Are you looking for the best things to do indoors in Orlando? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re searching for the best indoor activities in Orlando, you’ve arrived in the right place.

Whether you’re seeking refuge from the scorching Florida sun or looking for a fun escape on a rainy day – these indoor activities will definitely provide!

While Orlando is renowned for its theme parks and outdoor adventures, it’s also a treasure trove of captivating indoor experiences that often go unnoticed by tourists and locals alike.

Hopefully, this list has something for everyone. And every budget!

In this article, we’ll uncover the city’s hidden gems and well-known favorites, showcasing diverse activities catering to all interests and ages.

So, prepare to be enthralled as we embark on a journey through the exciting indoor world of Orlando, where the entertainment never stops, rain or shine.

Now, let’s get into it!

Here are the best indoor activities in Orlando!

Kennedy Space Center

To kick off our list of the best indoor activities in Orlando, we have the Kennedy Space Center!

It’s slightly further afield than some of the other ideas on this list, but it offers an unparalleled glimpse into space exploration in Florida.

Whether you plan on checking out the Astronaut Hall of Fame, the Rocket Garden, or the incredible Atlantis shuttle, this is a spot that’s bound to impress kids and adults alike.

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SEALIFE Orlando Aquarium

Next on our list, we have SEALIFE (which is otherwise known as Orlando’s Aquarium!).

This popular spot is tucked away on International Drive, which makes it an excellent place to stop if you’re looking for a break from the Disney World parks.

Not only does it offer a 360-degree tunnel packed with sharks, sea turtles, and stingrays, but there are tons of kid-friendly exhibits that are perfect for keeping tykes engaged.

As the ticket queues can be quite intense during the peak seasons, we suggest picking up a ticket in advance.

Oh, and you’ll want to head to the starfish exhibit which allows you to touch a real sea star!

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Madame Tussauds

If you’re on the hunt for indoor activities in Orlando with a touch of glitz and glamor, then you’ll love Madame Tussauds.

This place is an extremely popular tourist attraction and lets you take pictures with famous figures like Johnny Depp, Ariana Grande, and Walt Disney (which is super topical for this city!).

Although it can get crowded during the summertime, you can easily spend a couple of hours milling around the waxworks and assessing how real they look.

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Museum of Illusions

If you’re on the hunt for things to do indoors in Orlando to shelter you from a downpour, it’s worth heading to the Museum of illusions.

This spot is in ICON Park and boasts mind-bending exhibits that will challenge what the eye can see.

The main appeal of this museum is the funky visual illusions, but you’ll also learn plenty about the science behind forced perspective, illusions, and how the human brain perceives images.

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Another one of our favorite indoor activities in Orlando is WonderWorks

It’s essentially an amusement park that’s packed with attractions and entertainment and includes everything from an Indoor Ropes Course to Laser Tag and a 4D XD Motion Theater.

Seriously, if you’re looking for fun ideas indoors, this is the 28,000-square-foot place to be!

If you’re traveling with kiddos, be sure to stop by the Imagination Lab which allows children to create beautiful pieces of artwork in sandboxes and using colored pegs.

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The Great Escape Room

If the rain is incessant during your visit to Orlando, why not head to The Great Escape Room to solve a few tricky riddles?

This spot is considered the most impressive escape room in the country and runs for 60 minutes in total.

During your time inside, you’ll be forced to use your group’s problem-solving skills to get out within the time required.

Although it might be challenging, this is one of our favorites! Just be prepared to get into a few friendly arguments along the way!

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Next on our list of the best indoor activities in Orlando – it’s Splitsville!

This popular bowling alley is in Disney Springs and it’s the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a change of scene after visiting the parks (or if you’ve been rained out!).

You’ll spend most of your time focusing on getting a strike, but they also serve a great range of food that includes pizzas, sushi, and more traditional bowling alley bites.

And hey – if you tire of the bowling, this is one that also boasts billiard tables and live music performances!

Orlando Museum of Art

The Orlando Museum of Art has been a local staple for years and continues to attract residents and tourists alike thanks to its incredible exhibits.

There’s a focus on American art, but there are also international exhibits that bring African art into focus.

This is one of the most popular indoor activities in Orlando and you can spend hours trawling through the different exhibits and indulging your cultural side.

Just remember to check what temporary exhibits and lectures will be running during your stay so you can time things perfectly.

CMX Plaza Cinema

Sometimes, the best indoor activities in Orlando are going to be the simplest. 

And that’s why we had to include CMX Plaza Cinema on this list!

This spot is tucked away in downtown Orlando and it screens the latest releases in an enormous complex.

But what makes it special is the fact that you’ll get to enjoy your movie from a huge recliner while chowing down on restaurant-quality food from the kitchen and bar area.

iFly Indoor Skydiving

Not everyone’s going to be down for a huge adrenaline rush, but daredevils might want to add iFly Indoor Skydiving to their list of things to do indoors in Orlando.

This unique attraction uses a vertical wind tunnel to create a cushion of air that literally keeps you afloat as you’re ‘falling’.

It simulates the exact stomach-churning feeling that you get on a regular skydive, making it a cheap and risk-free alternative to actually jumping out of a plane.

Hey, it’s a win-win in our books and is certainly one that’s worth trying at least once!

ICON Park Orlando

If you’re on the hunt for uniqueindoor ideas, then you should head to ICON Park which is home to over 50 amazing restaurants and attractions.

We recommend starting your indoor adventure on The Wheel, but you’ll be spoilt for choice with the selection of eateries, incredible bars, and boutique shops that provide fun for the entire family.

Whether you’re in the market for a pair of sunglasses or an amazing Happy Hour, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for at ICON.

Orlando Wall Crawl

Next on our list, we have the unique Orlando Wall Crawl.

Before we go any further, we thought that we’d mention this attraction is ideal for jazzing up a dull Instagram feed.

If you’re wondering why, it’s because the attraction features over 20 interactive walls with props that change every season.

So, you can pose away to your heart’s content while sheltering from the storm (or heat!) outside!

Crayola Experience Orlando

We couldn’t write a list of indoor activities in Orlando without mentioning the Crayola Experience!

This place is a wonderland for tiny tykes and it’s packed with over 25 different attractions that allow children to experiment with color and artistry.

As one of the brightest and boldest ideas on this list, you’ll struggle to pull youngsters away from this one – you’ve been warned!

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Chocolate Kingdom

There’s nothing better than satisfying your sweet tooth, and that’s where the next spot on our list of indoor activities in Orlando comes in.

Chocolate Kingdom is a whimsical chocolate factory that allows you to see real cacao trees, taste cocoa beans, and discover how chocolate is made from beginning to end.

You’re bound to leave feeling sick to your stomach, but this indoor activity in Orlando is completely worth the sugar rush.

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Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium

Up next, we have Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium.

We’d say that this was a fabulous option for both adults and kids, as people of all ages are bound to be fascinated by the hands-on interactives, gruesome galleries, and incredible displays.

You might not believe everything you see, but this is one of those activities that’s guaranteed to alter how you perceive humans.

For the better – of course! We can do some seriously bizarre things.

Titanic the Artifact Exhibition

Titanic the Artifact Exhibition is the next spot on our list of fun activities indoors in Orlando, and it’s ideal for history buffs.

The exhibition puts you in the shoes of a real-life passenger, and you’ll be able to follow their journey through to the bitter end as you explore rooms filled with artifacts from the unfortunate voyage.

M&M World

It may be one of the cheesier indoor activities in Orlando, but you can’t visit the city without grabbing a few bite-sized chocolates from M&M World.

You’ll find this enormous store just minutes from Walt Disney World in the Florida Mall and it spans over 16,000 square feet.

Not only will you be able to pick up tons of M&M merchandise, but you’ll even be able to grab unique colored M&Ms that you won’t find anywhere else!

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Dezerland Park

If you’re on the hunt for indoor activities in Orlando, you can’t do better than Dezerland Park as it’s considered Florida’s largest indoor attraction!

We highly recommend getting into the swing of things with a round of mini golf at Putting Edge, but you can also spend time in the arcade, going go-karting, or even hitting Jump Start for a trampolining experience.

The Auto Museum

Okay, so this place is technically inside Dezerland Park. But it’s so good that we felt it deserved its own subsection!

The Auto Museum is home to an incredible selection of vintage vehicles and boasts exhibits relating to Cars from Israel, France, and Europe.

So, if you can’t quite make it abroad this year, this is an excellent alternative!

It’s one of the best ideas for car enthusiasts, but just about anyone will appreciate the vast range of automobiles on display here.

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Orlando Science Center

If you have curious kiddos in your travel party, it’s worth adding the Science Center to your list of indoor activities in Orlando to check out this year.

Although it’s designed for people of all ages, kids will be particularly impressed by the interactive exhibits, theater shows, and live programming that this place takes pride in.

And better yet? Admission is super reasonable!

Hey, it’s always a plus, right?

Andretti Indoor Carting & Games

If you haven’t tried out karting at Dezerland Park, you may want to check out Andretti Indoor Karting & Games for the ride of your life!

This place has been one of the best indoor activities in Orlando for years as it offers excitement at every turn and even allows visitors to go bowling if they tire of the kart life.

When you’ve had your fill of the physical stuff, you can refuel with one of their delicious meals while you down a few signature cocktails.

Ah, total bliss. 

Visit Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a wonderful part of the Walt Disney World Resort, and it’s packed to the rafters with entertainment spots, eclectic shops, and wonderful restaurants.

And the best part is – almost all of them are inside!

Whether you want to grab a quick bite to eat at Starbucks or want to spend time enjoying a spot of live music, you’ll definitely agree that it’s one of the best ideas on this list!

Don’t believe us? Give it a whirl!

Orange County Regional History Center

Orange County Regional History Center is our next pick for indoor activities in Orlando because it’s gorgeous and educational.

The museum is set inside a historic courthouse in downtown Orlando and it spans 4 floors. 

Each floor houses an impressive number of exhibits, and you can spend hours learning about Orlando’s regional history as you walk the halls.

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Orlando Paintball

If you’re looking for an acitivity that’ll get your heart racing, you might want to check out Orlando Paintball.

This place is technically an indoor-outdoor facility, but you can stick to the indoor areas if the weather takes a turn!

It’s great for team building, but we also love this activity for families and groups of friends who love a spot of friendly competition.

Epic Axe Throwing

To close off our list, we have Epic Axe Throwing!

This is one of the most unique indoor activities in Orlando, and it involves throwing an axe at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Well, not exactly – but it’s not far off!

This spot requires you to aim your axes at a target to try and get as close to a middle target as you can.

It can get seriously competitive, so don’t be caught off guard if you’re suddenly at odds with your party!

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Haven’t found anything that interests you yet?

Here are some bonus suggestions!

Just in case you haven’t found the perfect indoor activities in Orlando to suit you and your group yet, here are some fun bonus suggestions!

  • Play a game of mini-golf at one of Orlando’s indoor courses, like Pirate’s Cove or Hollywood Drive-In Golf.
  • Test your climbing skills at Aiguille Rock Climbing Center.
  • Catch a Broadway-style show at the Mad Cow Theatre.
  • Bowl a strike at one of Orlando’s bowling alleys, such as Kings Dining & Entertainment.
  • Take a cooking class at the Truffles & Trifles Cooking School.
  • Enjoy a day of shopping at The Mall at Millenia or Orlando International Premium Outlets.
  • Experience the excitement of indoor trampolining at Sky Zone.
  • Discover the art of glassblowing at the International Hot Glass.
  • Join a game night or trivia event at a local bar or restaurant.
  • Enjoy a game of indoor soccer or volleyball at XL Soccer World Orlando.

Hopefully this list of fun things to do indoors in Orlando has given you loads of ideas!