Are you wondering what the Miami weather in December is like? If so, keep reading for everything you need to know.

If you’re planning a trip to Miami this winter, you might be curious about the Miami weather in December, what it’s like, what to expect and if it’s worth visiting!

Hopefully, our guide to Miami weather in December will tell you everything you need to know and give you the lowdown on this amazing city during December, and what kind of weather to expect.

But the good news? Miami is super popular in December, and part of the reason for that is Miami weather in December! So hopefully, you’ll be happy with everything you find out below!

Miami weather in December: The lowdown!

Before we get into Miami weather in December in lots of depth, we thought we’d give you the lowdown first. Basically, we’ve put together a few bullet points below which should give you a brief lowdown on Miami weather in December, what to expect, and what it’s like!

  • Miami weather in December is cooler than average, and it’s one of the mildest months to visit the city.
  • But don’t worry! Just because the weather in Miami in December is cooler than normal, but USA averages it’s still very warm for this time of year!
  • Miami weather in December is pretty balmy, so you can still do plenty of outdoor activities and enjoy the beach.
  • The city tends to be quieter than normal during December (off peak) so it’s a great time to visit to enjoy that balmy Miami weather in December!
  • There are only an average of 7 rainfall days a month in December, so the chances of rain are pretty low.

Miami weather in December: The averages!

Now you know the lowdown of Miami weather in December, let’s talk about the numbers! Temperature averages are a great place to look when you’re trying to get a grasp on Miami weather in December. Below we’ve put together some of the key facts and numbers for Miami weather in December.

  • Miami weather in December (highest average temp): 75°F (24°C)
  • Maimi weather in December (lowest average temp): 63°F (17°C)
  • Sunshine hours per day: 6 hours
  • Average rainy days: 7 days
  • Humidity: Low / moderate

Hopefully, these averages can give you an idea for what to expect from Miami weather in December! Luckily for you, the Miami weather in December is quite predictable, so these averages tend to be very reliable.

Is it humid in Miami in December?

A lot of people visiting Miami in December are curious about humidity, and it’s certainly at the forefront of people’s minds when asking about Miami weather in December. In the spring and summer, Miami is considered quite a humid place to be – but generally, but the time December rolls around, the humidity has lessened considerably.

Miami weather in December tends to be quite dry (there are only an average 7 days of rainfall throughout the month) so humidity tends to be low because of that. Of course, on rainy days the humidity will rise considerably, but generally, the humidity levels stay quite low in December.

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How warm is the sea in Miami in December?

Another question lots of people wondering about Miami weather in December are also curious about… Is the temperature of the sea!

Of course, the beaches are a big draw when visiting Miami, so for many people, they want to ensure they can take a dip in the world-famous beaches too!

Well, it’s good news! If you fancy a dip in Miami in December, the ocean tends to be around 25°C.

This is quite a comfortable swimming temperature for most people, but it’s a good idea to have some warm layers to wrap up in once you get out of the water! As that could be when you feel a chill!

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Does it snow in Miami in December?

Another popular question when asking about Miami weather in December. But we hate to break the bad news to you… But snow is extremely rare in Miami.

It just doesn’t get cold enough, even in December and January. So it’s unlikely you’ll see any snow on your visit to Miami in December.

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Is December a good time to visit Miami?

Now you know more about Miami weather in December, you might be wondering if December is a good time to visit this amazing city! The good news is? We would definitely recommend it!

There are a few reasons why Miami is a great location in December, and the Miami weather in December is only one of them! We’ve listed a few other reasons to visit Miami in December below!

  • December is an off-peak season for Miami, which means cheaper hotel rates and airfares.
  • The temperature isn’t ‘too hot’ meaning it’s much easier to explore the great outdoors!
  • Miami weather in December is mild and pleasant, again, making activities much easier to plan ahead and book.
  • It’s Christmas! Which means Miami is decorated for the festive season! A lovely time to see the city and celebrate!
  • There tend to be less crowds in December than in the summer months.

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Hopefully this guide to Miami weather in December has been helpful!

The weather in Miami in December is surprisingly lovely, and December tends to be a wonderful time to visit this exciting city!

The pleasant Miami weather in December means that you can still enjoy lots of outdoor activities and the many beaches!

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