Are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels?

January 19, 2020

If you’re planning to visit Las Vegas with your children, you might be wondering “Are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels?”

The answer is yes! Las Vegas is actually a great place for family vacations. Sure, the city has a reputation for being a more adult-friendly destination, but it’s actually very kid-friendly, and plenty of families enjoy their vacations together here.

If you’re particularly worried about kids not being allowed into a Las Vegas hotel – you can always check the hotel website directly, but take it from us, none of the main hotels on the strip are adult-only hotels. And children are allowed in the majority of Las Vegas hotels.

Are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels?

The main restriction when it comes to ‘Are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels?’ is the casino areas inside the hotels.

Of course, the gaming areas inside the hotels are a big part of the resorts, and gambling is illegal for anyone under 21 is the USA. For this reason, children and kids aren’t allowed to stop inside the casinos or use any of the machines in the casinos.

However most have a walkway through the casino which you can walk along with your kids, and actually most hotels have casinos in the lobby areas, so you have to use these walkways to get to your rooms anyway. But it’s important the kids don’t stray off towards any tables or machines.

Which Las Vegas hotels are best for children?

As we mentioned, most of the hotels on the strip are kid-friendly, but some are certainly more suitable for children than others. I’d recommend the following hotels if you have children with you:

  • Aria Hotel: Big spacious hotel, and two amazing swimming pools (that are relatively shallow).
  • Mandalay Bay: Great pool area with a wave pool (which children would love).
  • MGM Grand: Another great pool area (with a lazy river!).
  • The Mirage: Big pools, and lots of free child-free entertainment options too.
  • Wyndham Grand Desert: Big family hotel, with a kids mini-arcade and an arts-and-crafts room.

It’s worth noting… That the Wynn and Encore hotel are quite notorious for being quite anti-children – as they’re quite up-scale and luxury resorts. So we’d streer clear of these hotels if you’re looking for book a family vacation. 

Are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels

Is Las Vegas child friendly?

It’s not the most child-friendly city (there are certainly more child-focussed destination you could choose!) and there’s no denying that Las Vegas is more geared towards adults. But saying that, the city isn’t a bad place for children, and there is certainly plenty for children to do here.

Actually there’s lots to do in the city with kids, such as:

  • Pool areas
  • Cirque du Soleil shows
  • Shopping
  • Day trips to the Grand Canyon (click here to book)
  • Looking around hotels
  • Bellagio Fountains
  • Various animal-themed hotels / attractions

Are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels 2020

Can children go into the casinos?

Hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are pretty much the same thing… But the answer to “are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels” then gets a bit complicated when you include the casinos.

The answer, is that kids can walk through the casinos (if they need to get to a show, or the hotel room) but they can’t stop by any tables or play any games. Even if an adult is with them – they can’t stop. Children must always be accompanied by their parents too.

Is Las Vegas safe at night for children?

Yes, the strip is a very touristy area and it’s generally pretty safe. We wouldn’t recommend taking your children down the strip at 11pm when people are drinking, but during the day, the strip is a very nice place to walk and children would be absolutely fine taking a stroll along with their parents. Hotels are really safe, and the malls are safe too.

There is actually a curfew for children, which is that children under 18 may not be out past 10 p.m. on the strip on weekdays and midnight on weekends unless accompanied by an adult.

What activities in Las Vegas are child-friendly?

Hopefully this post has helped answer your question”are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels?” and the last question you might be asking is, are there are many things to do in Las vegas for children? The answer is yes! I’ve included some of my favourites below…

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