I’ve stayed in my fair share of Las Vegas hotels, but my favourite (as of July this year) has to be The Aria. The Aria is one of the newer hotels on the strip and sits just behind The Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Because it’s so new, it has a sleek, modern feel that lots of other hotels in Vegas just don’t have – and that’s what I loved so much about it.

The hotel rooms didn’t feel stuffy, old or forgotten – they felt luxurious and I felt spoilt just being in there.

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As always, I asked for a room on a high floor.

In any city we visit I always ask at reception for the highest floor they can give us – because I love waking up with a view. We ended up with a room on the second highest residential floor, and the views were pretty spectacular…


And from the other side of the building…. an amazing view of the the sunset over the Las Vegas mountains in the distance. I kept meaning to do a time-lapse of the sun going down (it was so pretty) but every night I forgot. Vegas will do that to you.

Just for a little perspective (because, let’s face it, hotel rooms don’t stay tidy for long) here is what the room looked like after we messed it up. Which took about 0.5 seconds after dumping our bags.

As you can see the room is huge and the bed is massive. Proper USA king-sized bed. Which means I can lie stretched out and not even reach both ends.

The decor is modern and sophisticated and felt like a kind of luxury ski cabin to me, the only thing to convince me otherwise was the view of Las Vegas out of the window of course.

Read more about the Aria Hotel: Review of the Aria Hotel Corner Suite (with photos and video tour)

My only complaint, was the water pressure in the shower. But it didn’t end up annoying me too much.

I think I was too distracted by the high-tech room, the black out curtains, posh bathrooms robes and massive mini bar selection to let the shower bother me too much.

The room even had a ‘goodnight’ button which powered down EVERYTHING and automatically closed the curtains when you pressed it. MAGICAL!


The next thing I loved about the Aria was the poolside area.

The older hotels in Vegas don’t really nurture their pool areas as much as they could and I remember being seriously disappointed by the pool areas at New York Hotel when we stayed there as it just felt totally run down and old.

The Aria Hotel’s pool area however is beautiful, spacious and feels like a proper resort. We spent an entire day by the pool and we loved it.

There are several pools too – some more rowdy and less family-friendly than others (but balance is the key) and you’d just choose the pool that suits you the most. Poolside drinks are pretty expensive (OK, very expensive) but if you’re smart enough to bring your own drinks down to the pool instead, this isn’t even an issue.



Look, sooo pretty!


Oh another lovely little details are the mini heated jacuzzi pools hidden around the pool area. They’re found hiding between trees and cabanas and make a nice little relaxing change to the main pools.


Here we are looking smug and happy by the pool.


I feel like the Aria buffet also deserves a mention here – because it’s amazing, and cheaper than some of the major buffets such as Bellagio. I preferred it over the Bellagio buffet too – so that was a pleasant surprise. You can read a full review of the aria buffet here.

Have you been to The Aria Hotel in Las Vegas? What did you think?