Seattle Food: 22 Delicious Places to Eat in Seattle!

June 18, 2021

Are you looking for some amazing Seattle food recommendations? If so – keep reading!

If you’re looking for Seattle food recommendations, then this list of amazing places to eat in Seattle is going to give you loads of ideas! Seattle’s food is some of the best in the States, and whether you’re flocking to this glorious city for its cultural phenomena or are off on a city break, you’ll want to fill up on some of the best Seattle food the city has to offer!

Though there are numerous fantastic coffee shops, restaurants, and eateries based around the heart of the city, you may find yourself overwhelmed if you’re just trying to find a bite to eat in a pinch. If that’s the case, then hopefully this list of Seattle food recommendations will be a perfect place to start!

So, to save you the hassle of searching for the best Seattle food, we’ve narrowed your choices down to our favourite choices, that will leave both your heart and stomach full. Whether you’re after a cuppa and a cake or wish to splash out on a high-end meal, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best places to eat in Seattle.  

So, here are our top Seattle food picks!

Bakery Nouveau

First on our list of amazing Seattle food… it’s this amazing bakery. As Seattle is the home of great coffee, it only makes sense that you may wish to find a cracking cake to pair your cuppa with. If this is the case, then be sure to check out Bakery Nouveau.

Home to some of the best cakes, croissants, and sweet treats in the city, you’re sure to find some delicious treats that will sweeten up even the dullest of mornings. We highly recommend their famous double-baked almond croissant; though they’re very indulgent, just one won’t hurt! This is some Seattle food you won’t want to miss out on!

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Pike Place Market

OK, so next on our list of amazing Seattle food, it’s Pike Place Market. We couldn’t write a list about Seattle food, and not mention this iconic market right in the heart of the city!

There are restaurants and cafes inside the market (some are on this list further down!) but if you’re looking for some food on-the-go, then just pick up some snacks at the market on your way around. My favorite snack is the fruit, I love the Rainier cherries in the summer!

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Terra Plata

Terra Plata is one of the more bougie options on our list of places to eat in Seattle, and it certainly lives up to its reputation as a great place for Seattle food. This place has some gorgeous starters, and we’ve heard that the lattice potato chips are particularly delicious. In addition to their great food, this Seattle food spot also does some excellent cocktails and mimosas, so be sure to add one of those to your order if you choose to check this place out. 

Matt’s in the Market

Next on our list of amazing Seattle food, it’s this iconic place in Pike Place Market. If you’re after a place to get food in Seattle that also happens to come with a great view, then Matt’s in the Market should be your go-to. Overlooking Pike Place, this lovely spot is the perfect place in which to grab a bite whilst shopping. One of the most popular dishes at this popular restaurant is the fried catfish sandwich.

Having been enjoyed by diners for over 20 years, it’s of little surprise that it remains a key item on the menu! Though you can attend as a walk-in, we highly recommend making a reservation as this place books up quick. This is some Seattle food you won’t want to miss!

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As you may have guessed from its name, Salumi is the place to go in Seattle for great Italian cold-cuts, making it a pretty great choice for Seattle food. Whether you’re after salami, pepperoni, or something else, you’re sure to find a sandwich combination here that will change the way that you experience lunch.

Though this isn’t the place for an extended sit-down meal, it’s an excellent place for food in Seattle that always delivers.

Seattle food: Cactus

Next on my list of great Seattle food, it’s Cactus in Alki Beach (although they have a few other locations too – the Alki Beach is our favorite!). This waterside restaurant serves up amazing Mexican food and authentic tastes and flavors. This place consistently ranks highly on sites like TripAdvisor, and is currently one of the top-rated Mexican places in the city. Guaranteed, if you love Mexican food, this is a Seattle food place you shouldn’t skip.

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Li’l Woody’s

If you’re looking for food in Seattle that is sure to hit the spot after a long day of exploring, then be sure to check out Li’l Woody’s. A place that serves up some of the best burgers in the state, Seattle locals love this place’s perfectly cooked fare and indulgenst side dishes.

Open late for those that happen to be hitting Seattle’s nightspots, it’s a fabulous choice for those that need a little bit more flexibility. I love this place for Seattle food!

Café Juanita

This stunning little restaurant is one of the best in Seattle for Northern Italian cuisine and has long been praised by locals for its delectable dishes. Located in Kirkland, this restaurant’s menu is constantly refreshed, so if you’re someone that loves change, then you’ll be well served here!

Though the main dishes at Café Juanita are incredible, the desserts are possibly even more impressive. If you choose to head down to this spot, be sure to give the vanilla bean panna cotta a try – it’s extremely well-reviewed by diners far and wide!

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Seattle food: Southpaw Pizza

If you’re hunt for the best Seattle food has left you craving pizza, then we know you’re going to LOVE Southpaw Pizza. Southpaw is a classic wood fired pizza place, using fresh ingredients, and delicious combinations of toppings. They also do ice-cream which is a bonus too! Make sure this place is on your list of Seattle food places to check out!

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Flintcreek Cattle Co.

Flintcreek Cattle Co is one of the best places for food in Seattle if you’re after a hearty meal. With offerings such as bison steaks and wild boar shoulder, this is an interesting alternative to the usual steakhouse fare that’s so commonly seen in large cities. This is a great choice if you’re looking for Seattle food!

However, though these guys specialise in meat dishes, there are several delicious vegetarian options too. Located in Greenwood, this large restaurant should absolutely make it onto your list of Seattle’s best food spots. 

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8oz Burger and Co

Next on our list of Seattle food recommendations, it’s this awesome burger place! If you’re after a delicious burger in your search for the best Seattle food, then you’ll love what’s on offer at 8oz Burger and Co. This place serves up the biggest, juiciest, tastiest burgers!

There are two locations in Seattle; in Ballard and Capitol Hill, so easy to get to and convenient too! If you’re a big burger fan, then we promise you’ll love this place! It’s an epic choice for some epic Seattle food.

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If you’re a fan of great sushi, then be sure to check out Wataru. One of the best Seattle food spots for lovers of Japanese cuisine, Wataru is one of the more high-end restaurants on our list.

At the helm of greatness here stands Chef Kotaro Kumita who delivers an authentic experience to diners regardless of their order. With a wonderful atmosphere that promises a wonderful night out, we highly recommend giving this place a try the next time you’re after some food in Seattle. Wataru is a great place for Seattle food!

Harvest Beat

If you’re a vegan looking for the best Seattle food, then you’ll want to check out Harvest Beat. Deemed one of the best places in Seattle for vegan fare, Harvest Beat promises a relaxed and healthy experience for those that struggle to find suitable food elsewhere in the Seattle area. Whether you’re after some curry squash or a lighter side of abalone mushrooms, this place is sure to fill that hole between sightseeing stops! This is a must-visit for vegan Seattle food.

Seattle food: Nue

If you’re around Capitol Hill, then one of the best places for food is the famous Nue restaurant. Whether you’re after some elevated fried chicken wings or some luscious seafood, Nue promises to cater to your every whim with their fantastic spread of Seattle food.

Be sure to sneak a peak at the cocktail menu here too; filled with unique combinations that are both pleasing to the tongue and the eye, you truly can’t go wrong. This is a must-visit for amazing Seattle food!

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La Carta De Oaxaca

La Carta De Oaxaca is next on my list for amazing Seattle food. This family-owned restaurant is serving up Oaxacan Food by Chefs Gloria Perez & Susana Dominguez. It’s wholesome, delicious and so authentic. The tastes and flavors are strong, bold and will transport you to Mexico with one bite. This place isn’t fancy or posh, but it’s Mexican food at it’s best – so it’s a fantastic choice when looking for amazing Seattle food.


It’s entirely possible that you haven’t yet tried Ethiopian food, so we highly recommend having your virgin experience at Meskel. It’s a brilliant place to try some new Seattle food!

With incredible spices and general portions seen across all dishes, you’re sure to find something here that will tickle your tastebuds. This is a great place for vegetarians, as whilst the meat options here are excellent, there are a great number of options for veggies too. Definitely, a great Seattle food place to add to your list!

The Independent Pizzeria

Another pizza place on this list of amazing Seattle food! If you love authentic pizza, with that beautiful big fluffy / crispy crust, and oozy cheese – then you’re going to love Independent Pizza. This place is a favorite with locals, and it’s a family-owned pizzeria too (which we love). Oh, and once you’ve finished your pizza, don’t forget to try their tiramisu! It’s soaked with coffee liqueur and perfect with pizza!

seattle food tirimisu

We hope that this guide to Seattle’s best food has whet your appetite!

Hopefully some of these Seattle food recommendations have you feeling inspired! Whether you’re after some classic burgers or more unique menu items, there’s sure to be something on this list that will satisfy your aching stomach after a long day of exploring one of Washington’s finest cities! Seattle food is some of the best in the country, so don’t miss your chance to explore some of these amazing Seattle food recommendations!

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