Are you looking for the best things to do alone in Boston for your next solo trip?

Join us as we run through a few of our favorite activities that’ll keep your itinerary jam-packed!

If you’re planning a solo trip to Boston in the next few months, then we’ve got you covered in our list of 30 things to do alone in Boston!

On this list of the best things to do alone in Boston, we’ll run through all the activities you’ll need for a sensational vacation, and you’ll find ideas for all budgets.

From historical points of interest to gorgeous green spaces and food tours, you’ll struggle to narrow things down!

Now let’s dive right into this list of the best things to do alone in Boston that’ll have you itching to explore this amazing city.

30 fun things to do alone in Boston…

Do a Duck Tour

To kick off our list of things to do alone in Boston, we have an almighty Duck Tour!

We’d say that this was one of the best ways to see Boston as it covers both land and sea. 

Plus, you’ll get a fully narrated tour that covers everything from Boston Common to Quincy Market!

The tours tend to last 80 minutes, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the city once you’ve hopped off.

Click here to book advance tickets! (Highly recommended!).

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Check out the Freedom Trail

If you’re looking for things to do alone in Boston, you can’t beat a quiet stroll along the Freedom Trail.

This path cuts right through downtown Boston and covers an impressive 16 historical points of interest in the city. It’s a really integral part of the city’s history, and we really recommend it.

Out of all the spots, we’d say the highlights are Paul Revere House, the USS Constitution Museum, and Faneuil Hall.

If you want to join a group walking tour of the Freedom Trail (with a guide) then we really recommend this tour.

Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

When it comes to amazing and artistic things to do in Boston, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum tops them all. It’s also one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL locations in the city, hands down.

It houses tons of European, Asian, and American artwork, including tapestries, sculptures, paintings, and décor. But it’s also magical to behold, even if you’re not that into art.

If you’re visiting at the right time, you might even be able to attend a music event or lecture!

Talk about things to do in Boston that’ll enrich you culturally. We love it here.

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Walk through the Public Garden

Next on our list of great things to do alone in Boston, we have a walk through the Public Garden (established in 1837!).

This is part of several walking tours, but there’s also a separate walking tour called Friends of the Public Garden.

We love this as it’ll take you past the must-see artwork and fill you in on all the historical details of this location.

And hey, people-watching here is another one of our favorite things to do alone in Boston!

Over the Charles Rooftop Bar

Over the Charles Rooftop Bar is next up on our list of things to do in Boston alone.

Drinking alone might not be for everyone, but we find that sitting at a bar alone is perfectly normal in Boston, so it’s a great option for things to do alone in Boston.

If you’re looking for a stunning view of Boston while enjoying delicious drinks and bites, you must check out Charles Rooftop Bar.

This chic spot is perched atop the Charles Hotel and offers panoramic views of the city. The menu is full of creative cocktails like the Lavender Collins and the Smoky Negroni, as well as a great selection of local beers and wines.

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Newbury Street

Exploring Newbury Street, is next up on our list of fun things to do alone in Boston.

Newbury Street in Boston is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a unique shopping, so if you’re looking to make some purchases during your trip, we think you’re going to adore it here.

Located in the heart of the city’s Back Bay neighborhood, this street is home to a wide variety of upscale boutiques, trendy cafes, and chic restaurants. So that’s a whole day of shopping and refreshments taken care of!

Whether you’re in the mood for high-end designer fashion, vintage finds, or artisanal gifts, Newbury Street has something for everyone, and that’s what makes it so popular and loved with visitors and locals alike.

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Go on a sightseeing cruise

Our next pick for awesome things to do alone in Boston? It’s a sightseeing cruise, of course!

If you don’t want to head on a walking tour or self-guided tour, heading down Boston Harbor on a cruise is glorious.

It’s a great alternative to a duck tour, and a sunset cruise will make you feel as though you’re dating yourself.

And everyone deserves a little self-love.

Click here to book advance tickets (which we highly recommend in Spring and Summer!)

Dine at Milkweed

Here’s a restaurant recommendation for our list of things to do alone in Boston. Because everyone needs to eat!

Milkweed is a really homely style restaurant, that’ll make you feel super welcome too.

We love their window seats for solo diners, because they let you people-watch in the sunshine, whilst enjoying your meal!

The food here is amazing, and it feels nostalgic, generous and delicious. Overall, this place is just the perfect solo-dining destination. We know you’ll love it.

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High Street Place Food Hall

High Street Place Food Hall is our next suggestion for fun things to do alone in Boston. This is something to add to your list when you’re feeling hungry!

We find that food halls are a great option when dining alone, so if you’re in the mood for a unique dining experience, you should definitely check out the High Street Place Food Hall!

This lively food hall features a variety of culinary options to satisfy any craving. From sushi rolls to brick-oven pizza, there’s plenty to try.

The seating is relaxed and casual too – so you won’t feel awkward or weird sitting by yourself. In fact, many people dine alone here on their lunch breaks or on the way home from work.

Food-wise, our favorite is their artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches are a must-try, featuring mouth-watering combinations like brie and fig jam or mac and cheese with bacon.

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Catch a Red Sox game

If you’re even remotely interested in sports, you should add a Red Sox game to your list of things to do alone in Boston.

Fenway Park is the place to be for a baseball game in Boston, and the atmosphere around a Sox game is immense.

So, grab a hot dog and a beer and prepare for the night of a lifetime!

If you’d like to learn more about the venue itself, there are 1-hour guided tours of Fenway Park available to book which are great for solo travelers!

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Stroll around Beacon Hill

Our next suggestion for things to do alone in Boston is for anyone who needs a bit of TLC on their trip.

Yep, it’s a stroll around the beautiful Beacon Hill area!

This historic neighborhood is packed with bougie brick houses and lined with cobblestone streets. So, it’s easy to get lost in!

When you’ve had your fill of walking, stop by one of the many local restaurants that are dotted around the neighborhood.

Head on a donut tour! 

To round off our list of amazing things to do alone in Boston, we have a donut tour!

We’re all suckers for sweet treats here, and this amazing tour takes you from the financial district to Boston’s Public Market!

So, it’s a creative (and delicious!) way to see some of Boston’s top attractions while chowing down on donuts.

Check out the Harvard grounds

Whether you’re an Ivy League hopeful or not, visiting Harvard is one of the best things to do alone in Boston.

Not only is there tons of art on offer at the Harvard Art Museums, but you can book tours that show you the libraries and halls.

And honestly, the gorgeous buildings and grounds are reason enough to visit for a couple of hours!

You can also book guided tours around the campus (given by students) which we really recommend!

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Visit a Farmer’s Market

Want to live as the locals do? Well, be sure to add a Farmer’s Market to your list of things to do alone in Boston!

The vibe around the markets is vibrant and welcoming, meaning you’ll never feel awkward visiting each stall.

Copley Square and South Boston are probably the best options for newbies. But Mission Hill is also an excellent option if you’re in the area.

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Explore Charles River Esplanade

Exploring the Charles River Esplanade is next on our list of fun things to do alone in Boston.

Charles River Esplanade is a really lovely, scenic part of the city. Located along the banks of the Charles River, the Esplanade offers beautiful views of the water and the city skyline.

You can spend time a few ways here. You could enjoy some scenic walking, easy jogging, or biking along the many trails that wind through the park, or simply relax on the grassy fields and take in the scenery.

Tip! In the summer months, the Esplanade is a popular spot for outdoor concerts and festivals, so it’s always worth seeing what’s on!

Explore Boston Common

No list of the best things to do alone in Boston would be complete without mentioning Boston Common!

It’s a huge green space and as it was established back in 1634, it’s America’s oldest public park.

During the wintertime, you can go ice skating or enjoy the chilly air with a coffee and book on a park bench.

And during spring and summer, you can appreciate the beautiful botanic gardens or simply go for a stroll! Bliss.

Catch a show at the Boston Opera House

Fancy a spot of culture during your trip to New England? Be sure to add the Boston Opera House to your list of things to do alone in Boston!

This place is huge and houses 2,600 people.

You can expect to see traveling ballets, Broadway touring productions, plays, and everything in between.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy one of the best things to do alone in Boston!

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Grab food at the Time Out Market

If you’re remotely hungry at any point during your trip, you need to make a beeline for Time Out Market.

Exploring this popular spot is one of the best things to do alone in Boston.

You can check out the industrial-chic décor while trying out the many different restaurant stalls dotted throughout the venue.

Just prepare to literally roll out of here to the next spot on our list of the best things to do alone in Boston!

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Indulge your cultural side at the Institute of Contemporary Art

If you can’t get enough of Boston’s artsy scene, then you’ll love the Institute of Contemporary Art.

It’s filled to the brim with exhibitions from local artists (and emerging artists!), making it an exciting spot for uncovering new talent.

And as you won’t have anyone talking to you?

Well, it’s one of the best things to do alone in Boston where you can just enjoy the art!

Chow down on fresh seafood

New England is known for its stellar clam chowder. 

So, why not add seafood sampling to your list of things to do alone in Boston?

Not only will getting a table for 1 at busy times be way easier, but you can try everything from lobster to mussels during your trip!

Talk about delicious.

If you’re not sure where to head, downtown is a good place to start for the best seafood restaurants in Boston.

Visit the New England Aquarium

Our next suggestion for fun things to do alone in Boston is the New England Aquarium!

It’s home to an impressive 500 species of marine life, and you can easily book the behind-the-scenes tour if you’re flying solo.

While you’re here, keep an eye out for the penguins, sharks, and sea turtles!

And if you’re looking for free things to do alone in Boston, the external enclosure for seals has no entrance fee.

Click here to book skip-the-line entry tickets!

Explore the Boston Public Library

Next up on our list of the best things to do alone in Boston – it’s the Boston Public Library!

Not only is this place utterly beautiful, but it’s home to over 24 million works across several different genres.

So, you can easily sit here admiring the marble sculptures as you flick through a few books.

Seriously, it’s one of the most incredible things to do alone in Boston!

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Go on the Ghosts and Graveyards Tour

If you want to add a touch of spookiness to your vacation, head on a Ghosts and Graveyards Tour!

This is one of the best things to do alone in Boston if you want to kill a couple of hours.

It’ll take you to creepy burial grounds and haunted buildings that house some of the city’s darkest secrets.

But don’t worry – you’ll be safe and sound on your trolley!

Watch a movie at Coolidge Corner Theatre

The Coolidge Corner Theatre is next on our list of things to do alone in Boston.

This great location is actually a historic movie theater located in the Coolidge Corner neighborhood. This neighborhood is well worth exploring too – since you’ll be in the area!

The theater was first opened in 1933, so it has lots of history, and it’s really worth a visit as it’s a bit of a local favorite.

It is known for its unique programming, which includes independent films, classic movies, and special events like guest speakers and film festivals.

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Go whale watching

Next up on our list of things to do alone in Boston, it’s a whale watching tour!

The Boston coast is regarded for its whale-watching catamaran cruises, and you can usually see more whales than you’d expect!

The average tour lasts around 3.5 to 4 hours, which gives you enough time to get on the water and spot some wildlife.

Just remember to book in advance as these tours are popular.

Take a fitness class

Next on our list of things to do alone in Boston, it’s taking a fitness class!

There are many pop-up fitness classes across the city, from organized park runs, to workout sessions and yoga classes.

If fitness is your thing, this might be a great way to spend a few hours!

Enjoy a few belly laughs at Improv Asylum

Fancy lightening your evening with a bit of comedy?

Then you’ll love the next entry on our list of the best things to do alone in Boston!

Improv Asylum is Boston’s best comedy venue and it’s been entertaining locals and tourists for way over 20 years.

You can rock up and grab a ticket for the comedian of the night or even get up and try something for yourself!

It’s one of the best things to do alone in Boston for extroverts.

Get a blow dry

One of my favorite things to do when traveling alone in Boston, is getting a blow dry at one of the many DryBar salons.

Just because I’m traveling alone doesn’t mean I don’t want to look great! And getting a blow dry is a great excuse for some down time and pampering.

Soak in the city views at Piers Park

Next up on our list of things to do alone in Boston, it’s soaking in some amazing city views from Piers Park.

Piers Park isn’t the most centrally located park, but that’s actually why it’s so magical. Because from Piers Park you get the most gorgeous views of the city skyline.

So, if you want to spend some time outdoors, and you want to also enjoy some city vistas, this is a great option for things to do alone in Boston.

Dine at Pier 6

Dining at Pier 6 is our next suggestion for things to do alone in Boston.

This is a gorgeous dining location (one of the nicest in the city we think) and if you don’t mind dining alone, it’s a fantastic choice.

The restaurant boasts a menu that features a wide array of fresh seafood, steak, and sushi dishes, all made with high-quality ingredients and expertly prepared by the skilled chefs.

In addition to the delectable cuisine, Pier 6 also offers an impressive selection of signature cocktails and craft beers that perfectly complement the menu. What more could you ask for?

Oh wait, there are amazing city views too!

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We hope this list of fun things to do alone in Boston has given you plenty of inspiration for your visit!

Let us know which of these things to do alone in Boston you’ll be trying out during your trip!