Are you looking for the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando? If so, keep reading!

I love Orlando in the fall. The themeparks are ‘themed’ to the max with gorgeous autumn decor – and you’ll find all those cozy fall-inspired menus everywhere too!

One thing worth knowing ahead of time though – is that Orlando is always busy around Thanksgiving. So sorting your plans and dining options for those key holiday dates is crucial.

If there’s one piece of advice I can give you, it is to get your Thanksgiving plans secured nice and early!

I’ve created this list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando so you can quickly get a look over the available options, and see where you might want to spend your Thanksgiving dinner celebration.

I’ve included lots of different choices on this list… From classic Thanksgiving fare, to slightly more unconventional choices. So hopefully you’ll be able to find the right location for your group.

Top tip! Because it’s so busy in Orlando during Thanksgiving – make sure you book ahead!

Map of restaurants (just to be extra helpful!)

Here’s a map of all the restaurants mentioned on this list, so you can see which are closest to you (or your hotel).

Please remember – most of these restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando will be booked up fast, so booking ahead is always a smart idea.

That doesn’t mean walk-in places aren’t possible, but if you’re a big group, I’d always recommend booking your place if you can.

Please note: Things are always subject to change, especially in hospitality. I’m only human, and sometimes restaurants can change their opening times / days. Please always double-check directly with the restaurant, in case their hours or menu has changed since the time of writing.

The Ritz Carlton: Highball and Harvest

If you’re looking for a fabulous choice of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando, then you’ve got to consider the Highball and Harvest restaurant.

With delicious classics in an amazing setting, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for the most beautiful restaurant open on Thanksgiving.

Join Highball and Harvest for their southern-inspired Thanksgiving favorites like Cheerwine Glazed Bone-in Ham, Sage Butter Roasted Turkey, and Horseradish & Thyme Crusted Prime Rib.

Sounds pretty incredible right? Our mouths are watering already!

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Canvas Restaurant & Market and Chroma Modern Bar and Kitchen

Serving up classic roast turkey, potatoes for days, and the best brioche stuffing in the state, Canvas is one of the best choices for Thanksgiving dinner in Orlando.

Seriously, you really can’t go wrong if you choose to book in here.

Again, though it is on the pricier side (it comes in at $175 per meal), it’s so packed with delicious flavor and care that we’re willing to forgive the price tag!

We must warm you that you’ll need to place your order a few days prior to Thanksgiving for guaranteed pickup.

Although you won’t be able to dine in on the day, you’ll get an incredible feast that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

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The Capital Grille

Not only is The Capital Grille one of the finest restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando, but it’s in a prime location too.

Right in the middle of International Drive, this restaurant is perfectly located for families spending the holiday season at Disney World.

As it’s only fifteen minutes from the House of Mouse, this is an ideal choice for Thanksgiving away from your hotel room. 

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The steaks here tend to be grilled to perfection and topped with the most delectable sauces.

So, be sure to arrive with a hearty appetite and plenty of cash – trust us, you’ll need both to fully enjoy your evening at The Capital Grille. 

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Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando

My next suggestion is heading to the Hard Rock Hotel for your Thanksgiving dinner in Orlando.

This is a classic Orlando hotel, and on Thanksgiving, their restaurant The Kitchen, serves up an epic Thanksgiving family-style feast.

You can book from 11 am – 10 pm, and sit down to devour this delicious Thanksgiving feast. It’s such a great choice!

This is the place I would reocmmend above others for families and large groups. You’re going to find something to please everbody here – which makes it ideal.

There’s even a live acoustic guitarist to keep you entertained and add even more to the atmosphere. Which I love! It makes the whole experience feel extra festive.

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Eddie V’s

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have the perfect Thanksgiving meal in Orlando this year!

Eddie V’s is one of the restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando, and it serves up an incredible feast for just $43 per person.

When you compare this to some of the other options available in the city, it’s a steal!

If you prefer to enjoy your turkey at home, then you can also order Eddie V’s special at-home Thanksgiving feast.

Coming in at approximate $235 for 6, it’s still an affordable option that should keep the entire family full and satisfied.

If you want to go for this option, then you’ll need to arrange a time to pick it up.

This is usually a couple of days before Thanksgiving, so give them a buzz and they’ll be more than happy to accommodate you!

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A dine-in feast is on offer at Maggiano’s for those who are lucky enough to snag a seat!

As one of the restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando, this glorious little gem always sees large crowds on turkey day.

For under $40 per adult, you’ll enjoy a full three-course meal complete with traditional

Thanksgiving favorites. If the dine-in option doesn’t quite float your boat, then feel free to opt for their takeout package.

Coming in at just under $180 for a family of 4 or 5, it’s the perfect option for a low-cost, high-reward Thanksgiving feast.

Although you’ll certainly find turkey, potatoes, and stuffing in your hamper, you’ll also find Italian dishes like meatballs, ravioli, and gorgeous baked bread too!

If you’re looking for something slightly different this year, then this is one that you need to check out.  

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Bahama Breeze

Families looking for a high-class Thanksgiving experience will appreciate Bahama Breeze.

Known for their delectable food and awesome music, this is one of the more relaxed restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando.

Because of the atmosphere in here, we’d recommend this spot for couples over families with children.

Kids are certainly welcome at Bahama Breeze, but the premier food makes it perhaps a bit ill-suited to kiddos. 

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Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House isn’t just any steak house.

This incredible spot located on International Drive is one of the most incredible restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando, and it tends to see swathes of visitors each year from the main Florida theme parks.

Although the food here is fancy enough, you won’t be paying premium prices.

You’ll find takes on traditional dishes such as the citrus turkey with apple stuffing at Del Frisco’s, but you’ll also find classic dishes on the prix-fixe menu too. 

Now, if you’re looking to switch up your Thanksgiving dinner, then this place also gives you free reign over their a la carte menu.

So, whether you fancy turkey, steak, or a mixture of both, this one has it all.

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Rosen Plaza

Next on my list of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando, it’s Rosen Plaza.

If you’re into your buffets, then this is the restaurant for you!

These guys serve up a deliciously indulgent Thanksgiving buffet, with all your Thanksgiving favorites, and some things you won’t be expecting too!

Buffets are so much fun, especially if you’re not into the traditional sit-down family-style dinner.

At their Thanksgiving buffet, you can enjoy an array of delicious delights, which are all expertly prepared by their specialist chefs.

You’ll find gorgeous dishes such as pesto crusted turkey breast, Dijon and brown sugar glazed pork loin, Filipino beef salpicao, and (of course) a decadent cake and pie selection too.

Tip: This place is a real people-pleaser, and it’d be a fantastic option for families with varying expectations. For example if some people want something traditional, but others want something quirky or different – this is ideal. Because it caters to both!

It’s also a great choice for picky-eaters or kids too – because they can choose their own food!

Fogo de Chao

It may not be one of the more traditional restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando, but it sure is a tasty one.

Fogo de Chao serves up some of the most delectable meats in the city, and frankly, we just can’t get enough of it.

Waiters tend to come around to tables and serve hungry diners straight from meat skewers. It’s truly a sight to behold, believe us! 

The Thanksgiving feast at this restaurant focuses on fire-roasted meats.

Although you will find turkey (of course!), you’ll also be treated to Brazilian sausage, side dishes, and several desserts too.

If you’ve ever wanted to switch things up, then give this place a chance.

Cracker Barrel

Next on my list of the top restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando, it’s Cracker Barrel.

On Thanksgiving, these guys are open for their normal business hours, but the Thanksgiving meals will start at 11am.

There are two delicious options here for a Thanksgiving feast…

There’s the ‘The Thanksgiving Heat N’ Serve Feast’ which serves a huge party of 8-10 people (!), or there’s ‘The Family Dinner package’ which serves a more modest 4-6 people.

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These choices mean that this is a great option for big groups and big families, and means everyone gets to have some delicious turkey,gravy, ham, mash, and all the other good stuff.

It’s a really great choice for restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando.

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Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

Another one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando is Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar.

As you might expect, this place isn’t the one to visit if you’re after a full turkey dinner.

However, you will be able to sample their full a la carte menu which we think is just as satisfying.

Serving up juicy, tender steaks and some of the best wine and cocktails in the Sunshine State, we feel as though you won’t miss that traditional bird one bit. 

This restaurant is in Winter Park, so is ideal for tourists looking for a delicious pitstop during their special day.

Just be sure to book in advance if you want to dine in at this restaurant.

Ravello at the Four Seasons

If you don’t want to be confined to a prix-fixe menu, then one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving to suit your needs is going to be Ravello.

These guys offer guests a full-on buffet, which basically gives you unlimited choices.

With everything from ravioli to charcuterie on offer, you’re sure to leave with a full belly and a broad smile.

Be sure to save some room for dessert though!

The immense platter of desserts here features pumpkin pie, tiramisu, and several other incredible offerings.

At $115 per adult, we reckon this restaurant open on Thanksgiving in Orlando gives you great bang for your buck!

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Ruth’s Chris Steak House

  • Website:
  • Address:  7501 W Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819, Estados Unidos
  • Phone:   +1 407-226-3900
  • Type of cuisine: Steak restaurant
  • Price guide: Individually priced items.

Another great option for Thanksgiving, is Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

You’ll be able to eat a delicious three-course Thanksgiving dinner here, which will definitely fill you up and keep you satisfied!

Their Thanksgiving dinner includes all the good stuff, and everything you’d expect… Such as turkey breast, gravy, stuffing, relish, and a choice of different sides too.

Thanksgiving Day Meal Special in Bayliner Diner

Next up on my list of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Orlando, it’s Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort. This is certainly one of the best and most affordable options!

These guys serve up an amazing Thanksgiving day meal each year, and if you want something a little different (and in a great location) then this could be the right choice for you.

As you step into this inviting resort, you are greeted by a lively holiday atmosphere, with fall-themed decorations adorning the lobby and communal areas.

The dining at Cabana Bay Beach Resort totally caters to traditional holiday cravings, ensuring a delicious feast to celebrate and give thanks.

Thanksgiving Day Buffet in Trattoria del Porto

The Thanksgiving Day Buffet in Trattoria del Porto is a great option for people who want a cross between the traditonal Thanksgiving feast, and Italian fare.

This culinary event takes the essence of traditional Thanksgiving feasting and infuses it with the renowned flavors of Italian cuisine.

Guests are treated to a lavish spread featuring succulent roasted turkey, savory stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes, and an array of delectable Italian dishes too (of course).

The festive ambiance at Trattoria del Porto in Orlando is nothing short of magical, with the restaurant adorned in autumnal decor, creating a warm and inviting setting for the special occasion.

Islands Dining Room

There is so much delicious food on offer at the Islands Dining Room Thanksgiving buffet.

The culinary team at this tropical-themed restaurant crafts a feast that melds traditional Thanksgiving flavors with a touch of island-inspired culinary flair.

Guests can indulge in a delightful array of dishes, including roasted turkey, pineapple-glazed ham, seafood delights, tropical salads, and an impressive dessert spread.

You can view the whole food selection here! I guarentee you’ll find somethign you liek the sound of!

The ambiance at the Islands Dining Room during this special event is enchanting, and the whole place is decorated with a blend of autumnal and tropical decor.

It’s a memorable and festive dining experience that captures the essence of both Thanksgiving and the allure of island cuisine.

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Amatista Cookhouse at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort

Amatista Cookhouse at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando hosts an unforgettable Thanksgiving buffet and I think it’s a wonderful choice for a festive Thanksgiving buffet in the city.

With a fusion of Caribbean and traditional Thanksgiving flavors, this buffet is fun, unique and so deliicous! Obviously, this place is a really popular dining spot (so booking ahead is confirmed).

They offer a lavish spread featuring classic Thanksgiving staples like roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, and savory stuffing alongside Caribbean-influenced delights such as jerk-spiced dishes, plantains, and tropical fruit salads.

The ambiance at Amatista Cookhouse is an enticing blend of tropical elegance and holiday warmth.

Guests are immersed in an inviting setting, adorned with autumnal decor and hints of Caribbean charm, creating a festive and relaxing atmosphere.

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