Are you looking for the best things to do alone in Miami? If so, here are our top suggestions for solo travelers!

Miami is a great city for solo travelers, and there are so many awesome choices for solo travelers, and for lots of different budgets and interests too.

If you’re a solo traveler visiting Miami soon, you might be looking for a list of fun things to do alone in Miami!

From beach days and incredible architecture to food tours and street art – this is a city that has it all.

So, let’s get into our list of fun things to do in Miami, flying solo!

Visit South Beach

To kick off our list of the best things to do alone in Miami – we have South Beach!

You’re probably not surprised to see this on the list, as visiting this neighborhood is one of the most popular things to do in the area.

Boasting glitzy night spots, incredible beaches, and amazing Art Deco hotels, you can spend hours exploring this area and drinking in the local culture.

While you’re here, don’t miss Ocean Drive, the Historic District, and the Miami Boardwalk!

Go to the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

If you’re looking for relaxing things to do alone in Miami, consider the search over with the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden.

This place is tucked away in Coral Gables which is extremely close to downtown Miami.

Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of exotic plants, butterfly gardens, and hummingbird enclosures that let solo travelers experience the best of Florida’s beauty.

So, take a walk on the wild side and add this to your itinerary!

Visit Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

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Next on our list of things to do alone in Miami, we have the ever-popular Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

It’s an incredible villa on Biscayne Bay that’s owned by businessman James Deering, and it’s enormous.

While you’re here, stroll through the 10-acre gardens, walk along the mangrove shoreline, and explore the incredible Italianate architecture that will thrust you back in time.

Trust us when we say it’s fabulous and is totally one of the best things to check out solo in Miami.

Walk around the Design District

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When we first visited the Design District, we just knew that it had to be on our list of things to do alone in Miami.

Why, you ask? Well, it just allows you to explore some seriously cool shops while indulging your artistic side. 

And really, what more could you want?! This district is a creative neighborhood and popular shopping destination that’s known for its amazing architecture, fashion-forward luxury stores, and public art displays.

You’ll need a couple of hours to explore this spot in its entirety. So, leave plenty of time if you add it to your trip.

Take in the Murals at Wynwood Walls

Oh man, we seriously couldn’t write a list of things to do alone in Miami without mentioning the iconic Wynwood Walls.

It’s an incredible outdoor museum of murals (or urban graffiti!) on NW 26th Street that showcases the work of some of the world’s greatest street artists.

There’s a small cost to enter the museum part of Wynwood Walls (which we think is totally worth it) but then you’re also free to explore the local shops and cafes nearby afterwards.

Visit Espanola Way

Next up on our list of things to do alone in Miami, it’s Espanola Way. This is a great spot for dining solo – so we wanted to include it on our list!

Espanola Way is located in South Beach, and it’s a lovely cobbled street full of lovely restaurants and cafes.

In the evening Espanola has a lovely bustling atmosphere, and it’s a great place to sit and enjoy some food and people-watching!

Take in the art-deco architecture at Miami Beach

Our next suggestion is an obvious one. But you obviously need to make time for checking out the art deco buildings in Miami Beach.

The buildings here are unlike any others in the USA, and they’re absolutely captivating!

We recommend taking an early morning stroll along the beach promenade, to avoid the crowds.

Enjoy some breakfast at one of the beach-side cafes, and take your camera to snap lots of photos!

Visit the Time Out Market, Miami

Next up on our list of things to do alone in Miami, it’s visiting Time Out Market.

This is an indoor food hall in Miami Beach, home to lots of delicious local food vendors. You can try all kinds of food here, and it’s pretty reasonably priced too.

I also loved the decor and vibe when I ate here. It was laid back, friendly and I didn’t feel like I ‘stuck out’ as a solo traveler.

There’s plenty of seating and great choice, and it’s just a lovely place for solo travelers to grab a bite to eat.

Grab breakfast at The Carlton Room

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Next on our list of amazing activities for solo travelers, we have breakfast at The Carlton Room!

This place is tucked away inside The Betsy Hotel, and it’s perfect for a relaxing cup of coffee and a bumper breakfast before hitting the city’s major attractions.

It’s incredibly mellow in here, which also makes it one of the best things to do alone in Miami if you need a break from the hustle and bustle of this area.

Check out Dolphin Mall

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Next up, it’s shopping! More specifically – outlet shopping!

Although you may be all shopped out after visiting Showfields, you might want to treat yourself by visiting Dolphin Mall for some seriously good bargains.

Dolphin Mall is Miami’s largest shopping outlet, and it’s one of our favorite things to do alone in Miami if you’re a veritable shopaholic.

It’s home to incredible designer brands and classic retail goodies that are heavily discounted.

If you get hungry at any point, you can head to one of the many dining spots (including the amazing Metropol Puerto Rican and Cuban Restaurant!) to refuel.

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Visit Little Havana

There’s so much to love about Little Havana, and it certainly deserves a spot on our list of things to do alone in Miami.

This charming neighborhood is packed with amazing Latin American art galleries, shops that sell Cuban cigars, authentic restaurants, and a handful of gorgeous coffee shops that sell wonderful Cafecitos (tiny Cuban coffees!).

Whether you spend most of your time walking Calle Ocho or stuffing your face with Cuban cuisine, you won’t be disappointed if you make time for this on your solo trip to Miami.

We actually really recommend taking a guided tour of Little Havana as a solo traveler – as it’s a great way to meet people, and learn loads! We really recommend this tour (click here to book tickets).

Take the open-top bus tour!

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Next on our list of things to do alone in Miami, it’s taking the classic open-top bus tour!

This is actually one of the best solo activities in the city, because it’s so easy, and you get to see so much of the city.

Sure, an open-top bus tour may seem a little touristy for some, but we love it, especially if you only have limited time in the city.

Click here to book tickets!

Watch the sunset

Our next idea for things to do alone in Miami, is to admire the sunset. Sunsets don’t have to just be for couples in love!

We really love finding a rooftop bar, or a great spot on the beach, and just enjoying those gorgeous views and city vistas.

It’s a great choice for spending time solo in the city, and something relaxing and peaceful too.

Book yourself a pool day

Next on our list of things to do alone in Miami, it’s booking yourself a pool day!

If your hotel has a pool, then you’re pretty sorted already for this suggestion, just take your bathing suit to the pool and enjoy!

If you’re stopping in an AirBnB though, or in a hotel without a pool, it’s always possible to pay a one-off fee to hotels for a pool day pass!

Usually hotels will charge a flat-fee for pool use, and you can stay there all day whilst it’s open to guests.

Take a dip in the Venetian Pool, Coral Gables

Next on our list of things to do alone in Miami, it’s taking a dip in the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables!

This little slice of heaven is located just outside of Miami city center, in the neighborhood of Coral Gables, and it’s such a gorgeous place to visit, especially for solo travelers.

It’s a great choice, but can get a little busy in school holidays! Just so you know!

Take a ‘celebrity homes’ boat tour

Our next suggestion for things to do alone in Miami, is to take a celebrity home boat tour. These are so much fun, and you get to see some astounding properties along the coastline of Miami.

If you didn’t know, some of the world’s most famous names have homes in Miami, off on private islands and coastline.

You can take tours along this coastline, to get glimpses of these famous homes and incredible structures! We really recommend it!

You can book tickets here!

Mingle with the animals at Zoo Miami

If you’re on the hunt for fantastic things to do alone in Miami that will allow you to embrace your wild side (literally!), then you’ll love Zoo Miami.

Not only is this spot committed to supporting global wildlife initiatives, but the tickets are affordable, the animals are well cared for, and it always feels like a successful day out.

It’s one of the most foolproof Miami activities, if you have a few hours to spare!

You can book advance tickets by clicking here!

Spot crocs at the Everglades

A visit to the Everglades is a must if you’re in Florida, and it’s relatively easy to get here from Miami. 

Several incredible tours run from Miami, but this is the one we recommend.

You aren’t always guaranteed to spot crocs, but this is one of the things to do alone in Miami (with a tour guide, of course!) that will have you reconnecting with nature in a flash.

And maybe inject you with a little bit of adrenaline too.

Click here to book advance tickets!

Rent a jetski

Next on our list of things to do alone in Miami, it’s renting a jetski! You can rent a jetski easily through several companies in the city!

Once you’ve learned the ropes, it’s such a fun activity to enjoy alone, and you really to get to see the city from a totally different perspective!

Click here to rent a jetski in Miami with the company we recommend.

Learn something new at the Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

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You may not be a total science geek, but you’ll want to add the Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science to your list of things to do alone in Miami.

It’s an extremely hands-on spot that allows you to learn about the universe, watch an amazing planetarium show, or check out the stunning urban garden that’s perched on the rooftop.

Whatever you choose to do here, this museum continues to be one of the best tourist spots in the city.

Get your kayak on in Virginia Keys

If you’ve always wanted to hit the water on a kayak, then you’re going to love the next spot on our list of things to do alone in Miami. 

Yup – it’s kayaking in Virginia Keys! This spot is just 15 minutes from downtown Miami and is incredibly easy to find. 

Better yet, it’s bursting with unique wildlife (though you should watch out for the jellyfish!) that you may not spot anywhere else.

Although there are a couple of kayaking tours around Miami, we recommend renting a kayak from VKOC and hitting the water with all the gear you’ll need.

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Take a day trip to Key West

Next on our list of things to do alone in Miami, it’s taking a day trip to Key West. If you’ve never been to Key West before, you’ve going to adore it.

It’s a beautiful beachy town, surrounded by stunning palm trees, amazing cafes and lovely little independent stores too.

A day trip is a great idea for sampling the beauty of Key West, and it truly feels like a completely different world to the city center.

It’s a stunning idea for summertime, or if you fancy some sunshine in the winter months too!

You can book tickets for a guided day trip here!

Go to the HistoryMiami Museum

Calling all history buffs! You’ll want to make sure you have your pens ready for the next place on our list!

Yup – it’s HistoryMiami (otherwise known as the amazing museum in Miami that tells the riveting stories of the city’s communities and individuals!).

It boasts a permanent collection of exhibits along with a great guided tour. But if you’re here at the right time, you might catch one of their temporary fixtures!

Check out one of the many bars

This incredible city is known for its incredible nightlife, and that’s why we had to include a spot of barhopping on our list!

From the vibrant local bars like Gramps on NW 24th Street to the bustling old-school bars like Lost Boy, there are so many places that you can explore in this eclectic city.

Although you’ll need to keep your wits about you when the sun goes down, going bar hopping is still one of our favorite things to do alone in Miami.

Just remember to stay safe and have a plan to get back to your hotel.

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Take a helicopter ride

Next up on our list of things to do alone in Miami, it’s taking a helicopter tour over the city!

Now this isn’t for everyone’s budget (it’s pretty expensive!) but if you’re in the city, and you’ve got some disposable cash – then seeing the city from the air is literally breathtaking.

A helicopter over Miami is absolutely amazing, and it’s something you won’t forget anytime soon.

You can book helicopter tickets by clicking here!

Grab a delicious donut at The Salty Donut

We’re always on the hunt for local treats wherever we go, so we just had to include The Salty Donut on our list of things to do alone in Miami.

The filled donuts here are seriously impressive, and you’ll be able to chow down on everything from filled jam delights to savory donuts.

If you’re visiting in the morning, we suggest grabbing a strong cup of Joe and heading over to the Wynwood Walls!

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Learn how to make cigars

If you’re into Cuban culture, then Miami is a great place to learn more. Little Havana especially, has some incredible historic and cultural demonstrations.

For example, next on our list of things to do alone in Miami, is to watch a cigar-making demonstration, or visit one of the many cigar shops.

Go on a Duck Tour

If you’re looking for something touristy and cheesy, you should add a classic Duck Tour to your list.

You may think it’s a bit of a tourist trap, but the South Beach Duck Tours are genuinely great and will take you through the best of Biscayne Bay.

The 90-minute tour is fully narrated, so you’ll pass by attractions and historical hotspots while getting a detailed rundown of each spot’s importance.

It’s easy to see why it’s one of the best things to do in Miami, as the value-for-money is through the roof! Click here to book advance tickets.

Check out Showfields Mall

If you’re planning to shop ‘til you drop while you’re in Florida, then you’ll love the next spot on our list of things to do alone in Miami.

Showfields Mall is among the most impressive shopping areas in Miami and is home to an incredible range of retail stores.

Everything is displayed in a cool and kitsch way, allowing you to go around snapping pictures for your Instagram story (which we totally recommend doing!).

Walk through Rolling Oaks Park

Rolling Oaks Park is one of our all-time favorite things to do alone in Miami, as it lets you take stock, stretch your legs, and appreciate the city’s natural beauty.

The true Miami trifecta, if you will!

There are several walking trails around here and it’s a wonderful place for a picnic or just lounging around with a book for a couple of hours.

Go to the Perez Art Museum

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To round off our list of incredible things to do alone in Miami, we have the Perez Art Museum!

It’s the place to be in the city if you want to see next-level paintings and sculptures. 

Believe it or not, it boasts over 2000 unique pieces of art, making it one of the larger museums in the area.

The museum is dedicated to displaying 20th and 21st-century pieces, so it’s a wonderful place to check out if you’re a fan of contemporary art.

We hope this list of things to do solo in Miami has given you loads of ideas!

There are so many things to do alone in Miami, you’re going to have a great time as a solo traveler!

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