I’d heard a mix of things about Bondi Beach, but the place completely surpassed my expectations. Sure, there isn’t all too much there, and the beach is pretty crowded – but don’t let that scare you off visiting. I’d heard from a few people that Manly beach was a nicer option to Bondi – but if I’m being honest, I much preferred Bondi to Manly. Manly seemed very chaotic and hectic when we were there – and Bondi (although busy and hectic) was much more spaced out, with more room to relax, and offered a cleaner, more scenic beach too.

Whilst we didn’t do much during our time in Bondi, we had 3 full days which we happily just spent sitting around, reading, drinking smoothies, and relaxing by the beach. After a busy week in Sydney sight-seeing, it was nice just to relax with the gorgeous sea and view. We stayed in the YHA Bondi BeachHouse  for 4 nights, which (although no where near as nice as some of the hostels we’ve stayed in, in NZ) was OK. Never under-estimate the importance of air-con though, especially during an Australian heat wave. I think that’s what we were missing the most, cold showers were a twice daily occurrence!

The scenery is pretty much the main attraction here – there are loads of nearby coastal paths you can walk along and the views are just beautiful! The YHA was a little bit out of town (15 minute walk) but you could walk along the coastal path which was lovely into the town – where the views of the beach and rocky pools that run along the coast, were amazing. They have these stunning sand-stone formations, which look like something from a Star Wars movie set. One of the most popular of the beach / coastal walks is the Bondi to Coogee walk, Pad and I attempted it – but it was way to hot, so we gave up before we reached the end.

I also loved the Bondi pool too, which you can see below. It’s a salt water pool and completely open to the public, with pretty decent opening hours – which makes it even better. It was $5.50 and you can stay all day and relax in and out of the pool. There aren’t any sun loungers, but you can find places to lie down and perch when you’re not in the pool quite easily. You have an awesome view too – and it’s a pretty special place, definitely a must-do if you’re in Bondi Beach and you fancy something a bit more tame than the sea! Or you fancy a break from the sand!

Another bit of the town which adds a bit of character is the street art – something I wasn’t expecting! It’s all over the beach front, and some of the pieces are insane. I could’ve sat there and watched them spray paint all day – if the sunshine hadn’t been so hot!

 Things to do in Bondi that we’d recommend: 

– Watch the street artists (like above) 

– Get some fish and chips on the beach

– Browse the touristy surf shops

– Take a chance on the coastal walks and see how far you can get!

– Take a trip to Westfields in Bondi Junction

– Share a Smoothie from Boost on the beach front