Are you looking for the best thrift stores in NYC? Here are my favorite locations across the city that I think you’ll love.

I’d be kidding myself if I said the shops weren’t one of the reasons I love NYC so much… And some of the best thrift stores in NYC are my favorite shopping locations in the whole city.

It’s not all the designer or brand shopping in NYC, and actually – a big bonus of being in a city as diverse and unique as NYC, are the amazing thrift shops hidden around every corner.

You’ll find incredible items at the best thrift stores in NYC, there’s so much awesome stuff being sold.

What makes thrift shopping so great in NYC?

What makes thrift shopping so much fun in NYC? It’s the choice and variety!

Recycled fashion, pre-loved items, and vintage brands are always full of so much charm, character and style – so yes, as opposed to buying high-end, haut couture…. the hidden treasures of thrift shops are amazing.

In many towns and cities, you might only find one of two decent thrift stores, but in NYC you’ll find many! The variety and choice really makes it so much more enjoyable!

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How do I find the best thrift stores in NYC?

Finding the best thrift stores can be tricky… especially if you’re new to the city.

It’s not like 5th Avenue, or Soho where all the stores are laid out one after the other, and super easy to find because they’re all in one place.

Thrift shops in NYC make you work a little harder than that! You’ll find them located in non-touristy neighborhoods, or hidden away at the end of a random street.

But don’t worry! We’re here to let you know where all the best ones can be found!

How this list works…

In this list, I’ll deep-dive into a few of my all-time favorite thrift stores in NYC first.

These first suggestions are the thrift stores I go back to time and time again, and absolutely love. I’ll include as many photos as possible, so you get a great idea of what to expect inside.

Once I’ve covered all my personal favorites, I’ll then give some bonus suggestions towards the end of the list that are always fantastic options too.

Cure Thrift

Cure Thrift is the first suggestion for the best thrift stores in NYC, and it’s my favorite in the city. It feels kind of like a stylish department store – but it’s a thrift store!

This is one of the best, because it’s absolutely huge, and it’s curated beautifully too.

You’ll find so much amazing stuff here, from vintage and retro furniture to jewelry, shoes and clothing. They really do have a little bit of everything here.

Honestly though, I go here for the beautiful furniture finds. Last time I visited there were at least 4 items I would’ve happily taken home!

2nd Street

2nd Street is our next suggestion for the best thrift stores in NYC. One of my favorite thrift finds of all time was here!

What was it? Well, I found a beautiful Chloe bag for $90! It was such a bargain! So you can see why this made my list.

2nd Street on the Lower East Side is such a big and spacious thrift store, I love how light and airy it is, and I love the variety of stuff they have too.

One thing they don’t have here though is furniture, so you’re best going to Cure (above) for homeware.

However, if you want shoes, this would be my absolute top pick. I found so many great finds in their footwear section.

Beacon’s Closet

Next on my list of the best thrift stores in NYC, it’s Beacon’s Closet.

The shop’s logo is a recognizable bald baby wearing thick-rimmed glasses, and Beacon’s Closet is one of the best thrift stores in the city.

They’re excellently stocked – with loads and loads of racks of clothes and garments arranged by color and garment type, making it much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Another thing I love about this place, is how size-inclusive they are, and the genuine effort they make to find bigger sizes, alongside the straight sizes.

It’s easy to get lost in Beacon’s for hours, as they not only carry clothes, but also shoes, bags and accessories. Plus, they also have an excellent online store (if you can’t get down there in person).

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Vintage by Round Two

Vintage by Round Two is my next suggestion for amazing thrift shopping in New York City.

This one is a bit more limited than others, as they pretty much specialize in T-shirts and jersey tops / hoodies.

However, if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re really going to love looking around here.

Their selection is so brilliantly curated and selected, and every item in there feels like it oozes personality, wit, humor or nostalgia.

For that reason, it’s one of the best thrift stores in NYC for gift buying. Because no matter who you’re buying for – there will be something in here that perfectly fits their personality or interests.

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Finderz Keeperz

Finderz Keeperz offers genuine vintage material on the $20-$50 range, with everything from old ranges of sports shoes to feathered boas, scarves, hats, clutches, dresses and tops.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for the best thrift stores in NYC, and I think this is quite a nice little underrated thrift shop in NYC.

It’s in its own little nook of the city, and the shop is a bit cramped (but I love that!).

There’s a great number of treasures just waiting to be unearthed from underneath the piles of vintage clothing found in Finderz Keeperz, and it’s a great choice if you really want to search through items and find hidden gems.

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Amarcord Vintage

Those who are looking for a thrift store experience that still has a European flair will experience the time of their lives in Amarcord Vintage.

The owners of the store handpick vintage pieces from across the world, bringing Italian high-end fashion down to reachable prices as they showcase them with unknown brands that still translate the brand’s style.

They also have a regularly-updated online store that display the newest acquisitions of the boutique.

Chickee’s Vintage

Chickee’s Vintage is our next suggestion for the best thrift stores in NYC. This super stylish location is a must-visit!

If you really appreciate aesthetic styling in stores, and really well designed and organised shops, then we think you’ll love Chickee’s Vintage.

In their Instagram bio, it reads ‘a labor of love’ and you can really sense that here. The owners here love their store, and they’re passionate about finding the best items.

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Buffallo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is next on our list of the best thrift stores in NYC! This is a popular thrift store chain that has multiple locations throughout the city, which makes it super easy to discover!

They specialize in trendy and fashionable clothing and accessories, so you’ll find some great finds here.

They’re always great at Buffallo Exchange for putt together outfits and combinations to inspire you too – which I really appreciate for sure when I’m browsing!

L Train Vintage

L Train Vintage is another popular vintage clothing store and one of the best thrift stores in NYC.

If you didn’t know, the store is named after the L train, which runs through many of the city’s most fashionable neighborhoods.

L Train Vintage has several locations throughout the city, and you’ll find slightly different clothing and styles at each one.

I love the vibe here, and the brand has some really pride in it’s findings, and character too.

Another thing I love about L Train Vintage is its affordability. If you’re looking for a bargain, you’re likely to find it here.

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Angel Street Thrift Shop

Angel Street Thrift Shop is a non-profit organization that offers a wide selection of vintage and secondhand clothing, accessories, and home goods.

My favorite thing about Angel Street thrift store is the homeware, they really do homeware better than most – which is great.

I follow them on Instagram and I’m always noticing amazing finds and furniture pieces they’ve managed to come across! In fact, their Instagram is a great way to stay up to date with the amazing finds they have discovered – so you can be first in to snap them up!

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10 ft Single by Stella Dallas (Williamsburg)

10 Ft Singles by Stella Dallas is a really unique and quirky choice for the best thrift stores in NYC. This is one of those stores that feels like a proper hidden gem.

This lovely thrift store in NYC has a large space with endless items that are reasonably priced, but they also have a separate space with higher priced items too.

but if you’re looking to step up your vintage game (with a higher price tag) there’s a separate room in the back with even more goodies.

There’s something super adorable about this place, which is why I keep going back again and again.

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Bonus suggestions….

As I mentioned, here are some bonus suggestions for the thrift stores in NYC.

Now, these aren’t my go-to thrift stores in NYC, but they’re really fantastic options and still worth checking out!

Thrift shopping in NYC is very subjective, some stores that I love, you might not. And vice versa! So it’s great to have as many options as possible!

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Housing Works Thrift Shop

Next on my list, it’s Housing Works.

This is a really well-known non-profit organization that provides healthcare and housing services to people living with HIV/AIDS.

They have plenty of fantastic thrift stores around NYC, although some locations are better than other.

I’d personally recommend visiting the Chelsea location, and there’s a really nice selection of clothes, shoes, accessories and much more there.

No Relation Vintage

No Relation Vintage has two locations in Manhattan and offers a large selection of vintage clothing, accessories, and home goods.

It’s a really good all rounder, and a great choice for our list of the best thrift stores in NYC.

AuH2O, East Village

AuH2O is our next suggestion. This is a secondhand, vintage, and upcycled shop in the East Village, and it’s a great location to explore if you’re in the area.

You’ll find a unique and affordable blend of clothing, shoes, accessories, and vintage jewelry at great prices, and it’s a lovely place to pop in and really get lost in the sales racks.

They even have permanent $5 and $10 racks, which is super budget-friendly.

Salvation Army

We couldn’t write a list of the best thrift stores in NYC, and not include The Salvation Army atores.

The Salvation Army has multiple locations in the city and offers a large selection of secondhand clothing, accessories, and home goods at affordable prices.

They’re probably one of the most well-known brands for thrift shopping in New York City, and maybe the country.

Crossroads Trading Co. (Multiple Locations)

Crossroads Trading is another great pick for the best thrift shops in NYC.

This is a great pick for the best thrift stores in NYC, as it’s not only for buy – it’s also for selling and trading too.

So if you’re doing a closet clearout and you think they might appreciate some of your items, this is a perfect location to take them.

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Next on our list of the best thrift stores in NYC, it’s the fun and friendly Rogue!

This place has some seriously stylish and fun finds – and if you’re looking for items that are as stylish as they are weird, this is an ideal place to visit!

Hour Children’s Shop (Astoria)

And finally on our list, it’s the Hour Children’s Shop in Astoria.

This isn’t the most central choice for best thrift stores in NYC, but they have some great pieces here, so it’s certainly worth the trip out to Astoria.

You can score some amazing furniture pieces and decor items at this Queens shop!

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I hope this list will help you successfully go thrift shopping in NYC!