Are you visiting NYC in April? It’s a gorgeous time to visit, and this is my perfect 3 day April Itinerary for NYC!

April in New York City is a magical time. It’s actually one of my favorite times of the year to visit. And this NYC April itinerary will help you plan the perfect trip possible!

Why do I love NYC so much in April? Well, the famous cherry blossoms are blushing pink, the sun is peeking through the skyscrapers, and the city buzzes with an electric energy. Oh, and the weather is usually great (not too cold, and not too humid).

So now I’ve convinced you how magical NYC is during the springtime, let’s get into my ideal itinerary for this time of year! My 3 day April itinerary for NYC is packed with iconic sights, hidden gems, and unforgettable experiences!

So, let’s get into my NYC April itinerary!

My perfect 3 day NYC April itinerary… Day One!

Day one in a nutshell: Walking the High Line, Savoring Chelsea Charm & Bright Lights of Times Square.

Morning: Start your day with a unique perspective on the city at The High Line, a public park built on a historic freight rail line. Spring is the ideal time to visit, as all the flowers will be in bloom, and the greenery will be starting to pop out too…

Which means gorgeous photos and views. Wander amidst lush scenery, marvel at urban art installations, and capture breathtaking cityscape photos, it’s a wonderful morning activity.

Here’s a Google Maps link for The High Line.

Tip: I recommend getting there early. Like 8am or 9am. That way, you’ll be there before the crowds gather, and you’ll have a calmer, more enjoyable time.

Midday: After soaking in the green haven of the High Line, it’s time to walk across to Chelsea Market. The first food stop on your NYC April itinerary! Chelsea Market is a foodie paradise bustling with over 30 artisanal vendors. I love this place, and there’s always something there I fancy eating.

There is indoor and outdoor seating too – which means it’s great for sunshine or rainy days! Sample gourmet cheeses, savor melt-in-your-mouth pastries, or grab a healthy lunch at one of the many amazing restaurants.

Here’s a Google Maps link for Chelsea Market.

Mid-afternoon: From Chelsea Market, walk over to Little Island, it’s only a short walk (10-15 minutes). Little Island is a whimsical public park blooming on the Hudson River, and it’s beautiful during springtime.

Why do I love this place? It’s free, it has innovative design, amazing views, and a great viewing deck too. Oh, and clean public toilets!

Here’s a Google Maps link for Little Island.

Late-afternoon: After exploring Little Island, it’s time to visit another one of NYC’s famous parks…. Bryant Park. Relax in the heart of Midtown in this tiny, charming oasis.

Grab a coffee from a nearby cafe, settle on a park bench, and watch the vibrant city life unfold around you. Enjoy the seasonal flower arrangements and soak in the warm spring sunshine. You could even take a ride on the famous carousel.

Here’s a Google Maps link for Bryant Park.

Evening: No NYC experience is complete without the dazzling spectacle of Times Square, so that’s your activity for the evening. Go and explore Times Square, take a look in the shops and find somewhere nearby to eat.

Immerse yourself in the flashing billboards, the cacophony of street performers, and the sheer electric energy of this iconic landmark and be swept away by the vibrant chaos of it all.

Here’s a Google Maps link for Times Square.

Optional extra: Catch a Broadway show! Most Broadway theaters are located either in or around Times Square, so this is a great time to book tickets and watch one.

Here’s my guide for which show you should watch!

My perfect 3 day NYC April itinerary… Day Two!

Day 2 in a nutshell: Brooklyn Breezes, Cherry Blossoms, and Skyline Views

Morning: Channel your inner explorer with a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry, offering stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. Springtime is a great time to do the Staten Island Ferry as you’re more likely to get nice clear weather, and better views of Lady Liberty.

The ferry doesn’t take too long, about 90 minutes to 2 hours in total (there and back). After the ferry, take a ride on the Seaglass Carousel, it’s so much fun. and only $6 (see the photo below!). This is a super quirky addition to your NYC April itinerary.

Tip: grab a spot on the outer deck on the right hand side for the best photo ops!

Here’s a Google Maps link for where to catch the Staten Island Ferry.

Midday: When you arrive back in Manhattan, marvel at the architectural marvel, The Tin Building. It isn’t far from the ferry terminal, only a short walk, or a quick taxi ride. Explore its unique shops and restaurants, or simply admire the intricate details of its restored copper facade.

The reason I love it? This riverside foodie location is home to an amazing indoor food market, and various eateries. It’s one of my top lunch places int he city, and I find it’s constantly underrated too! Not only do you get amazing food here, but you’ll find incredible views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Downtown skyline too.

Here’s a Google Maps link for the Tin Building.

Mid-afternoon: Lace up your walking shoes and conquer the iconic Brooklyn Bridge! Start in Manhattan, and walk towards Brooklyn (because you’ll be exploring Brooklyn in the afternoon!). This is a must-do for your NYC April itinerary.

Walking the bridge doesn’t take too long (but make sure you leave time for plenty of selfies and TikTok videos!). Feel the history beneath your feet and enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline and the vast expanse of the East River.

Here’s a Google Maps link for the Brooklyn Bridge.

Tip: Wear comfy shoes for this day, you’ll need them!

Late-afternoon: You have two different choices for this afternoon on your NYC April itinerary. Choice number one is exploring the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO, brimming with cobblestone streets, art galleries, and delicious eateries. Oh, and Insane skyline views of Manhattan too!

Your second choice for this afternoon, is visiting Brooklyn Botanic Garden, where delicate cherry blossoms paint the landscape in soft pink hues. April is the perfect time of year for it – so it might be something you want to tick off your bucket list. Wander through the blooming trees, enjoy a picnic beneath their fragrant canopy, and witness the magic of spring unfold.

Here’s a Google Maps link for DUMBO in Brooklyn.

Evening: Treat yourself to a delicious dinner at a rooftop bar in Brooklyn, like Harriet’s Rooftop. Sip on handcrafted cocktails, savor delectable dishes, and raise a glass to the stunning cityscape twinkling under the night sky.

Seeing the sun go down over the city is absolutely amazing, and something everyone should witness. This is a perfect stop on your NYC April itinerary, for food and drinks!

Here’s a Google Maps link for Harriet’s Rooftop.

My perfect 3 day April itinerary for NYC… Day Three!

Day 3 in a nutshell: Central Park, Museum Delights, and Breathtaking Vistas

Morning: Central Park is your first stop on day 3 of this April itinerary for NYC. There are so many ways to explore the park. I recommend walking the park, it’s by far my favorite way to explore this gorgeous part of the city.

Wander through the picturesque gardens and lakes, see the beautiful scenic views, and look out for cherry blossom trees too (April is the perfect time). Don’t miss iconic landmarks like Bethesda Fountain, Bow Bridge, Sheep Meadow, and the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

Here’s a Google Maps link for Central Park.

Tip: Don’t forget a bottle of water for this walk through the park. Drinks can be expensive from stalls inside the park, so it’s best to just bring your own.

Midday: Venture to the Upper West Side, the next place on your NYC April itinerary! A charming neighborhood known for its cultural gems, cute cafes, and book shops.

Some of my favorite parts of the city are located in this neighborhood, including Jewish grocery store Zabar’s, and Shakespeare and Co book store, and Strand Books. If you’re looking for lunch, I really recommend checking out Jacob’s Pickles or Maison Pickle.

Here’s a Google Maps link for Zabar’s grocery store.

Afternoon: Step into the world of Broadway at the Museum of Broadway, where interactive exhibits showcase the history and magic of this iconic theatrical tradition. This museum is one of my favorites in NYC, there are so many incredible exhibits inside.

You’ll see beautiful authentic costumes, amazing props and original set pieces. It’s so much fun, and I think you’ll love it. A great addition to your NYC April itinerary!

Here’s a Google Maps link for the Museum of Broadway.

Late afternoon: Ascend to the top of the city at Summit One Vanderbilt to enjoy sunset over the city! This is a recently opened observation deck offering unparalleled 360-degree views, and really quirky observation decks/rooms.

Experience the thrill of the glass-bottomed elevator ride, marvel at the breathtaking panoramas from 1,250 feet above ground, and capture unforgettable photos of the iconic skyline in their giant mirrored balloon room.

Here’s a Google Maps link for Summit One Vanderbilt.

Evening: Grab a New York steak! NYC is famous for it’s steak, and one of my favorite things to do in the city is enjoy a juicy steak! My favorite steak place is called Quality Meats, but another great pick is Hawksmoor NYC. The perfect end to your NYC April itinerary!

Hopefully this April itinerary for NYC has given you lots of helpful information!

Remember, if you’re looking for something a bit more tailor-made, I create custom NYC itineraries, design just for you and your interests!

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