, you’ll want to check out Brick & Bell Café ASAP!

This place is best known for serving glorious iced coffees and sandwiches. But you shouldn’t sleep on the bagels or sinful cinnamon rolls either!

Not only is this one of the best places to grab cheap eats, but it’s just 0.4 miles from La Jolla Cove.

The interior is mellow and relaxed, making it a fantastic place to recoup for lunch after a jam-packed morning.

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Next on our list, it’s AROI – and amazing little Thai cafe, that is super casual and cute.

Not everything on the menu here would be classed as cheap, but most appetizers are under $10, and you can get classic dishes like wonton soup for $6.99. Their noodle dishes are around $14 too – so if you’re looking for a delicious and affordable lunch, this might be a great option.

We know that a lot of budget friendly places can center around burgers, tacos and fast food – so we wanted to offer up an alternative here, incase you wanted something a bit different.

It’s certainly cheap if you pick wisely, and it’s something a bit different!

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The Shack Bar & Grill

The Shack Bar & Grill is a bit of a neighborhood favorite, and it’s popular with locals and tourists alike.

They have plenty of American classics on their menu, at very budget friendly prices. Plus their patio is dog-friendly, which we love!

If you happen to be in the area on a Tuesday, then you should absolutely take advantage of their Taco Tuesday offer! $4.50 Fish, Shrimp, or Pulled Pork Tacos!

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The Cliffhanger Café

The Cliffhanger Café is next on our list of places for cheap eats in La Jolla – and it’s a great one!

This spot is perched on the sea cliffs of Torrey Pines. So, it’s an incredible place to visit for panoramas over the Pacific Ocean from 350 feet above sea level! It’s perfect for people-watching and cheering on paragliders. 

These guys serve sandwiches, salads, and soups, but they offer tons of cold drinks and coffees too.

You’ll want to get here before 4 pm each day to avoid missing out. 

It’s also worth checking out their weekly events calendar if you fancy catching a bit of live music while you’re there!

Sipz Clairemont

We couldn’t write a list of the best cheap eats in La Jolla without mentioning Sipz Clairemont.

This place has been recently renovated and the new facelift looks fabulous. But honestly, the delectable vegetarian menu is what makes this place shine. From the garlic jalapeno fries to the orange “chicken” (that tastes like the real thing!), you’ll never feel unsatisfied at Sipz.

In case you hadn’t already guessed, this place specializes in reworked Asian classics that are made with fresh ingredients.

You can grab appetizers and sides for as little as $4 and full soup bowls for just $12. For this reason, it’s no surprise this is a great spot for cheap in La Jolla!

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Spiro’s Greek Café

If you’re searching for cheap eats in La Jolla that’ll transport you straight to the Med, check out Spiro’s Greek Café.

This spot has been serving authentic Greek food in La Jolla for years and the seaside location is to-die-for. And if you’re looking for cheap eats that offer outdoor seating and fire pits, this place has you covered.

We adore this place around dinnertime, as most of the other shacks have closed down by 4 pm.

But Spiro’s? They’re usually still kicking until 8 or 9 pm!

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Café Vahik

Next up on our list of cheap eats in La Jolla, we have the reliable Café Vahik! This quaint little café offers impressive food options, especially around breakfast and lunchtime.

It’s a great idea to stop in for a quick coffee, but you probably won’t be able to drag yourself away from the sandwiches.

The bright blue décor is vibrant and welcoming, and the staff are always super-friendly too!

For a sit-down breakfast, you can’t beat their perfectly cooked omelets. No matter what you order, this is a place for budget friendly food in La Jolla that offers tons of bang for your buck.

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The Spot La Jolla

The Spot is technically a sports bar, but this grill joint is ideal for all-American meals, cheap drinks, and a bustling atmosphere. And of course, cheap eats in La Jolla!

You can usually get appetizers for under $10, and many of the mains can easily be split between two people.

Oh, and another reason this is one of our favorite spots is down to the range of dishes on offer.

From burgers and sandwiches to pizzas and salads, there’s something on the menu to please any palate!

Don Bravo

This no-frills restaurant / cafe is a great little spot if you’re looking for somewhere super casual and friendly, and (of course!) affordable.

The food served up here is Mexican (yum!) and they offer up classic Mexican dishes like fish or chicken burritos & lobster tacos.

We hope this list has given you lots of ideas for where to eat!