Are you searching for the best restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving in Seattle? Keep reading!

I love Thanksgiving dinner. But I love it more if someone else is cooking!

Anyone else agree?

If you’re deciding to eat out this Thanksgiving, you might be looking for the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle.

Some people expect most restaurants and bars to remain open on Thanksgiving, but actually, many choose to close for the day.

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Because of this, finding the perfect restaurants for Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle can be a little tricky. But don’t worry – I’ve put together some of our favorite locations for Thanksgiving, so you can find all the best places in one list.

So, let’s get into it!

Please note: Things are always subject to change, especially in hospitality. Please always double-check directly with the restaurant, just in case their hours or menu has changed since the time of writing.

Here’s a helpful map of all the restaurants in this list…

Goldfinch Tavern

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To kick off my list of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle, we have the Goldfinch Tavern. Which is an amazing location try on Thanksgiving.

This restaurant is tucked away in the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Seattle, and it boasts a seriously delicious menu of upscale goodies offered by executive chef Michael Grande.As you’d expect… you can expect this spot to be pretty packed for their classic $75 brunch feast. 

But realistically, with everything from shrimp and octopus salad to slices of moist turkey on offer, you can’t blame the Seattleites on this one!

The menu comes in at ~$135 per person, so it’s on the pricier side for Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle, but still wonderful.

However, everything is cooked to perfection and the location is enviable (you’re literally in the heart of Seattle!).

So, we felt justified in putting Goldfinch Tavern at the top of our list of places to check out this Thanksgiving.

Solarium Kitchen & Bar

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Known for serving an immense buffet of holiday treats, you’ll find a wide range of goodies on offer at Solarium Kitchen.

In addition to the classic herb-roasted turkey and tender prime rib, you’ll also be able to order from the dedicated seafood station which serves everything from jumbo prawns to mussels.

When it comes to seafood, this is one of the restaurants on my list that always hits the mark. It’s a fantastic place for Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle.

When you’re done, you can enjoy the incredible dessert table stocked with pumpkin pie, a chocolate fountain, and more cake than you’ll ever be able to stomach.

Oh, and it’s one of the more affordable restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle too! At just $58 per adult and lower rates for concessions, it’s a great deal.

Café Flora

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If you’re on the hunt for restaurants that suit vegetarians and vegans, look no further than Café Flora.

This place has been a Madison Valley staple for years, and it offers an incredible four-course meal with dishes like cauliflower cashew bisque and a pecan bourbon pie that’s 100% vegan. It’s delightful.

When you throw in the wine pairings, dedicated kids’ menu, and incredible terrace, it’s unsurprising that this is one that’s near-impossible to snag a reservation for.

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Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi

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I know that finding restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle that serve delicious upscale fare can be tricky, but Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi has never let me down.

Located in the popular Bellevue neighborhood, this spot is tucked away on the 31st floor of the Lincoln Square South Tower. The result? Killer views.

Although we’d say that the views were the main reason that this place made my list, the food is unbeatable too. It’s seriously delicious.

Offering fine-dining picks like wagyu filet, chicken confit, and an incredible pumpkin four-ways for dessert, you’ll be forced to loosen your belt after dining here!


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This place is right in the heart of the popular Pike Place Market neighborhood, and it boasts an immaculate six-course menu that starts with blinis and caviar before moving on to an offensively good venison tenderloin.

It’s a Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle you won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

If your palate hasn’t been overwhelmed by the venison’s deliciousness, you’ll want to end your dinner on a high with the apple pie (we love a cheeky rhyme around the holidays!).

Whether you’re here for the spectacular views over Elliott Bay or just want some delicious eats and impeccable wine pairings, this is one of the restaurants that’s unlikely to disappoint.

The Lakehouse, Bellevue

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Okay, if you’re on the hunt for restaurants that are all about farm-to-table cuisine, then you should check out The Lakehouse.

This is another Bellevue staple, and it offers one of the most impressive turkey dinners in the city. You’ll get a turkey with all the trimmings, including cranberry sauce, fennel sausage stuffing, and creamy mashed potatoes.

As this is among the most sought-after restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle, reservations are seriously hard to come by and they often book-out months in advance.

If this happens to you, give their $96 to-go option a try. We promise, it’s just as good and is part of what earned them a spot on this list.

Brix 25 Restaurant

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Brix 25 Restaurant is next up on my list of restaurants in Seattle open on Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for amazing views and an incredible setting, this is it.

Chef/Owner Thad Lyman is passionate about keeping an ever-changing menu, which means that tastes, flavors and produce always match the seasons.

You can imagine how amazing the food will be in the heart of autumn! It’s an amazing choice for restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle.

This is an amazing pick for Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle!


Next on my list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle, it’s Yardhouse. A classic city-center bar / restaurant.

Yardhouse is a fantastic chain restaurant located right in the center of the city, and it’s a great choice for casual dining.

If you fancy sampling lots of different beers (they have so many on tap here!) and eating some classic bar-style dishes, then this is one of the best restaurants for you.

Oh, and did I mention the TV screens? If you want to tune into the Thanksgiving football games, this is the ideal place to do so!

This is a casual Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle, but a great one all the same!

Cutters Crabhouse

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Cutters Crabhouse is my next suggestion for restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle, and it’s a perfect pick for seafood lovers.

This is one of those classic Seattle restaurants, serving up fresh seafood and delicious sides.

The portions here are great, and the views from the restaurant are also FANTASTIC! We know you’ll have a great time here.

Oh, another reason you’ll love this place on Thanksgiving? It’s very family friendly too!

Capital Grille

If you’re planning to be in the downtown area for Turkey Day, you’ll want to add Capital Grille to your list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle to check out.

Serving up sinful brioche stuffing, cranberry pear chutney, and a delicious stuffed bird (+ sides!) for just $52, this is one of the restaurants on my list that won’t break the bank.

If you’re not feeling classic Thanksgiving fare for any reason, you can also order off their delightful a la carte menu. Just please have a slice of the pumpkin cheesecake – we beg you.

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13 Coins

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Pioneer Square is known for being one of the coolest and most historical areas in the Emerald City. And 13 Coins is next on my list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle.

So, it’s probably unsurprising that one of their popular joints has made it onto my list of the top restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle.

This restaurant has been around for ages, and they frequently boast that they’ve been roasting turkeys for “50 years” – yep, you heard it from the source, folks!

Thanks to their serious expertise, you can expect everything from their turkey to their Yukon Gold mashed potatoes to be cooked to perfection. And did we mention the uber-juicy homemade gravy?

Regardless of what you choose to order, you’ll agree that it’s one of the best options for Thanksgiving dinner!

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The Metropolitan Grill

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Best known for selling impressive takeout hampers that include mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, cranberry chutney, root vegetables, and an amazing sage stuffing.

Oh, and don’t forget their signature apple dumplings for dessert!

Although this will be enough food for most people, The Metropolitan Grill is among the restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle that lets you order additional sides – for a fee, of course!

Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge

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My next suggestion for restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle, is Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge. This is a real neighborhood gem!

This is a great location for Thanksgiving dinner if you’re turning Thanksgiving into a little date night! This place has real romantic vibes, and it’s super cozy and sweet inside.

The menu is comforting but sophisticated, and it’s a fantastic pick for Thanksgiving celebrations.

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Daniel’s Broiler

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Daniel’s Broiler just had to be on my list of the top restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle, as it offers one of the finest (and most affordable!) dinners in the city.

For ~$75 for adults and ~$20 for kids, you’ll be treated to a decadent four-course meal that includes everything from king salmon to ravioli and turkey.

When you’re ready for dessert, you’ll be able to dig into an incredible pumpkin pie that just melts in the mouth.

It’s easy to see why this is among the best restaurants in Seattle. Seriously, we’re salivating just thinking about the food here!

Just as a heads up, Daniel’s Broiler has several locations dotted around Seattle, and you can either dine at the downtown, Lake Union, or Leschi branches.

If you’re looking for glorious views, we suggest trying to nab a table at Lake Union.


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My next suggestion for restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle, is Palisade. Palisade is a super glamorous option for Thanksgiving dinner!

With incredible views, stylish and delicious food, this place checks all the boxes for a sophisticated Thanksgiving dinner!

This place is right on the waterfront, so you’ll get gorgeous views and vibes here, and we think you’ll adore it.

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Copperleaf Restaurant and Bar at Cedarbrook Lodge

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Copperleaf Restaurant and Bar at Cedarbrook Lodge is on the expensive side, but it’s one of the restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle that offers great value for money.

For ~$80, you’ll be treated to a gorgeous spread of local goodies, including sablefish, venison, beef tenderloin, and turkey. As everything is locally-sourced and uber-fresh, you can’t go wrong with any of the dishes!

Don’t forget to try a slice of the caramel pumpkin tart while you’re here. It’s ridiculously rich and is the perfect way to round off your meal. Booking ahead is a must here, just so you know!

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Hearth at the Heathman Hotel

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If you’re planning to be in Kirkland for the holidays this year, we suggest checking one of our all-time favorite restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle.

Where are we talking about, you ask? Well, it’s Hearth at the Heathman Hotel!

The hotel itself is known for offering luxury accommodation, so it makes perfect sense that the dining room at Hearth is gorgeously decorated.

The food itself is locally-sourced, and the restaurant prides itself on serving fresh, farm-to-table fare that’s equal parts sustainable and delicious.

So, whether you’re chowing down on the turkey or their famous apple crisp, you’ll know you’re getting food that’s been handled with care.

Hard Rock Cafe

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If you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant on Thanksgiving, then I think the Hard Rock Cafe ticks all the boxes.

We all know what the Hard Rock Cafe is about, it’s a well-known chain restaurant with a big menu and lots of drink choices too.

Sure, it’s not the most original choice for Thanksgiving, but they do a pretty awesome Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle on the day, and you know you can rely on their consistent service and flavors!

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The 5 Point Café

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We’ve loved this place forever, as it’s charming, casual, and a favorite among Seattle’s locals.

It may be a bit of a token addition to our rundown of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Seattle as it kind of never closes. It’s open almost every day, so it’s not exactly a novelty.

However, thanks to its delicious smoked turkey, candied yams, mashed potatoes, and fresh dinner rolls, it’s certainly worth a mention!

Not only is it super-affordable, but it’s located in the lovely Belltown district which you can explore directly after leaving.

Trust us, this is a wonderful pick for Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle!

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