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The best toy stores in NYC: 11 toy shops you HAVE to visit in the city!

July 8, 2021

Are you looking for the best toy stores in NYC? If so, keep reading!

If you’re visiting NYC with your kids, you might be looking for the best toy stores in NYC! There are so many toy stores in NYC, but there are a select few that really take the crown, especially when it comes to providing that magic atmosphere you hope to experience in toy stores.

So, if you’re looking for the best toy stores in NYC, then hopefully this list will give you plenty of ideas of where to visit! So let’s get started…

Here are the best toy stores in NYC…

FAO Schwarz

FAO Schwarz is absolutely one of the best toy stores in NYC. Not only is it one of the most famous toy stores in NYC, but it has a reputation for stocking an incredible number of items. Whether your little one prefers stuffed toys or loves to make their brain whirr with a tricky board game or puzzle, you’ll find something to suit them at FAO Schwarz. 

If the products themselves weren’t enough to convince you to pay this place a visit, then the daily activities will be! This place is considered one of the best toy stores in NYC as it dedicates a lot of time to entertaining kiddos onsite. With magic tricks and music frequently on offer free of charge, it’s unsurprising that this toy store in NYC seen as a great place to visit for families. 

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the best toy stores in NYC

CAMP Stores

This is one of the best toy stores in NYC, but it’s also one of the most bizarre. CAMP is designed to make kids feel as though they’re in a whole other world – or more accurately, at camp! Another thing that makes this place one of the best toy stores in NYC is its large interactive play area which kids love. The whole store encourages creative play and learning, so it’s excellent for burnt-out parents who need to keep the kids occupied for a couple of hours.

Although this store only opened back in 2018, it has truly made its mark as one of the best toy stores in NYC. Of course, we don’t necessarily condone just popping in just for the activities – grab a toy and support the business too where possible! 

LEGO Flagship Store

LEGO will always be cool, and the LEGO stores offer a whole new level of immersiveness. If you’ve never been to a LEGO store before, expect awesome, life-size structures of pop-culture icons, exclusive sets, and even a building wall that allows kids to experiment with LEGO in a hands-on way.

The flagship store is one of the best toy stores in NYC and is right in the middle of the Rockefeller Center. Due to its convenient location, it’s easy to fit into a day of sightseeing and is certainly one of the best toy stores in NYC. 

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Mary Arnold Toys

Located on the Upper East Side, this incredible toy store in NYC has been around for a long time. This shop is known for its great learning toys, so makes it an amazing place to visit for younglings who are still developing.

However, it’s not just the toys themselves that make Mary Arnold Toys one of the best toy stores in NYC. This toy store also has an incredible book section that kids are fascinated by. Aiming to educate kids on the world around them, the books in here are invaluable. 

American Girl Place

The American Girl franchise is incredibly popular, and if you have a little girl who can’t get enough of it, you’ll want to head to American Girl Place in Rockefeller Plaza. What makes American Girl Place one of the best toy stores in NYC is the incredible square footage of the location itself. Seriously, it’s impressive.

Kids can get makeovers, grab food, and shop at this American Girl retreat, and we feel that makes it worthy of a place on our list of the best toy stores in NYC. Realistically, we really couldn’t make a list of the best toy stores in NYC without including American Girl Place, as it’s just so extra.

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It acts as the perfect place to start a child’s birthday party too. Simply grab an American Girl doll for the guests, settle in for makeovers, and see where the day takes you! 


Who doesn’t love Build-A-Bear? If you’ve ever visited a Build-A-Bear before, then you’ll know why it’s considered one of the best toy stores in NYC. Kids essentially go around the store, pick their teddy, stuff it, clothe it, and go on their merry way.

What also makes this one of the best toy stores in NYC is the fact that kids get so immersed in the experience. The staff really treat these fuzzy friends like well, and kids can even add a little heart to their new friend’s stuffing to make the experience (quite literally) heartwarming!

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You’ll want to dedicate a decent amount of time to exploring the workshop as it’s difficult to get little ones out once they’re in. It is one of the best toy stores in NYC after all, so can you blame them?


If your kid can’t get enough of hipster toys, then PiccoliNY is bound to be a veritable haven for them. PiccoliNY is without a doubt one of the best toy stores in NYC, as it’s just so unique. Sure, the place does stock classic toys like dolls. However, the dolls here are inspired by famous celebrities.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to gift your little one a David Bowie or Coco Chanel inspired doll, then head down to this incredible store. Another thing that we feel makes this one of the best toy stores in NYC is its extensive range of early years toys. There are lots of baby sensory toys on offer here, so no age is excluded at PiccoliNY. 

Kidding Around

Kidding Around is a local favorite among New Yorkers and is genuinely one of the best toy stores in NYC. This store is just completely geared towards kids and their needs, and what’s not to love about that? Not only was it officially voted the Best Indie Toy Store in New York Magazine’s rankings, but it also stocks hard-to-find items and unique bits and pieces from all over the world!

Regardless of whether you’re looking for traditional toys or more modern ones, you need to add Kidding Around to your personal list of the best toy stores in NYC to check out on your next trip.  

Pizzazzz Toys

Pizzazzz Toys is always buzzing, and it’s amazing to see. This store isn’t part of an enormous chain, and watching a small, local business become one of the best toy stores in NYC is incredibly uplifting. At this store, you’ll be able to find classic toys like puzzles, trucks, dolls, and similar items.

However, due to the massive stock levels in this store, there’s always something to be discovered around each corner. This is certainly one of the best toy stores in NYC, as kids can spend hours in here in search of the perfect toy. Sure, it may be tedious for parents, but it’s magic to children. 

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West Side Kids

Another one of the best toy stores in NYC is West Side Kids. As you may have guessed from its name, this wonderful little store is located on the Upper West Side.

Having made its home there since 1981, this store is well regarded among locals. There aren’t really any outlandish products available here, but kids will love the New-York-centric products, and educational toys that will get those cogs turning. 

Toy Tokyo

The final spot on our list of the best toy stores in NYC belongs to Toy Tokyo. Now, it’s not only the Kawaii-ness of this place that makes it one of the best toy stores in NYC – it’s the collectables too! We get that you’re probably reading this post for ideas on where to take your kids.

However, if you’re a kid at heart or a massive collector of Asian toys, then you’ll absolutely want to check this place out. If nothing else, the atmosphere alone makes it ones of the best toy stores in NYC! With bright pops of color and Japanese-themed décor, it’s a great place to visit for any visitor to the Big Apple. 

Hopefully this list of the best toy stores in NYC has been helpful!

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