I get a few emails a month asking me how I got into blogging, and asking my advice on setting up blogs, and how it all started for me… so I thought I’d put together a little Q&A blog post to answer some of the questions I regularly get asked.

Let me know in the comments if you have any more, or if I’ve left any unanswered! 🙂

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What kind of traveller are you?

My fiancé Pad and I like to travel far and wide (the further the destination is from home… the better!) – and as we’ve grown-up together we’ve grown to love luxury and travel comfortably. After travelling together around the world for a year (budgeting and saving), our travel style has grown-up just like our relationship has. At this stage in our lives, we’d rather have a week in a luxury hotel,  than have 3 weeks in a hostel.

On this blog you’ll find older blog posts with great tips on budgeting and long-term travel, but you’ll also find newer blog posts about one-off vacations in high-end hotels and resorts, and reviews and tips for luxury travel.


How old are you? 

I’m 25 years old.

Where do you live? 

I live with my fiancé Pad in London. When I started this blog, we were travelling full-time, but now we have a permanent base.

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How did you start this blog? 

I started this blog in September 2012, when my boyfriend (now fiancé!) Paddy Moogan and I set off on a ‘Round The World’ adventure. After a few (very long flights) we arrived at our first destination – New Zealand! After falling head over heels for NZ, and living there for 6 pretty incredible months (Queenstown – to be precise) the next stage of our journey began.

What was the next stage? Many more months of globe trotting – covering pretty much everywhere on our way home to London. We stopped off in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and the USA.


Since returning back home to London, we’ve been travelling and vacationing as much as we possibly can ever since. On this blog you’ll find just about all information you need for any of the destinations we’ve visited…. as well as photos, random stories, reviews and other bits and bobs.

Do you blog full-time? 

No. I still have a full-time job in London and I now fit in all my travelling around my full-time job. I’m the social media manager for a quirky homeware brand (they’re called Tiger). I also do a lot of freelance writing for online publications and print magazines…. I’m a monthly bridal columnist for Inspired Bride Magazine for example, and I also write their honeymoon features occasionally too.

Here are some of places I’ve written for, or been featured in:

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Why do you love travel blogging? 

Because I love travelling and I love writing – the best way for me to do both of those things is to have a travel blog – it’s like the perfect combination.

I also love photography – and taking photos while I travel has always been a massive part of my life. Having a blog to keep and share all those photos is really important to me too.

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What is the hardest thing about travel blogging? 

At the moment the most difficult thing about travel blogging is finding the time to do it. Working full-time means finding the time to jet away is hard enough – never mind finding the time to write about it all afterwards.

Every blog post needs writing, researching – and every photo in the post has usually been edited too (I have a very distinct style of photography so I like to make sure the filters and effects stay consistent). There is then the job of keeping on top of emails from travel brands, and potential blog partners (I get around 20 emails per day about the blog), and keeping social media updated too.

All of this is very time consuming, and it’s sometimes difficult to fit all this in around my already very busy schedule! But I manage – and it’s always worth it!

Do you only travel with your fiancé? 

Most of the time – yes! He’s my number one person, and travelling is always brilliant with him. I do still head away on vacation with my amazing friends and family though, like my trip to Venice with Harriet last year, or my weekend away in paris with my sister Bekah.Variety is the spice of life!

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How has your blog influenced or changed your writing and journalism career?

Blogging has given me loads of opportunities to write for some amazing publications, and it has made me more well-known within the journalism industry too. For anyone who would love to make journalism their career, I would always recommend setting up a blog.

Why? It’s lets you practise your passion, and it’s proof for employers that you can write and you love doing it. Remember that a blog can be about anything… travel, fashion, make-up, style, life in general, DIY… literally – if you can do it, you can blog about it.

What are you most proud of? 

I’m mega proud of the blog as a whole – the design of it, the success of it and just being able to say ‘Hey, I made that, it’s mine” – that’s a pretty awesome feeling.

Aside from the blog, I’m really proud of some great coverage the blog got recently on The Daily Mail, The Metro and Good Morning America after they spotted my ‘thumbs up‘ story from around the world.

thumbs up

Oh, and I’m very proud of my Instagram channel where my followers have been growing massively since I set up the account. I’m nearly about to hit 5000 followers and that’s unreal. It’s seeing things like this happen that make all the hard work so worth it 🙂