Are you looking to explore the most scenic towns and villages near London? If so, this list will give you some much needed inspiration.

If you’re tired of the constant noise that comes with living in London, then you might be looking to get some respite! 

There are so many beautiful scenic towns and villages near London to look into – so take a read… Looking for scenic places near London has never been easier!

Whether you fancy a short weekend away or a full-blown holiday, we’ve created a great list of our favorite scenic towns and villages to visit near London that may help you to plan that much-needed escape. 

So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the best scenic towns and villages near London and most scenic places near London to visit… when you’re looking for some peace and quiet!

There are some nice towns near London that are just waiting to be discovered.

Alfriston, East Sussex

One of our favorite scenic villages near London and scenic places near London, is Alfriston, East Sussex. Alfriston is perfect for avid walkers, with plenty of fantastic routes to take that will show you the best of the area.

If you travel here, be sure to check out the fourteenth-century thatched Clergy House. It’s a stunning little attraction that’s well worth a visit.

Located only 50 miles from London, you won’t need to travel for long to reach this hidden gem. This is a really nice towns near London that I think you’ll love.

Lavenham, Suffolk

If you’re looking to visit a picture-perfect village near London, then you’ll want to consider Lavenham, Suffolk.

It’s definitely one of the best scenic places near London. With a great medieval vibe, this is an ideal getaway spot for both history lovers and those who adore that old-timey feel.

The streets here are completely lined with bright buildings, and some are even built on slight slants which makes for interesting viewing!

Oh, and you might even recognize De Vere House which made an appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Potterheads, unite.

This is such a gorgeous option on this list of scenic villages near London and if you’re looking for nice towns near London that feel cosy and cute – this is it!

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Rye, Sussex

Rye is one of the most scenic towns near London that you can visit time and time again.

If you’re looking to get away from London’s metropolitanism, then Rye is sure to be the perfect solution for you! When it comes to nice towns near London, Rye is always a great choice.

With quaint little side streets, cobbled walkways, and a general mythical vibe to it, you’re sure to have a wonderful time mooching around in Rye. 

Deal, Kent

Next on my list of scenic places near London, it’s Deal. Just under an hour and a half’s train journey from London is Deal in Kent, and that’s next on my list of villages near London.

This scenic village is the perfect getaway from London’s hustle and bustle and it really does feel like stepping back in time.

Though it’s a quiet spot, there is still plenty to do here! From lovely little shops to stunning restaurants and cafes, this is a lovely village that you should certainly add to your weekend getaway list. 

This is definitely one of the best nice towns near London, and I think you’ll love exploring it.

Broadstairs, Kent

When making a list of pretty towns near London, I had to include Broadstairs in Kent! If you’re looking for sand and sea, then this scenic town in Kent is an excellent choice.

Not only does the coast make this place a big draw, but there are plenty of restaurants and shops to tempt you in too! Make sure you hit the famous ice cream parlour Morelli’s while you’re in town.

Founded in 1932, this place does the best ice cream in Kent – trust us. This is a classic choice for nice towns near London, and it’s on the beach too!

Shere, Surrey

If you’re looking for nice towns near London, this next place should tick some boxes! Shere is a favorite amongst those looking for scenic villages near London.

Offering everything from a stunning church to cute cottages, it’s a spot that remains extremely well-visited for a reason.

Tourists absolutely adore the village tea rooms, and if you fancy a heavy night out, there are a few traditional pubs that you can stop by too! It’s such a nice town near London!

Keep a weather eye out to spot some famous movie spots. As scenes from The Holiday, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Bridget Jones were all filmed in Shere, you’re sure to feel like you’re in a bonafide Hollywood movie. This is such a gorgeous and scenic villages near London.

Hastings, Sussex

If you love Brighton but don’t fancy the lively crowds and busy streets – then Hastings is a great option for pretty towns near London!

Home to galleries and tons of independent shops, Hastings is a great place to visit for the day, and a wonderful choice for scenic places near London.

If you’re looking for nice towns near London that are along the coast, Hastings is a lovely choice. Oh, and you’ll probably be familiar with its famous castle too!

Whether you only know about Hastings from that famous advert (think 0800-00 British readers) or have always wanted to bulk up your historical knowledge, Hastings is a must-visit spot near London that you shouldn’t miss. 

This is definitely one of the most scenic towns near London.

Eastbourne, Sussex

When looking for scenic places near London… Another wonderful scenic seaside town near London is Eastbourne. Though this spot is most famous for its beaches and rivers, there is much more to the area than meets the eye.

With a whole host of great hikes and easy access to the South Downs National Park, Eastbourne is a great place to visit for nature lovers too!

This is definitely a favourite amongst locals and this scenic towns near London is always top of the list! When it comes to nice towns near London, this place is really pretty!

Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex

Next on my list of scenic towns near London, it’s Bexhill-on-sea. If you’re a Bob Marley fan, then you absolutely want to add Bexhill-on-Sea to your list of scenic towns to visit near London.

If you didn’t know, Bob Marley performed his first ever UK gig here at De La Warr Pavilion. Cool, right?

Aside from its musical history, the general area is stunning and located close enough to London that it’s easy to reach, but far away enough that you feel you’ve had a proper break when you leave. 

This is one of my favourite nice towns near London, especially when I’m craving the ocean!

Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

Another great choice for scenic towns near London that we recommend visiting is Clacton-on-Sea.

Though it isn’t nearly as popular as it was in the 60s, it’s still got a great amusement park, historic theatres, gorgeous seaside walks, and plenty of charm! This is a gorgeous choice for scenic places near london.

So, even though it’s not the booming tourist spot it once was, Clacton-on-Sea is the perfect sleepy seaside town for Londoners that are after a bit of sand and sea. It’s a great choice for pretty towns near London.

Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex

If you want to feel as though you’re properly in the countryside without straying too far from London, then be sure to consider paying Walton-on-the-Naze a visit. It’s a great option for pretty towns near London.

With plenty of greenery and a great beachfront, this town is Essex is truly stunning. Be sure to head to the Tower at the Naze for amazing panoramic views of the Essex countryside – trust us, it’s worth the trek. 

Finchingfield, Essex

Next on my list of nice villages near London, it’s Finchingfield in Essex. Another great option for scenic places near london is a country town that’s located near London – called Finchingfield. For a change of scenery, this small town is perfect.

With plenty of luscious greenery and charming cottages, Finchingfield is quintessential Englishness at its best. Simply pop into one of the many local cafes for a cuppa and enjoy watching the world go by. 

Castle Hedingham, Essex

Located in Northern Essex, this wonderful pretty village near London is home to the stunning Hedingham Castle (as you may have guessed!).

However, it’s not just the castle that makes this place a popular village to visit near London. Packed full of cottages and old-fashioned houses, it’s a fantastic spot in which to saunter through on a relaxed afternoon.  

Great Missenden, Bucks

Next on my list of scenic places near London, it’s Great Missenden. If you’re a Roald Dahl fan, then you might want to consider visiting the village that he lived in for 36 years!

Great Missenden is home to some great Roald Dahl history, and on top of that, it also offers visitors some lovely scenery. Think old-fashioned cottages, quaint country roads, and the like! This is a lovely choice for pretty towns and villages near London. This is such a lovely option when looking for nice towns near London!


How could I write a list of nice towns near London, and not mention Windsor? Windsor has to be one of the prettiest towns near London, it’s got so much on offer and it’s so pretty!

With the beautiful castle being the main attraction to see – there’s also churches, beautiful houses, an amazing river, a highstreet for shopping – and much more!

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things to do in windsor

Cookham, Berkshire

If you’re looking for historic villages near London, then look no further than Cookham, Berkshire. Located just over an hour from London on the train, it’s extremely easy to get to.

With its wonderful mix of shops, cafes, and traditional pubs, it’s a village that will bring you back to the heart of what England is all about. You might be interested to know that the famous 20th-century British painter Stanley Spencer lived here, and he loved the place so much that he nicknamed Cookham ‘village in Heaven’. If it’s good enough for him, it should be good enough for you too! It’s such a great choice for scenic places near London!

We hope that our list of scenic places near London has been useful in planning your next getaway!

Whether you’re looking for a beachfront trip or want to visit a quaint village, there should be something on this list to suit you, and there are so many wonderful scenic places near London to explore!

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