If you’re looking to book tickets to the Reel Platinum Suites Cinema in Dubai Mall, keep reading for our review!

The Reel Platinum Suites Cinema in Dubai Mall is a really unique way to watch a movie, and it’s a completely different kind of cinema experience than you’re probably used to.

Whilst in traditional cinemas you might feels a little packed in, on an uncomfortable chair, with generic snacks… The Reel Platinum Suites Cinema in Dubai Mall turns this completely on its head.

Instead, you’ll get a ‘first class airline-style’ seat, with menu options and waiter service to your seat.

It’s one of the best things to do in Dubai, and it’s a real ‘treat’ compared to the normal cinema-goer experience.

If you’re looking to stay out of the sunshine for a day, or you just want to do something a bit different, the Reel Platinum Suites Cinema in Dubai Mall is a great choice.

So how does the Reel Platinum Suites Cinema in Dubai Mall work?

When you arrive, you’ll be directed to an exclusive part of the cinema, where you’ll find a special waiting room, an extensive menu, and snacks, and a big drinks menu too.

You’ll be able to order the food you’d like during this time in the waiting room, which will then later be delivered straight to your cinema suite!

The menu has lots of cinema classics on it such as hotdogs… alongside some other lovely dishes too, such as pizza and desserts.

Once you’ve ordered your drinks and food and snacks, you’ll be taken to your Reel Platinum Suite, where you can sit back and enjoy the movie!

Your food and drinks will appear (as in by magic) during the movie, and if yu need anything else from the menu you can order it with the staff assigned to you.

What do the seats look like?

The Reel Platinum Suites Cinema in Dubai Mall is pretty decked out, and feels really luxurious.

The chairs are big leather recliners, with several seat and comfort options to choose from.

You’ll get plenty of table space around you for the food and drinks you’ve ordered, and you even get a little personal light, so you can make sure you haven’t spilt anything!

To me, the Reel Platinum Suites seats felt like first-class airline seats, and look like them too!

You can also request a blanket and a cushion too – to make yourself even more comfortable!

How is the food at the Reel Platinum Suites Cinema?

Part of the experience at the Reel Platinum Suites Cinema, is enjoying the food and drink whilst you watch your movie, so be sure to order something!

How was the food at The Reel Platinum Suites Cinema? Well, we were pretty impressed!

The food could stand up next to a nice restaurant for quality and flavour, and it certainly didn’t feel like fast food.

We enjoyed the hotdogs, waffles fries and the nachos – and they made great cinema snacks! It was perfect to enjoy during the movie.

Everything on the à la carte menu is freshly cooked by their top-class chefs, and it’s all made to order and delivered to your seat, for the ultimate comfort and luxury experience!

So you don’t miss a moment of your movie!

Let us know if you visit the Reel Platinum Suites Cinema in Dubai Mall!