Are you looking for the best toy stores in Chicago? If so, keep reading for our favorite picks!

Chicago is an amazing city, and not just for adults! Did you know, there are many lovely toy stores in Chicago, perfect for visiting with kids too!

Chicago might not strike you as the most family-friendly city, but actually, there are loads of things for kids here, including the many amazing toy stores in Chicago.

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So, if you’re searching for the best toy stores in Chicago, look no further!

We’re created our very own list of the best toy stores in Chicago, that you can visit with your little ones, and that we know they’ll love.

So, let’s get into it!

Here are the best toy stores in Chicago!


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Well, we think the name says it all! Play is next on our list of the best toy stores in Chicago.

Play is another one of the best toy stores in Chicago, and it’s a really popular choice with both tourists and locals.

Play has a few different locations around the city – making it an easy one to reach depending on your hotel, AirBnB or accommodation.

You’ll find Play stores in Logan Square, Lincoln Park, Andersonville and the West Loop, so all around the wonderful city of Chicago.

One thing we adore about shopping at Play, is their selection of toys. You’ll find that they’re mostly from small companies, so have a slightly more unique feel to them. Which is always refreshing when visiting toy stores in Chicago.

Alongside toys, you’ll find beautiful children’s books, family-friendly board games, puzzling, craft kis, and cuddly toys.

Oh, another we love about visiting this place? Their gift-wrapping service is offered year-round, and saves you a job when you get home! Perfect right?

Another wonderful choice when looking for toy stores in Chicago.

Toys Et Cetera

Toys Et Cetera is one of the absolute best toy stores in Chicago, and they stock more than 10,000 toys from around the world!

They’ve been delivering the magic to children of Chicago since 1976, so this is a toy store in Chicago you can trust!

Your kids are going to be absolutely mesmerized when visiting Toys Et Cetera, and it’s a truly magical location to explore as a family.

There are so many toys here, from wonderful arts and craft kits, to classic puzzles, and more modern toys and gadgets too.

If you can’t make it to the store in person, they also have a lovely online shop and website, which we really rate highly!

Building Blocks Toy Store

Next on our list of toy stores in Chicago, it’s the gorgeous Building Blocks Toy Store.

If you’re looking for a family-owned toy store in Chicago, then this is the place for you! We love it when toy stores are family-owned, it just feels super wholesome!

You’ll find it located in the South Loop, and it’s a really lovely option, especially if you’re looking for educational toys and unique gifts.

This place is so good, it has even won awards, so we know you’re in safe hands if you choose to take a visit here. You should find everything you need, and then some!

It’s a wonderful choice for toy stores in Chicago.

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Toy de Jour

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Our next suggestion for the best toy stores in Chicago? It’s the cute Toy de Jour.

This is a really quirky choice for toy stores in Chicago, because they actually specialize in vintage and antique toys, rather than modern ones.

But, if you’re looking for nostalgia, and you love the idea of your kids playing with the same toys you did growing up, then this is such an amazing place to pay a trip to.

You’ll find those action figures from the 90s you had forgotten about, or retro Barbies, or fuzzy toys that you remember fondly.

There’s no denying it, this place is a really special, and certainly one of our favorite toy stores in Chicago.


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Rotofugi is our next pick for the best toy stores in Chicago.

This place is one of the more modern toy stores in Chicago, and it’s always fun to visit (for both the kids and the adults!).

Saying that, this isn’t the ‘traditional’ kind of toy store in Chicago. You won’t find mainstream toys in here, it’s a little quirkier than that.

It’s actually more of a collectors toy store, which is also child-friendly and lots of fun.

You’ll find things like vinyl figurines, Mermicorno backpacks, collectables, books, and plush toys – so there’s plenty to pick from at this toy store in Chicago.

Timeless Toys

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Timeless Toys is another more vintage-inspired,  independent toy store in Chicago, and we love it.

It’s been open since 1993, and kids are always delighted when they step inside this Lincoln Square toy store.

What makes Timeless Toys so special though? Well we think it’s because these toys really focus on the cognitive, behavioral and emotional parts of play.

They are thoughtful toys, beneficial toys and educational toys, and they feel like they have a little more substant to them, which is lovely.

They cater for most age groups here too, which makes it another one of the best toy stores in Chicago.

Anderson’s Toy Shop

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Anderson’s Toy Shop is next on our list of the best toy stores in Chicago.

We love Anderson’s Toy Shop! It’s a really great all-rounder, and you’ll find some more unique toys, alongside the branded or character toys too.

They’re also pretty on top of the latest trending toys too, so if you’re little one has their heart set on something new or specific, this might be the first place to look.

Geppetto’s Toy Shop

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Geppetto’s Toy Shop is our next suggestion for the best toy stores in Chicago.

Now, this is one of the classics. You won’t find the trending toys here, you’ll find those iconic and classic toys that last generations.

Geppetto’s is actually a European-inspired toy shop, so you can expect lots of sustainable, ethical toy makers being stocked here, and lots of toys made from sustainable materials like wood.

In terms of the actual toys they sell, you’ll find lovely items like puzzles, DIY kits, games, board games, and such else.

Our favorite thing to buy from geppetto’s is actually creative toys and art kits. They have some really great options, such as mini pottery studios, fashion design painting kits, cross stitch kits, friendship bracelet kits, and origami paper kits.

If your children love getting creative, this is an amazing choice for toy stores in Chicago.

Galt Toys + Galt Baby

Galt Toys + Galt Baby is another amazing choice when looking for toy stores in Chicago.

This place is uber stylish, and has some lovely bits and pieces for younger children (we’d say, about 5 and under).

They have a lovely range of infant and toddler toys, so expect to find goodies such as cuddly toys, wooden puzzles, rattles and the like.

Another great reason to visit this toy store in Chicago? They also sell bigger items, like strollers and baby furniture too.

If you’re expecting your first baby, and need somewhere to stock up on a few different items, then this is a fantastic option for toy stores in Chicago.

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Disney Store

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How could we write a list about the best toy stores in Chicago, without mentioning the Disney Store?

The Disney Store in Chicago is super charming, and full to the brim of all the characters your kids adore.

The Disney Store is simply magical (always has been, always will be!) and even adults feel nostalgic here!

You’ll find character fancy dress costumes, cuddly toys, dolls, games, mugs, and so much more. It’s one of the most lovely toy stores in Chicago and kids always love it.

Toys Outlet Chicago

If you’re searching for a bargain, then this next option on our list of toy stores in Chicago is a great pick.

It’s not centrally located (so you’ll need to drive probably, or get an uber) but if you’re wanting to grab a bargain, it’s a great choice.

Toy Outlets are hard to come by, and this is one of the main ones in Chicago.

The Wild Child Toys

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The Wild Child Toys is a lovely little toy store in Chicago, and we think you’re going to adore it.

If you’re looking for more wholesome toys, then we think you’ll like the kind of stuff on sale here.

There’s a really unique collection of toys here, from books, dolls, imagination toys, craft kits, board games, bath toys, and so much more.

Something we love about The Wild Child Toys, is how much care and selection is put into their stock. Every toy has been thoughtfully picked, and it really shows.

This is a wonderful choice for the best toy stores in Chicago.

American Girl Place Chicago

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American Girl Place Chicago is next on our list of the best toy stores in Chicago.

We couldn’t write a list of the top toy stores in Chicago without mentioning this incredible doll store.

Chances are, if your child is of a certain age, they may have already expressed interest American Girl dolls. They’re beautifully made, and they’re such fun to play with too!

The American Girl store in Chicago is a huge store, so there’s so much to explore!

The Lego Store

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One of the most well-known toy stores in Chicago has to be the Lego Store!

The Lego Store may only sell one kind of toy… But it’s Lego! And everyone loves Lego!

You’ll be able to buy pick and mix lego here, alongside amazing build kits of all different shapes, sizes and themes!

It’s one of the top choices for toy stores in Chicago!

Berwyn’s Toys & Trains

Last on our list of the best toy stores in Chicago, it’s Berwyn’s Toys and Trains.

This place is certainly classed as a ‘specialist’ toy store, so it’s perhaps not for everyone.

But if you’re interested in trains, pine cars, and slot cars – then you’re going to find plenty to love here! It’s a wonderful choice for toy stores in Chicago.

We hope our list of the best toy stores in Chicago has given you lots of ideas!

Which of these toy stores in Chicago will you be visiting first?

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