Where to Find Cheap Airline Tickets Online

Cheap airline tickets are pretty much the norm nowadays. You just need to know where to find them. If you’re new to traveling on a budget and want to make the most out of every single dollar that you spend, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to stretch your money, and discounted plane tickets are options for you to explore.

Airfare at a Deep Discount is Waiting for You 

Here are some places that offer deep discounts on domestic and international plane tickets:

1. Airline newsletters – Signing up for airline mailing lists keeps you in-the-know of upcoming promotions and premium sales. If there’s an offer that just can’t be beat, you’ll be among the first to hear about it. Make sure that your email filter doesn’t mark the newsletters as SPAM, though, or you’ll miss out on some really amazing deals.

2. Discount airfare websites –  There are many to choose from including Sky Scanner, CheapOAir, and Kayak. You’re also able to compare prices on sites such as Priceline and Expedia.

3. Through rewards programs offered by credit cards –  Trading in the Frequent Flier Miles you’ve accumulated from charging your expenses helps you lower the cost of your airline tickets quickly. It’s not as conventional as the first two suggestions listed here but it could be the most economical. By paying for everything you buy with the charge card and paying off the balance with the cash you have, you’re able to amass a lot of points in little time. You can then trade them in with the different airlines to secure a cheap or free ticket.

4. On group coupon buying sites –  Groupon and Living Social often offer discounted travel deals. Airfare is sometimes included in the final price that you pay. Even better are the additional discounts you receive from being part of the group coupon buying site’s mailing list. Taking extra percentages or dollars off your vouchers is a possibility if you keep an eye on your inbox.

Search Smarter and Pay Less on Airline Tickets 

If you’re looking to book your flight as cheaply as possible. You don’t need to go into debt or take out a second personal loan just to be able to afford to travel once in a while. Finding cheap airline tickets online doesn’t need to be difficult. Now that you know where to locate them, you’ll spend less time searching and more time cashing in on some truly amazing deals. The next time you want to get away from home, you won’t be stuck trying to come up with creative ways to finance your trip. You’ll be able to save big money on the airline tickets you buy and use the rest of the money you’ve amassed to experience as much as you possibly can on a budget.


How you can save time at Denver International Airport

It’s not always easy to plan a journey effectively, especially with the million-and-one other things which take up your day. You’ve got to take the kids to and from school, fix three square meals a day, work your nine-to-five (with overtime), socialize with your friends and significant other, catch up with current events, sleep five to eight hours a night…

Imagine doing all this, spinning every one of these plates, and still being able to plan a trip to another state without messing up — it seems like a Herculean task.

If you can manage that, then you’re a better person than this writer. But some airports make journey prep easier than others, and we’ve unearthed one of the best.

Denver International Airport is a breeze to pass through and a joy to behold, unlike many other massive flight hubs. It’s teeming with amenities, buzzing with friendliness and has a layout which is almost peerless in its intuitive simplicity. To help you make the most out of your trip, here are our top tips on how you should plan your trip through Denver International Airport.

Book your parking

Driving to the airport by yourself is always preferable to catching the bus, a taxi or the subway, not least because it’s you who’s quite literally in the driving seat. If you’re running late, it’s your fault. But if you’re bang on time, you can pat yourself on the back. Either way, you’re in control.

But parking your car at the airport is nothing more than a pain the posterior.

The company offers competitive rates in Dallas, and you can save a few dollars by booking ahead. This is a worthwhile timesaver.

View great art

If you’ve got time to spare, then why not take a look at some of the superlative art on display at Denver International Airport?

USA Today called Denver the best ‘US Airport for Art’ because of the impressive range of beautifying works on display. Whether you’re walking through its long corridors or waiting in one of its spacious departure lounges, you’ll notice these pieces around every corner. They’re an ideal way to dig into some culture before your flight.

Fine dining

There are a number of great eateries in Denver International Airport, so many that even the fussiest eater will find something to suit their taste buds.

Our favorite by a country mile is Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs, where you can purchase an authentic American hot dog for less than $10 – an absolute bargain for this tasty treat.

That’s our list! How do you prepare for the airport, and what amenities appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below!


Why Travelling in Style Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Think you can’t afford to travel in style? Think again! Private jet charters have started to become much more affordable over the years. While it may still be out of your price range to hire out an entire private jet, booking a seat might not be as expensive as you might think.

Here, we’ll look at why travelling in style doesn’t have to break the bank and how you could benefit from private jet hire.

Empty leg flights

One of the main things which makes private jet hire more affordable is empty leg flights. Offered by companies such as Vista Jet, empty leg flights work much like last minute deals offered by travel agencies. The jets are already scheduled to fly to a specific destination and they have a lot of empty seats available. So, rather than miss out, airlines and private jet operators decide to sell the empty seats off at a much lower price.

You can search for empty leg flights which match your requirements online. By booking a seat on an empty leg flight, you could end up paying less than you would for a commercial flight.

Flight sharing and no catering

Another cost-effective way to fly by private jet is to share the charter with others. If you’re a business for example, you could join together with other local businesses to share the private jet if you tend to head off to the same destination. This would mean you’d only need to pay for the seat, rather than the entire plane.

If you opt out of on-board catering, you’ll also potentially save a lot of money. Any extras you don’t necessarily need can all be taken off the cost of hire.

Competitive market

Finally, private jet hire has become a lot more affordable due to increased competition in the sector. A lot of smaller airlines and private jet charter brokers have popped up in recent years, forcing prices to become much more competitive. As companies look to beat their competitors, passengers can reap some pretty great discounts.

As you can see, private jet hire doesn’t have to break the bank. In some cases, it can even be cheaper than an economy flight on a commercial plane. By taking advantage of flight shares, empty leg flights and opting out of any extras you may not need, you could benefit from travelling in style without breaking the bank.


Things to do on a plane – How to not get bored while flying

Planning a trip can be a lot of fun but usually it involves a lot of stress because there are many things that require your attention. Maybe you still need to figure out how you’re going to get a bus to your hotel when you land at your destination, or what happens when the ESTA authorisation is pending, meaning that you don’t have that much time to plan what you’ll be doing on the actual flight.

Most travellers today are used to being provided entertainment on the flight, but what if you have the bad luck of being in a plane with no entertainment? It has happened to me in the past – we once boarded a United Flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco (11 hours!) only to find out there was no TVs on the  back of seats. Ouch! There have also been flights where entertainment has broken….

So, it’s always a good idea to bring your own distractions. Your options aren’t as limited as you might think. Here are some of the best things you can do to keep yourself busy.

Play with clouds

Ok, let’s start easy here. The easiest thing you can do on a flight is to play with the clouds you can see outside your window. Try to find interesting or funny shapes in clouds or observe how they’re moving. It’s a lot more entertaining if you also have something in your headphones playing to fully make you let go and enter a sort of traveling stasis.

Catch up on your TV series

With services like Netflix available today, we have all the shows available with just a couple of touches of a screen – you can even download Netflix now for offline use. This means that more often than not, there are probably a couple of series you’d like to brush up on. This is the perfect opportunity. Most TV show streaming services offer an offline feature, which makes the episodes available locally on your device. Just download the first season and enjoy it during the flight. If it’s a long flight, you might want to download the second season as well, for the return trip.

Play some games

There are literally thousands of applications in the major app stores, so there are definitely a couple of games you will surely enjoy on your smartphone or tablet. If they are puzzle games it’s even better because they will keep you committed and determined to beat every level. It’s a really fun to pass time, because you can create a lot of diversity for yourself with all the games available.

Read a book

Not all entertainment comes from a digital screen. If you don’t like the idea of spending that much time with your eyes on a screen, maybe you’ll enjoy spending time with your nose in a book. If you’re not an avid reader, give it a try, and if you are one then this is your shot to read that book you’ve always wanted to read but never time for. You can even get an audiobook and download it on your phone or tablet, so you can just listen to the narrated version. Most audiobooks have professional narrators which do a great job of keeping you relaxed but engaged in the story.

The next time you have a long trip ahead of you, you should smile instead frowning because it means you have more time to do the things you never manage to fit in your schedule back home.


Flying in an Air New Zealand ‘Space Seat’ (aka fancy flying on a budget)

I think it must be part of growing up, when you start seriously considering spending money on premium economy or business class seats. Because let’s face it, comfort is always worth the extra money if you can afford it!

During the summer, Pad and I visited the west coast of the USA, and for our way home we found some ridiculously cheap seats home, flying in Air New Zealand’s Space Seat… which is basically their super awesome version of premium economy.

air new zealand space seat review

air new zealand space seat review

air new zealand space seat review

air new zealand space seat review

I feel like ANZ are really onto a winner with these seats, and if you’re reading this blog post trying to figure out if the seats are worth the money… then trust me, they are.

The seats are way more spacious than economy, and you have much more privacy too. They’re almost set out in pods of two (which you can see in the top photo).

You also get a nice little (slightly more fancy than economy) vanity kit, with Clarins stuff in it (yay!)

air new zealand space seat review

air new zealand space seat review


Whilst the food wasn’t amazingly brilliant, it was far more edible than normal plane food, and it came on real plates, with proper cutlery and generous portions. The pudding was especially nice, as was the fresh cranberry juice they kept refilling for me.

I will drink you dry of juice if you give me half the chance.

air new zealand space seat review

There was also a pasta dish as the main course, but for some weird reason, it’s in none of my photos. It was yummy though!

air new zealand space seat review

air new zealand space seat review

air new zealand space seat review

The really nice thing about the seats is how much room you have. Not just for sleeping and relaxing – but you have plenty of room to eat too. I always get frustrated in economy when you get served food, and you’re kinda stuck there for an hour until they clear it away. But in these seats it wasn’t an issue at all.

air new zealand space seat review

air new zealand space seat review

The cabin throughout the flight was quiet and well serviced by the cabin crew too. There was lots of space for stretching your legs and having a wander around too. You can see below just how much space each seat has, the formation has the chairs set up in pairs.

air new zealand space seat review

On their website, they recommend couples taking the middle seats (because you can turn it into a strange lounge-style thing – photos below) but I actually don’t think that would be very comfortable, and would much prefer the side seats, which luckily are the ones we had.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 20.53.22

Below are the side seats, which I think feels a little more private, as they don’t face out into the aisle – instead the face inwards towards the windows.

About the recline… 

From looking at the seats it doesn’t look as though they recline, and it was one worry I had before booking the seats. They do recline though – just not in the convention sense.

Instead of reclining back, the seats slide down and sink inwards, so you get a considerable amount more recline than in economy, and it is very comfy.

Just be careful with the gap it creates between the pod and the seat itself when you recline it – because I dropped my phone down there and had to wait until we’d landed and everyone was off the plane to get it back! Oops!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 20.53.39
air new zealand space seat review

Inflight entertainment was good (as you’d expect!) – I must admit ANZ are one of my favourite airlines, and I think their inflight stuff is one of the best out there. Lots of movies, but lots of TV shows and box sets too.

So that’s it! Let me know if you have any more questions about the Space Seat, I’ll try to answer them! 🙂