The 2 BEST brands to buy ear defenders for dogs – from someone with a dog!

June 1, 2020

Dogs are truly some of the world’s finest companions. Through rain or shine, these loyal pals will always be by our side. For many of us, our dog comes with us everywhere, and that includes when we travel, or when we work. Because life and travel can be unpredictable, ear defenders for dogs are rising in popularity, as a way to make some loud scenarios more comfortable and less distressing for your dog.

where to buy ear defenders for dogs

It’s true that when you’re both travelling the world and taking in its sights and sounds, you may not always think about protecting your dog’s sensitive ears. But investing in a pair of ear defenders for dogs, is actually a really solid purchase and can help in all kinds of situations.

Whether you’re taking in fireworks, travelling on the water (loud engines and boat noise), or just taking them on a road trip, dogs are simply more sensitive to sound than humans are. Though ear defenders for humans are commonplace, we don’t see as much being written about ear defenders for dogs, so I wanted to talk through the two most popular brands for ear defenders for dogs.

Here I’ve outlined a couple of the best ear defenders for dogs, so that you two can gallivant across the globe without a care in the world!

Please remember – human ear defenders don’t work on dogs! They’ll likely be uncomfortable for your dog (dogs ears are very different to ours) and they won’t fit properly. The brand below are designed for use by dogs – so offer a much better method of protection.

Mutt Muffs – ear defenders for dogs

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The main ear defender for dogs that’s on the market currently is Mutt Muffs. An over-the-head hearing protection for animals that’s specifically designed with wide foam filled ear seals for maximum comfort, this brand’s fantastic product will keep your dog’s ears safe and sound in several situations. Comfortable and lightweight with adjustable straps for an optimal fit, these bad boys are the perfect choice.

You may wonder why you need specific ear defenders for dogs, and this is a valid question to ask! Well, popping regular ear defenders on your dog simply won’t cut it.

When we’re travelling, we tend to come across some rather noisy situations, and you don’t want to risk any slippage or a dodgy fit when you’re out and about with your pup! These ear defenders are great as they’re specifically engineered to meet the curvature of your dog’s head and fit them as comfortably as possible.

Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs, Black, Large
  • Over-the-head hearing protection for animals
  • Specially designed wide foam filled ear seals for maximum comfort

Though the product isn’t totally noise eliminating, it does provide passive sound reduction to guard against hearing damage. It’s important to note that as these aren’t noise eliminating, they won’t be suitable for super-loud events like firework displays and thunderstorms, as these will still likely frighten your dog even at lower decibels. 

If you’re worried that these may not fit your dog, never fear. Whether you want to take your pug out on the water or have your Great Dane in a helicopter with you, the overall circumference of your dog’s head can be measured to ensure an ideal fit. With extra small, small, medium, large and extra large available for sale, you should be able to select the size that’s just right! 

As these muffs are inspired by pilots that were fully aware that the noise level of the cockpit was unsuitable for man or animal, they’re truly the best manufacturers for ear defenders when it comes to your dogs. So, for happy and healthy dogs, these are absolutely worth a shot!

the best ear defenders for dogs

Happy Hoodie

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Though the Mutt Muffs are a much more specifically designed product, the Happy Hoodie also comes into play on this list due to its calming effect on dogs. A soft, expandable fabric band that provides a gentle compression that relieves anxiety and calms dogs in stressful situations, these are marketed towards dogs that struggle with loud noise and high-pressured environments. 

Happy Hoodie 2 Pack- Purple- 1 Small and 1 Large
  • Gentle compression reduces noise and has a swaddling effect that...
  • Contributes to the safety of both pet and Groomer/Parent.

Unlike the Mutt Muffs, the Happy Hoodie aims to effectively relieve anxiety from the following noisy situations:

  • Vacuuming
  • Thunder
  • Fireworks
  • Gunfire
  • Noisy environments
  • Blow Drying
  • Car Rides

Though this list isn’t totally exhaustive, the Happy Hoodie has been very favourably reviewed by pet owners. A product that helps to protect a dog’s hearing whilst calming them down with a swaddling action is a double-whammy in our books and is certainly worth a look-in if you’re not going to find yourself in extremely loud and damaging environments.

If you tend to go on multiple road trips and year and like to bring the dog along with you, then this is an absolute must have. 

Another plus? This ear defender is said to be excellent for dogs suffering from ear injuries or hematomas, so it truly is a multi-purpose product! 

Remember, all dogs are different

Though there aren’t a huge range of products out there to protect man’s best friend, these two products are fantastic and easily accessible options for the avid traveller and their pooch.

Depending on your individual needs (and your dog) you may find that one suits you and your pet better. To be honest, they’re both pretty affordable, so if you’re concerned about your dog’s hearing, or your dog being spooked by certain situations or unavoidable noises, then I recommend getting both and trying them both out.

ear defenders for dogs

If you tend to travel in intense environments (such as a helicopter!), then you’ll want to opt for the Mutt Muffs. However, if you’re after an ear defender for your dog that serves to soothe, then the Happy Hoodie may just become your new travel best friend.

I hope this list of ear defenders for dogs has been helpful!

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