If you’re looking for an in-depth review of The Address Downtown, in Dubai, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Address Downtown is located right by the Dubai Mall, and it remains one of our favorite luxury hotels in Dubai.

In our review of The Address Downtown, we’ll talk about the hotel, the room, the amazing views, and the incredible pool area too.

This hotel has so many beautiful features and amenities, and we’ll discuss all of them here.

Also worth mentioning, we’ve stopped at this hotel several times now, because we LOVE it. We have paid for it ourselves each time. I know a lot of reviews online are often gifted or part of a gifted trip – but that isn’t the case here.

First off, let’s look at the room styling!

If you’re looking for a review of The Address Downtown, then the first thing you’ll want to know about are the rooms.

The room styling is simple, chic and neutral. For me, that’s exactly how I like it.

The room oozes understated luxury. The colors aren’t overpowering, the textures are high-end, and the bed is fantastically comfortable.

I adore the styling of the rooms at The Address Downtown, and the bedrooms are beautifully put together. The bed is huge, and extremely comfortable, and the pillows are soft and plump. You can also request firmer pillows from the housekeeping staff too – which I always do.

You have a large television opposite the bed, a small seating area (which is larger is room on the lower floors – so ask for a lower floor is you want more space and less view), and a balcony.

Another thing worth mentioning about the room is the tech aspect to it. You’ll get a tablet in your room, where you can easily make bookings and see menus for the hotel’s restaurants, etc.

Room space Vs Room view

One thing that’s worth mentioning here, is the ‘space vs view’ debate.

We’ve stayed in this hotel multiple times, and we’ve noticed that (because of the sloped design of the building) the lower floors have more spacious bedrooms, and bigger balconies, than the higher rooms.

The room pictured below is from a previous trip on the 7th floor, and you’ll notice how much more space there is.

The Address Downtown Hotel premium fountain view room

However, you’ll need to toss up the extra space, and the views. Because although the room is smaller on the higher floors (the first photos in this post are from floor 13), you get a MUCH better view of the fountains.

If you have a preference, just mention it when you check-in. And they’ll try to find you a room on your preferred floor.

The main focus leads to a balcony and beautiful view, whichever room you choose!

Whichever room you choose (as long as it’s a fountain-view room) all your attention will be on that beautiful view.

Which leads us to our first tip…

Our first tip, when booking, is to book yourself a ‘fountain view room’. The other rooms are also great, but having the uninterrupted views of the Dubai Fountains, really adds something extra special to your vacation.

The view from The Address Downtown is truly beautiful, and it’s such an amazing outlook to enjoy every day.

Sitting on your balcony in the evening, and enjoying the fountains – will be one of the best bits of your trip. Trust me!
Another look at the view. This was from our room on the 13th floor.
The evening view is just as magical as the daytime view!

What about the bathroom?

The bathroom is a one of the best parts of the room. It’s the bathroom of dreams!

You’ll find an overhead rainfall shower, twin sinks, a huge bathtub, and a separate toilet room too. The lighting is great, and the little amenities that are provided are also really high quality.

The Address Downtown Hotel bathroom photos

As you can see, no expense is spared in the bathroom area, it’s simply beautiful.

The marble walls and flooring ooze luxury, and the beautiful plush robes and plentiful towels all add to the homely and comforting experience.

Don’t forget the dressing area…

The bathroom also leads to a dressing area and wardrobe, which is completely separate from the bedroom area.

This is one of the details I really appreciate, as it keeps the clutter and mess out of the bedroom itself – and means the rooms has a tidy and relaxed vibe to it.

The Address Downtown Hotel dressing roomThe Address Downtown Hotel dressing room

Alongside the dressing table, you also have the wardrobe compartments, with plenty of shelf space and hangers. And a mini bar fridge, a coffee machine, and several other lovely details.

One of the nicest things about the dressing area is actually the Dyson hairdryer. So much better than a standard hairdryer!

What about the pool facilities at The Address Downtown?

One of the main reason to stay at The Address Downtown, is its amazing swimming pool.

As someone who has stopped at over 15 hotels in Dubai, I can say wholeheartedly, that this is simply the best hotel pool there is.

This is the view of the pool from our room. You can see the scale and size of it quite well from up there!

The pool has an incredible view of the Burj Kalifa, the beds are comfortable and plentiful, the pool menu is fantastic (try the sushi!), and the pool staff are attentive and friendly.

There are also several different parts to the pool, including deeper sections, longer sections, shallow areas and shaded areas too.

Another detail I appreciate? Each set of sun loungers has its own umbrellas – so you’re completely in control of how much (or how little) shade you want.

In terms of space and lounger availability, it depends on the time of day and the season you’re visiting.

Some days when we’ve visited, the pool has been very quiet and empty – others it has been super busy (with no beds left by 1pm). So it just depends.

I think it’d be beneficial for them to add a few more in peak hours, and it’s probably my only criticism of the hotel.

One of the shaded, shallow areas – is great for children.

How is the location?

The location of The Address Downtown is simply wonderful.

You have direct access to the Dubai Mall via a pleasant footbridge (pictured below), and you’ll find so many amazing things to do inside the Dubai Mall. You’ll also find lots of restaurants in the mall too – so it’s very convenient.

It literally takes 2 minutes to walk across the bridge, so you have plenty of activities and restaurants right at your fingertips.

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You don’t have a beach nearby when stopping in Downtown Dubai, but this might not be a deal-break for those who prefer a pool over a beach.

Whilst you don’t have beach access, you do have access to one of the best pools in Dubai – so for me anyway – that’s a pretty fair trade.

If you do get the itch for a beach day during your holiday, lots of beachside hotels offer day passes for a small fee, so that can always be an option for you

Overall verdict…

Look, we adore this hotel.

It will always be our first choice when visiting Dubai, because it offers everything we need.

The pool area is spacious, calming, beautiful and relaxing. The location of the hotel is ideal for us, with all the amenities and activities of the Dubai within walking distance.

The hotel itself is stunningly finished, the staff are wonderful, and the rooms offer up the best view of the most iconic buildings in the world!

10/10 highly recommend!

The extra stuff

There are some great bars and restaurants within the hotel, so it’s easy to have a glamorous night out without evening leaving the hotel.

Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai
The Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai review

Most notably, you’ll find Neo’s Lounge, which is a little more glamorous and ‘nightlife’ focussed, right at the top of the hotel.

They have a DJ, cocktails and amazing views. So it’s a great location for a Friday or Saturday night.

The view from Neo’s

Hopefully this review of The Address Downtown has been helpful!

Let me know if you’ve got any questions about stopping at The Address Downtown – I’ll answer what I can! The Address Downtown is a beautiful hotel in the heart of Dubai (a city I absolutely love), and it’s a perfect choice when visiting.

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