Are you looking for information about the ‘Inside Burj Al Arab tour’? If so, you’ll find everything you need to know here!

‘Inside Burj Al Arab’ is an exclusive tour, being offered by the world’s only 7* hotel, so you can glimpse behind the curtain and see inside this stunning and groundbreaking hotel.

My husband and I recently took this tour with some of our family, and I wanted to write about our experience on the tour, and whether I think the ticket cost is worth it.

My husband and I, enjoying the views of the Burj al Arab!

The ‘Inside Burj Al Arab tour’ is truly unique, and being granted access to this landmark hotel is a magical and wonderful experience.

I felt that the experience in general was wonderful. It felt really special, and I thought it was amazing to be given a glimpse into the hotel!

If you’re interested in booking the Inside Burj Al Arab tour tickets for yourself, then you’ll find lots of information in this blog post, about what exactly to expect and how the Inside Burj Al Arab tour works.

Inside Burj Al Arab

You may also just be curious about the tour and hotel, and want to look at lots of photos of this amazing hotel – if that sounds like yourself, you’ll find plenty to look at here too!

I took lots of photos, and they’re all here for you to take a look at! So, let’s get into it!

How do you book tickets for ‘Inside Burj Al Arab’?

First up, I thought it’d be useful to explain how to acquire tickets to the Inside Burj Al Arab tour.

It’s pretty simple, tickets are available through their website:

You’ll pick a time slot, and then you turn up to the meeting location (not the Burj Al Arab itself) at the selected time period to enjoy the Inside Burj Al Arab tour.

My husband and I, at the start of our Burj al Arab tour.

How long does the tour last and what does it cost?

Because of the fluidity of the tour, the length can vary. On average though, they recommend setting aside 1.5 – 2 hours for the Inside Burj Al Arab tour.

Then of course, when booking tickets, if you opt for extras (such as eating at the restaurant at the end of the tour) you may want to add even more time.

I recommend visiting the Inside Burj Al Arab tour at sunset!

Price-wise, these were the prices at the time of writing (Jan 2023):

  • Inside Burj Al Arab shared tour: AED 249 per ticket
  • Inside Burj Al Arab private tour: AED 4999 per group of 4

Are there any rules you should know about?

Yes, there are a few. It’s worth knowing the following:

  • No flash photography or professional cameras are permitted.
  • No photographs are allowed in the lower lobby area.
  • Dress to impress! Smart/casual attire is recommended. Beachwear is not allowed.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your tour departure time.

Tip: Don’t wear high heels. There is quite a lot of walking involved – so I would wear comfortable but smart footwear.

Where does the tour start?

You’ll need to arrive at the tour headquarters, which isn’t actually located inside the Burj Al Arab.

Instead, you’ll head to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel (right next door). They have constructed a new ‘tour lobby’, and this is where you’ll check-in for your Inside Burj Al Arab tour, and wait in a (very posh!) waiting room for your group to depart.

It’s all very easy and straightforward, so don’t worry!

The waiting room is spacious, very nicely appointed, and has plenty of seats to sit on whilst you wait for your group to depart.

Then, once you’re all ready to go, you’ll board one of the ‘Inside Burj Al Arab’ golf buggies, and drive over the famous Burj Al Arab bridge, to enter the hotel through a private tour entrance.

Tour groups vary in size but expect there to be between 6 – 12 people per group.

The little golf buggy that will take you across to the Burj Al Arab.

What is the format of the tour?

You’ll arrive via golf buggy at the Burj Al Arab, and you’ll enter into the hotel through a private entrance (exclusively used by the Inside Burj Al Arab tour).

Once you’ve all arrived, you’ll be offered refreshments, a chance to use the toilet, and a brief introduction.

You’ll then be walked through the hotel lobby (a great chance to see the amazing atrium from inside) and up into an exclusive elevator, which will take you right to the top of this magnificent structure.

And don’t worry, you’ll have several photo opportunities along the way!

You’ll start your tour in a converted hotel suite, which you can explore at your leisure. It’s a mini-museum, showing the growth of the Burj Al Arab, how it is used, and various unique features about the hotel itself.

For example, did you know they have a turtle rescue centre?

Once you’ve enjoyed the museum part of the tour (it takes about 15-20 minutes to walk through), you’ll be invited to walk through the Royal Suite.

This Suite is no longer used by guests, but it has had many famous guests in the past, such as Nelson Mandela, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Kim Kardashian.

You’ll get to tour the suite at your own pace, accompanied by a dedicated butler, room by room, taking in all the splendor and majesty.

Your butler knows everything you could possibly need to ask about, and he’s always there to provide any extra information should you need it. They’re super knowledgeable, it’s so impressive!

The Royal Suite tour is truly where the Inside Burj Al Arab tour comes alive.

It’s absolutely fascinating to see the opulent rooms, and see the 7* luxury that has made the Burj Al Arab so famous.

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What does the Royal Suite look like?

It’s everything you expect it to be.

As colourful, amazing, luxurious, spacious… You name it.

Being able to tour all of the rooms, and explore them at your own pace, is such a unique and special opportunity. It’s why the ‘Inside Burj Al Arab’ tour is really worth doing.

We’ll share some photos below for you to enjoy!

Let’s start with the living and lounge area…

The lounge area is one of the most spacious areas of the Royal Suite. It comprises of 3 different areas, which are all connected.

The colourful decor might seem a little ‘garish’ but it’s actually quite astounding how relaxing and cohesive it all feels when you’re in there.

The fabrics and textures are (as you’d imagine) beautiful. Only the plushest pillows and cushions will suffice here!

As you can see, the carpets make up a huge design feature of the rooms. It’s something you’ll notice as you walk through, that each carpet has been designed and put together to match the theming perfectly.

Here’s a little close-up of one of the carpets I loved!

Next, onto the staircase and lobby…

Each suite in the Burj Al Arach spans across two floors, which makes for this wonderful entrance space and lobby.

The entrance hall really does make an impact when you enter the room, and it feels extremely palatial.

I also get ‘Beauty and the Beast’ vibes from the two-sided staircase, which gives you such a fairytale feel!

Inside Burj Al Arab

Now onto the Bedrooms…

There are two main bedrooms in the Royal Suite.

The first is the ‘Queen’s room’ – designed for female guest, and decked head to toe in pink details. Apparently the colour scheme was inspired by Brighton Rock candy.

The Queen Room is softer and arguably more feminine than the ‘King’s Room’ which is located across the hall.

The Queen’s Room is also bigger than the King’s! With added space for entertaining (which you can see below).

Entertaining space in the Queen’s Room.
The Queen’s bed

Across the hallway from the Queen’s room, is (you guessed it) the King’s Room.

The room has a darker, moodier vibe to the decor. With lots of red, black and gold. You’ll see in the photos how different the rooms feel to each other.

An interesting feature in the King’s Room was certainly the rotating bed!

Now let’s look at the ensuite bathrooms…

Each bedroom has its own amazing ensuite bathroom. Each with a huge tub, and gold tiled showers.

The bathrooms are gigantic and ooze luxury (and comfort).

You’ll find Hermes bathroom products scattered around the room too – another luxurious touch!

And finally, the dining room and study

What hotel suite would be complete without a huge dining room and a separate study / office?

As you can see, the finishing touches to this amazing hotel suite are just as luxurious as the other rooms!

It’s difficult to explain the scale of these dining chairs too – they almost made me feel like Alice in Wonderland when she shrinks!

Another lovely feature of this dining room was the sky-painting ceiling too, it adds a real lightness and ethereal nature to the room.

Oh, and let’s talk about the view!

As you can imagine, the view is simply stunning from the hotel. You’re so high up once you’re inside the Burj Al Arab, and you get a wonderfully panoramic view of the Dubai skyline.

You can see the entire city, stretching from the Burj Kalifa and Downtown, to the Marina.

What happens after the tour?

Once you’ve finished your Inside Burj Al Arab tour of the Royal Suite, you can then either leave and finish your experience or enjoy a drink and food at the Inside Burj Al Arab tour restaurant.

There’s also a shop on the way out called the ‘Burj Al Arab Boutique’ if you want to grab any souvenirs or mementos of your day.

We opted to enjoy some pizza and cocktails at the tour restaurant, which is a lovely outdoor setting, overlooking Dubai Marina and the sunset.

The drinks were wonderful (cocktails and mocktails) and the food was delicious. It was a great way to end our Inside Burj Al Arab tour.

Would I recommend the Inside Burj Al Arab tour?

Absolutely. Everyone in our group enjoyed the tour and the experience of glimpsing behind the curtain of this luxurious hotel.

We learnt a lot about the history of the Burj Al Arab, but we also enjoyed just experiencing the decor and the hotel and seeing such a magnificent space.

If you’re the curious type, then I can almost guarantee you’re going to enjoy the Inside Burj Al Arab tour as much as we did.

I highly recommend!

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Let us know if you end up visiting the Inside Burj Al Arab tour!

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