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Aria Las Vegas Pool: 10 reasons why it’s the best on the Vegas Strip

August 15, 2022

The Aria Pool in Las Vegas is one of the best in the city… Here’s why!

If you’re visiting Las Vegas for the first time, you might be looking for the best hotel pool in Las Vegas. Spoilers: The Aria Pool in Las Vegas is the best you can find.

There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to the best pools in Las Vegas, but for me, I will always choose the Aria Las Vegas pool as my favorite pool in Las Vegas.

Because, let’s face it – Las Vegas (in the summer at least) is all about the pool! And there are no other pools in Las Vegas that can top the Aria Pool in Las Vegas.

Sure, the evenings are for casinos, bars, restaurants and nightclubs… but in the daytime, it’s all about sitting by your hotel pool with a drink and enjoying the atmosphere. And the best place to do that? It’s obviously the Aria Pool in Las Vegas.

So, let’s dig a little deeper, and find out why the Aria Pool in Las Vegas is the best Las Vegas hotel pool.

what is the pool like at aria las vegas

What makes the Aria Las Vegas pool so good?

OK, we’re going to explain why we LOVE the Aria Las Vegas pool.

We’ll include plenty of photos along the way too – so you can see the pool and how amazing it is! And if you have any questions, just let us know in the comments.

Reason 1: The Aria Pool in Las Vegas is huge

This is perhaps one of the best reasons to choose the Aria Las Vegas pool. It’s huge, and for standard guests (not suite guests) you have two different pools to choose from.

It’s worth noting, Sky Suites guests have an additional pool to choose from (lucky them!).

Both of the main pools are large, open and surrounded by comfortable beds and trees.

They are next to each other, but sectioned off, so that they feel slightly different. The pools are also very big (especially compared to other hotels in Las Vegas), so you don’t feel crowded or tightly packed in like pickles in a jar.

the Aria Pool in Las Vegas

There is so much space at the Aria pool – you’ll never feel crowded or squished in.

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Some hotel pools in Vegas are beautiful, but they lack the space, so when it’s peak time, and everyone is enjoying the pool and standing around in it, you feel like you’re stood in a busy bar.

is the aria pool good in las vegas

Reason 2: There are PLENTY of loungers at the Aria Pool in Las Vegas

Another one of the things we love about the Aria Pool in Las vegas, is how many loungers there are.

One of the most difficult things when you visit lots of Las Vegas hotel pools, is finding a decent sun lounger, or finding one at all.

Some of them get filled out by 11am, and after midday you don’t stand a hope in hell of finding 2 together (never mind 3 or 4). This is never a problem at the Aria Pool.

the Aria Pool in Las Vegas

At the Aria, because the pool is so big, and because they’ve designed the pool area so generously, we’ve never struggled with space or finding a sun lounger for myself and friends.

You can rock up at 2pm in the afternoon, and you’ll still be able to find a few loungers to relax on.

For me, this is a big selling point for the Aria Las Vegas pool, because it means you’re not rushing to get down there, and you’re not having to wake up early to grab the best beds.

Just look at all those loungers….. THERE ARE HUNDREDS!

Reason 3: There are umbrellas and trees for shade

OK, this might not seem like a big deal to some people, but in a lot of Las Vegas Hotel pools – there is NO SHADE.

It baffles me every time, but it’s the reality. For example, the Cosmopolitan Hotel pool is amazing, but there are no fully shaded areas around the pool (unless you’re in a cabana – which costs extra).

Sometimes you don’t want to be in the sweltering sunshine all day, and you need an umbrella or a tree for shade.

At the Aria Pool there are shaded options, which works perfectly for those not too keen on being in the sun for several hours!

The Aria Las Vegas pool has umbrellas for shade, and there are umbrellas positioned around the pool if you need them.

There are also tall trees situated around the entire pool resort, which all provide varying levels of shade at different times of the day.

aria las vegas pool

Reason 4: The Aria Las Vegas pool feels like a luxury resort

Another reason to love the the Aria Pool in Las Vegas? It feels luxurious!

A lot of the Las Vegas hotel pools feel like an ‘added extra’ or an ‘after thought’. Just added in because they know they needed one. The pools feel a bit scruffy, or a bit sketchy.

However, the Aria Las Vegas pool feels like an extension of the hotel, and it oozes all the style and luxury that the hotel has.

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the Aria Pool in Las Vegas

It’s as beautifully designed as the lobby and the bedrooms, and it feels just as luxurious and beautiful as all the amenities inside.

There are stunning trees surrounding the pools, a bar area with comfortable seats, fountains and water features along shaded pathways… it really is somewhere quite special.

You can also look up at the beautiful building whilst you sunbathe which is kinda nice.

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what is the aria pool like in vegas

Reason 5: The food is fantastic!

The food is our next reason to love the the Aria Pool in Las Vegas.

There is great food at the Aria Las Vegas pool, and it’s sun-lounger service from the amazing pool-side staff too.

I love the food around the Aria pool. If you want it delivered to your sun bed – you can. If you want to eat it in the cute little bar area, you can. They’re flexible!

the Aria Pool in Las Vegas

The foods range from simple bar-style snacks to delicious smoothies and cocktails. My favorite choices are the nachos and the burgers! But you’ll find chicken tenders, salads, and snacks too.

The prices are a little higher than other pools in Las Vegas, but it’s well worth it – because the food is certainly restaurant-quality.

aria pool food in las vegas

Reason 6: The cabana experiences at the the Aria Pool in Las Vegas are amazing

Another fantastic part of the Aria pool is the cabana experience. We treated ourselves to a cabana at the Aria Pool last year, and it was so good.

You have a dedicated member of staff, free soft drinks, coffee, bottled water, a TV, music system, chairs, sofas, loungers, the list goes on. You can even get a massage at your lounger!

It’s an amazing experience – and well worth every penny. In my opinion, I think it’s one of the best cabana experiences from any hotel pool in Vegas. Just the quality of it, the proximity to the pool, the privacy, etc – it’s all fantastic.

If you opt for a cabana at the Aria Pool during peak times (weekends) you’ll pay a lot, but during week days you can get pretty good deals on the cabanas, so keep that in mind.

For a special occasion – you can’t beat this!

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aria las vegas pool review

Reason 7: They have hot tubs too!

I nearly forgot to mention this, but the Aria Las Vegas pool also has 3 hot tubs in the resort area too! When you want to relax a little more, these are the perfect break from the main pools.

They’re a little quieter, and separated from the bigger pools, which is nice as you feel like you’ve found a little escape from the busier parts of the outside areas.

Reason 8: There’s a variety of seating available

It’s not just about the sun loungers at the Aria Pool in Las Vegas. They also have plenty of tables to sit at too, if you fancy bringing your laptop down to the pool for an hour or two of remote working!

The table seating often has shaded options too, which is a really nice touch.

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the Aria Pool in Las Vegas

Reason 9: The staff are wonderful

Another reason to love the Aria Pool in Las Vegas, is the amazing staff. Whether it’s the waitresses, the bar staff or the cabana staff, they’re all working super hard to ensure you have everything you need around the pool.

We never had to wait more than 10 minutes to order more drinks, or order poolside food, because the waitresses were always walking around and keeping an eye on everyone’s needs.

That makes a big difference for your enjoyment because it means you don’t need to queue!

Our drinks were always full, and that’s how I like it!

the Aria Pool in Las Vegas

Reason 10: You can bring Starbucks into the pool area!

One last plus point about the the Aria Pool in Las Vegas?

They let you bring in your Starbucks and outside food!

I thought this was pretty cool – because it’s not uncommon for many Las Vegas pools to completely restrict any outside food and beverages.

That’s not the case at the Aria Pool in Las Vegas, and we always really appreciate it.

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We hope this post about why the Aria pool in Las Vegas is amazing had helped!

The Aria pool is a fantastic pool and it’s definitely one of the best (if not THE best) in the city. It’s spacious, well designed, with great food and generous seating.

It’s been really well put together, with guests in mind. I always love spending the day at the Aria pool – I think you will too!

aria pool las vegas review

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