Are you planning a trip to West Wittering Beach soon? Maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth the hype?

It looks like this year might be another year of staycations, and if you’re on the constant search for the best beach in the UK… then you’ve probably stumbled upon West Wittering Beach in your research!

Listen, I’m not going to beat around the bush here – In my opinion, West Wittering Beach is one of the best beaches in the UK (BY FAR). Why… I hear you ask? Let me explain!

These are the positives…

  • West Wittering Beach is spacious, and there’s plenty of room to spread out.
  • West Wittering Beach has plenty of food amenities. There are lots of food places (burgers, chips, other yummy stuff) and ice cream places, and even a cafe!
  • West Wittering Beach has toilets! And they’re not stinky or gross!
  • West Wittering Beach has plenty of parking, and it’s easy to find, and easy to book. Sure, you have to pay – but it’s not much and it’s worth it for guaranteed car space.
  • West Wittering Beach has beautiful calm and clear waters.
  • West Wittering Beach is scenic! It’s a genuinely beautiful beach to relax on.
  • West Wittering Beach is on the south coast, which means it gets great weather during the spring and summertime!
  • West Wittering Beach is dog friendly (yay!) which means you can bring your pup with you!

The one downside?

It was windy the day we visited for the photos below. This would’ve been fine if we had come prepared with some wind blockers – but we didn’t!

I don’t know if the beach is this windy all the time (I doubt it!) but it’s worth being prepared and taking a wind blocker just in case!

Now onto some other stuff!

OK, hopefully, I’ve convinced you of the merits of visiting this amazing UK beach! It’s a brilliant spot, and it’s a relaxing and lovely day out!

Here’s a little more information that might be useful when visiting West Wittering Beach…

Car park: Here’s the link to click to pre-book your parking.

Address: West Wittering Beach, West Wittering, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 8AJ

Weather: Here’s a 5 day forecast for West Wittering Beach.

Official beach website:

beach huts west wittering beach

Here’s a map of West Wittering Beach…

The map is pretty useful for figuring out which bits of the beach are OK to visit with your dog, and also which bits of the beach are closest to the amenities and toilets.

You’ll be able to save this map to your phone – so you can keep it for reference later!

map of west wittering beach

Here are some photos of West Wittering Beach!

Hopefully this post has been pretty useful so far in figuring out if West Wittering Beach is the right beach for you. But if you’re still unsure, these photos should really help – as you’ll see, West Wittering Beach is pretty damn gorgeous.

Those white sandy beaches, the cute little beach huts, the grassy sand dunes… I love it so much!

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beach huts on west wittering beach
beach huts on west wittering beach

Here’s my dog Rolo enjoying the open space and having the beach to himself! He loved exploring the beach and digging in the sand!

west wittering beach photos
west wittering beach photos
west wittering beach photos
dog friendly west wittering beach photos
beach huts west wittering beach
beach huts west wittering beach
beach sign west wittering beach
beach hut west wittering beach
dog friendly west wittering beach
west wittering beach
west wittering beach

What are you waiting for? It’s time to plan a visit to West Wittering Beach!