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Sky High Views Are The Best Kind.

November 11, 2012
Wellington from the air

When we first flew into Queenstown (when we first moved here) I didn’t have a window seat. Which is always rubbish. Especially when you are flying over New Zealand.

When we flew out to Wellington this week though (more on that here)… I DID HAVE A WINDOW SEAT! Which means I spent the entire flight blocking the window with my big head and my camera.

I also played Temple Run for several minutes (the official Disney version incase you’re curious) and beat my high score TWICE. 

So all in all, it was a good flight.

Mainly because of all the high-score ass-kicking I did. But also because of these beautiful photos I took:

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  • Lauren

    Your photos are amazing Elle! I’m thinking about getting a better camera for Christmas, which one do you have?

    • Elle-Rose

      I have the NEX3 (Sony) it’s a compact mirrorless SLR. They have a new re-model out at the moment called the NEX7 which is incredible – and also on my christmas list. I’m dying to get the new model! 😉 xx

  • Ally

    The plane ride would be worth the price just for these veiws! WOW!

    • Elle-Rose

      That’s exactly what I thought Ally! :)

  • Sam D

    Have you been to Queenstown in Winter – it is Incredible!!! The photo ops in the plane on the way there is incredible!

    • Elle-Rose

      We started living there at the very end of ski season – so got to see all the beautiful snowy mountains – just so magical. One of my favourite things was watching the snow from our balcony! :)