Where is the best place to watch the Dubai Fountains?

If you’re visiting Dubai, one of the must-see attractions is the amazing Dubai Fountains… And you’ll want to make sure you find the best place to watch The Dubai Fountains. The Dubai Fountains are located right next door to The Dubai Mall (another must-see attraction) so it’s super easy to get there in a taxi, and it’s really easy to work your way around too.

So where is the best place to watch the Dubai Fountains?

The good news is, there are lots of amazing places to watch the dubai fountains! And the great thing about The Dubai Fountains is that there are many places to view them too, as they’re so big! They stretch all the way around a promenade, and so there are loads of places you can view them from different angles and perspectives (some are busier than others).

Here we’ll talk about the best place to view the Dubai Fountains, and where you can find the best views of the dubai fountains around the Dubai Mall.

Get the sky views of The Dubai Fountains from The Burj Kalifa 

If you head into the Burj Kalifa observation deck, then you’ll be treated to some amazing views of the fountains from up above. It makes for a great photo opportunity, and it’s magical to watch the dubai fountains dancing away miles beneath your feet. There is obviously a price to see the fountains from this perspective, but you can book online in advance and usually get a reduced price.

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Dine and watch the fountain views at Zeta Restaurant

Zeta restaurant is located in The Address Hotel Downtown, and overlooks the dubai fountains with the most perfect views. You can avoid all the crowds of the mall and enjoy the dubai fountains in a peaceful and atmospheric restaurant instead. You don’t need to eat at the restaurant to enjoy the views either, you can just book a table for cocktails or drinks and enjoy the views all night long. Cocktails are around 60 DHS each, so about £11.

best places to watch the dubai fountains

The close up view from the bridge

Outside the mall in the promenade overlooking the dubai fountains, you’ll notice there’s a bridge crossing over the neighbouring hotel / mall. This bridge is one of the best place to watch the dubai fountains – but it will get busy during peak times so you might want to get there about 15 minutes before the fountains are due to go off – so you can make sure you have the best spot at the front. The best thing about this place to watch the dubai fountains, is how close you are – you’ll feel right in the middle of all the magic.

bridge to watch the dubai fountains

Another sky high view from NEO’s bar inside The Address Downtown

Neo’s is a new bar on the top floor of The Address Hotel Dubai and offers some of the most amazing views over the mall, the dubai fountains and the burj kalifa. How can you not love a view like this? Book in for a couple of cocktails one evening, and enjoy watching the dubai fountains from sky high.

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Finally, ground floor at the mall!

I saved the most obvious place to watch the dubai fountains until last – as this is the place that’ll be most obvious when you arrive outside to watch the dubai fountains. Once you leave the mall, you’ll notice there’s lots of space for crowds to gather and admire the fountains – and they do of course! All this space by the side of the fountains is one of the best places to watch the dubai fountains, and you’ll get some of the best views from around the sides. You’ll also get to hear the music too, as you’re so close.
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