How to take a picture in Times Square

January 16, 2020

Are you looking for tips on how to take a picture in Times Square? Look no further!

I love NYC, it’s one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in the world. There’s nowhere else quite like it. NYC is always changing and always evolving – and it’s a photographer’s dream location! If you’re looking for tips on how to take a picture in Times Square, hopefully this blog post will give you some great ideas, so you can capture the perfect shot!

Tip 1: Stand your ground

It’s really busy in Times Square, and during really busy hours, it can be a bit intimidating trying to stand your ground to get a great shot. But don’t let people push you around, if you want that perfect shot, you have to stand your ground. People in NYC are used to others taking photos, so don’t feel silly posing for your photo, or getting the perfect angle!

Tip 2: Visit in different weather!

Next on my list of tips for how to take a picture in Times Square, is to consider the weather! If you’re in NYC for a few days or longer, chances are you’ll experience a few types of weather. If you want a variety of photos, then visiting Times Square in different weather conditions is a great idea. You’ll get lots of photos, and the area can look totally different in the sunshine, compared to the rain. Personally – my favourite time to photograph Times Square is during a rainy day – because all the billboards reflect on the ground – it’s magical!

how to take a picture in Times Square nyc 2020

Tip 3: Visit at different times of day

Make sure you go to Times Square in the daytime and during the evening once the sun has gone down. Times Square looks totally different at night, and it’s really when you get the full effect! So make sure you visit at both times of day!

Tip 4: Turn off your flash!

My next tip for how to take a picture in Times Square… You don’t need to use flash in Times Square because the billboards provide so much light and colour! So turn it off! If anything will ruin your photos of Times Square, it’s having the flash on!

Tip 5: Try a slower shutter speed

If you want to capture the busyness and movement of Times Square, then use a slower shutter speed on your camera. It’s a great trick for getting that ‘blurry’ effect on people passing by – and it really captures how crowded and chaotic the square is.

how to take a picture in Times Square nyc

Tip 6: Buy a wide-angle lens!

Times Square is huge, and it’s tall – and the only way to fit it all in (realistically) is to use a wide angle lens. If you already have one, make sure to pack it in your bag when you visit Times Square. If you’re using a phone camera, you can actually purchase pretty cheap ‘clip-on’ lenses for your phone, which turn a normal phone camera into a wide angle. They work great and this is a great tip for how to take a picture in Times Square!

how to take a picture in Times Square nyc 2020

Tip 7: Capture the chaos

If it’s really busy and crowded the day you visit (let’s face it, it is most days!) then embrace the chaos and capture the crowds. Sometimes the most interesting images are the ones that portray the scene honestly, not perfectly. Times Square is messy, chaotic and manic – so a photograph that captures that is a always interesting.

how to take a picture in Times Square 2020

Tip 7: Use the road

As long as you’re responsible, this is a great tip for how to take a picture in Times Square! Use the zebra crossings as amazing opportunities to capture a slightly different angle. You’ll also get a chance when crossing the road to capture shots with slightly less people in – which is handy! Just make sure you’re paying attention to the lights and you don’t overstay your welcome in the middle of the road for too long!

time square photography tips

Tip 8: Use the red steps

There are some red steps at one end of Times Square, people use them to sit on and to climb up for a better view of Times Square. If you want a shot from a slightly higher angle, this is the place to head to. You’ll be able to get above the crowds and get a slightly better photo.

Tip 9: Look for props!

Look out for props that might make your photos of Times Square more interesting. I always like including taxis or police cars in the foreground of my shots – because they add a bit of context and make the photos a bit more interesting.

Top tip!

I hope you’ve found these tips on how to take a picture in Times Square useful! If you love photography and are visiting NYC, I would highly recommend this 3 hour photography course. It’s a great way to explore the city and also have an expert show you all the iconic photography spots in the city. You’ll be shown all the best photography locations and even given advice on how to capture the perfect photo!


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