Looking for restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving in NYC?

If so – my list should give you some great ideas!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times to visit NYC.

There is something so beautiful about seeing the city in the height of autumn, when all the leaves are changing colors, and the pace of the city slows down a little.

If you’re in the city during Thanksgiving, there are also plenty of great restaurants open too. Unlike other cities around the country, many places stay open for this holiday in NYC.

To save you the job of tracking all the good locations down, I’ve put all my personal recommendations into a list for you. I’ve also included them in a helpful map too – so you can see how close various opens are.

Thanksgiving in NYC

Trust me – you’ll have plenty of choices to choose from!

Whether you want a cosy evening meal, or a big family-style brunch, there are so many great choice when it comes to best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC.

Reminder: Whilst I try to be as accurate as possible, I am human! Some restaurants will change their opening hours / menus for holidays with little notice. I will check sites like Open Table to verify, but I always recommend checking yourself (and reserving) ahead of the day!

My handy map of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC!


Gemma is my absolute favorite restaurant that’s open on Thanksgiving in NYC.

First of all, I love the decor and vibe of this place. It feels really cozy, cute and charming – which I think is the perfect kind of atmosphere you want on Thanksgiving Day!

To me, this restaurant kind of feels like a European pub – and it feels a little like stepping into a story-book tavern. So far from the chaos of Manhattan outside.

Secondly, their Thanksgiving menu doesn’t disappoint at all! It’s full of the delicious, mouth-watering food you’d expect!

With amazing dishes like slow-roasted turkey with apple-chestnut stuffing – you know you’re in for some absolutely delicious food.

Il Buco

  • Website: https://ilbuco.com/
  • Address: 47 Bond St, New York, NY 10012, United States
  • Phone: +1 212-533-1932
  • Closest Subway station: Bleecker St

Next up on my list of amazing restaurants open for Thanksgiving in NYC, it’s the charming and intimate Il Buco.

This restaurant stole my heart the moment I first stepped inside. The decor is so quaint and quirky, and it feels almost like you’re dining in someone’s actual dining room.

It’s warm, cozy and cute – all things I look for, especially around Thanksgiving. These guys will be serving an Italian-inspired holiday prix-fixe menu between 1pm – 9pm on Thanksgiving, and it’s so worth checking out.

At $85 per person, you won’t find a more beautifully presented meal, where the requisite flavors and textures have been so lovingly thought-out.

This is a Thanksgiving meal for people who want to feel a bit special, and make some memories.

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Carmine’s NYC

  • Website: https://www.carminesnyc.com/
  • Address: 200 West 44th Street New York, NY 10036 USA
  • Phone: 12123622200
  • Closest Subway station: Times Square-42nd Street

Next up on my list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC, it’s Carmine’s.

Carmine’s is offering a lovely family-style Thanksgiving menu, which feels really traditional and perfect for wholesome family get-togethers in the city.

It’s available for dine-in (of course) but also takeout or delivery (if you’re interested in eating at home, or in your hotel room!).

Their indulgent Thanksgiving special menu includes a huge 18-pound Roast Turkey, with all the classic side dishes. Some of these include… brussels sprouts, sauteed string beans, baby carrots and mashed potatoes. Just to name a few!

I really recommend booking ahead and reserving for this one – because it’ll be really popular!

Image credit: https://www.carminesnyc.com/

Katz Deli

  • Website: https://katzsdelicatessen.com/
  • Address: 205 East Houston Street New York, NY 10002
  • Phone: 12122542246
  • Closest Subway station: 2nd Avenue subway station

This is by far my favorite choice for restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC, if you’re looking for something a little bit more laid back and casual.

This place is a New York City icon, and in our opinion, it’s one of the best places to spend Thanksgiving in NYC. Katz Deli is simply delicious, and it has so much atmosphere and energy too.

Sure, Katz Deli isn’t the most conventional choice for Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s memorable, delicious and you can’t get somewhere more ‘New York’.

We love it and we’re huge fans of this place. We can’t imagine something better than their huge turkey sub on Thanksgiving day!

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The Dutch

  • Website: https://www.thedutchnyc.com/
  • Address: 131 Sullivan Street New York, NY 10012
  • Phone: 12126776200
  • Closest Subway station: Houston Street subway

Without fail, this is one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC.

Between you and me, it’s a good thing too, as Thanksgiving at The Dutch is always a special affair.

At $145 per guest, you’ll be able to enjoy organic roast turkey, rich mashed potatoes, bread stuffing, and much more.

Once you’ve had your fill of the mains, you’ll have your choice of dessert. 

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Each dessert on the menu at The Dutch is delectable, but we’re particularly partial to the Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake with Rice Crispies, and Vanilla Ice Cream. Snap, crackle, and pop indeed!

It’s a great place for Thanksgiving dinner in NYC.

However, if you’d rather go for a traditional Thanksgiving dessert, then you should certainly try the famous Pecan Pie.

Image credit: https://www.instagram.com/thedutchnyc/

Quality Meats

  • Website: https://www.qualitymeatsnyc.com/
  • Address: 57 West 58th Street New York, NY 10019 USA
  • Phone: 12123717777
  • Closest Subway station: 59th Street-Columbus Circle subway station

Quality Meats is next on my list of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC! This is one of my favorite restaurants for any kind of celebration in the city.

Thanksgiving dinner in NYC simply doesn’t get better than this, especially if you love steaks and big hearty portions.

I’ve spent Christmas here twice, and loved it – and I can only imagine they make just as much of a fanfare for Thanksgiving too!

Quality Meats is a fantastic choice for a delicious and sophisticated Thanksgiving meal. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in NYC (great food and great service, what more can we say?).

Quality Meats is a brilliant choice for Thanksgiving, but we definitely recommend booking ahead (especially as this place is so popular on special occasions!).

Expect some delicious meat dishes, we especially recommend the bone-in steak.


  • Website: https://www.cotenyc.com/
  • Address: 16 West 22nd Street New York, NY 10010
  • Phone: 12124017986
  • Closest Subway station: 23rd Street subway

It may seem bizarre to head to a Korean steakhouse on turkey day, but this is one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC.

This place is Michelin-starred, and it offers one of the most incredible Turkey feasts in the city. Which makes it a fantastic pick for Thanksgiving dinner in NYC.

Although the turkey here is to die for, we’d also recommend grabbing a couple of cuts off Cote’s butcher’s block.

The Flatiron and ribeye are particular favorites, and both melt in the mouth.

Sure, you could stick to traditional turkey this Thanksgiving, but isn’t this way more fun? Their Thanksgiving menu comprises of a full feast of four cuts, and some classic fixins’ (with a Cote twist).

They’re open 1pm to 9pm Thanksgiving Day, and as it’s so popular – you’ll want to reserve a table well in advance.

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Image credit: https://www.instagram.com/cote_nyc/

Virgil’s Real BBQ

  • Website: https://www.virgilsbbq.com/
  • Address: 152 West 44th Street New York, NY 10036
  • Phone: 12129219494
  • Closest Subway station: Times Square-42nd Street subway station

Next up on our list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving NYC, it’s the classic BBW place, Virgil’s Real BBQ.

If you want a Thanksgiving feast with a BBQ twist, then Virgil’s Real BBQ is the choice for you.

This place is family friendly, welcome big groups, and they’re located right the middle of Midtown – so perfect for tourists and people visiting the city for the holidays.

Why is this a great pick for Thanksgiving dinner in NYC? Well, they serve up a delicious family-style feast that includes an 18-pound Smoked Turkey with Gravy, accompanied by all the best flavorful dishes you can eat!

We’re talking Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing, Sweet Potatoes with melted marshmallows, Homemade Cranberry Sauce… You name it. They have it here.

Image credit: https://www.virgilsbbq.com/


  • Website: https://dagonnyc.com/
  • Address: 2454 Broadway, New York, NY 10024, United States
  • Phone: 12128732466
  • Closest Subway station: 96 St Station

Next on our list of the best restaurants for Thanksgiving dinner in NYC, it’s Dagon, headed up by Chef Ari Bokovza.

The Thanksgiving Menu at Dagon is a little different, which is why we love it. It has all the elements of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but with a subtle Mediterranean touch added in for good measure!

This gorgeous West-Side restaurant is offering a prix-fixe three-course menu for $75. Which is an amazing deal, especially considering the flavor and quality of the food here.

We really recommend booking ahead, because this is a favorite choice for lots of locals (as well as tourists!).

Image credit: https://dagonnyc.com/

The Standard Grill

Although it’s called The Standard Grill, there’s truly nothing standard about this luscious restaurant.

You should expect an amazing traditional Thanksgiving dinner packed with seasonal dishes and a traditional roast turkey.

Now, these guys specialize in all things grilled, so you know their Thanksgiving menu will be top notch.

Served family style, and priced at $95 per person, it’s a great deal for such a luxurious setting, right in the heart of the city.

Even if you don’t fancy the Thanksgiving blowout, you can opt for one of the amazing grills on the regular a la carte menu.

However, we highly recommend ordering the special Thanksgiving menu – trust us, you won’t regret sampling the Maine lobster salad and baked salmon. 

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Image credit: https://thestandardgrill.com/

Victory Garden Café 

One of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC has got to be Victory Garden Café.

Not only is the set menu here a steal (it comes in at only $25 a head!), but the food is just delightful.

This restaurant is best known for its al-fresco dining, but don’t worry about getting too cold during those chilly November evenings.

These guys have a fully kitted out patio that includes the best electric heaters in the biz! 

Among the top items on the Thanksgiving menu here is the turkey stuffed with rice and ground veal. Packed with spices, this dish is truly one for the books.

That’s a Thanksgiving dinner in NYC we can get onboard with!

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The Smith- Lincoln Square

The Smith in Lincoln Square is our next idea for grabbing Thanksgiving dinner in the city.

The Smith is a lovely restaurant with a classic vibe, serving up classic American brasserie dishes.

We think this is lovely for Thanksgiving dinner in NYC, and the location is really central too, so it’s ideal if you’re stopping nearby.

Sure, this might not be the fanciest restaurant open on Thanksgiving in NYC, but their service is great, the food is tasty and the reviews are really consistently good.

Image credit: https://thesmithrestaurant.com/location/lincoln-square/


  • Website: https://www.kunjip.nyc/
  • Address: 9 West 32nd Street New York, NY 10001
  • Phone: 12126860909
  • Closest Subway station: 34th Street-Herald Square subway station

Kunjip is next on our list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC!

If you’re looking for something a little different for Thanksgiving, then we really recommend checking out Kunjip in Koreatown.

If you’ve never had Korean BBQ then you don’t yet know the level of deliciousness in store!

If you are familiar with Korean BBQ, then you’ll know it’s one of the most fun family-style dinner you can have!

You can cook all your meat and vegetables at your own table, chatting and laughing as you prepare and enjoy your food!

You’ll get loads of brilliant (and tasty!) side dishes too (included) and you can add classics such as Bibimbap too!

Overall, we really recommend this place if you’re looking for an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner.

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  • Website: https://www.lafayetteny.com/
  • Address: 380 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10003
  • Phone: 1 212-995-9600
  • Closest Subway station: Astor Place

If you love incredible desserts and fine French food, then you should head to Lafayette for Thanksgiving dinner in NYC this year.

Not only is Lafayette one of the top restaurants for Thanksgiving dinner, but it is known for its unbeatable Thanksgiving pies too.

Each pie comes in at under $40, so it’s a steal if you’re looking for an incredible dessert to pull out at the end of your feast. 

However, if you’re after the Full Monty, then you’ll want to go for Lafayette’s Thanksgiving set menu.

You’ll have the option to dine in or out, but due to the time of year, you’ll probably want to stay indoors!

With French onion soup, roast turkey, and perfect aged duck on the menu, you’re unlikely to leave your meal here unsatisfied! 

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Image credit: https://www.lafayetteny.com/gallery/gallery/

Restaurant Daniel

  • Website: https://www.danielnyc.com/
  • Address: 60 East 65th Street New York, NY 10065 USA
  • Phone: 1 212-288-0033
  • Closest Subway station: 68th Street-Hunter College subway station

Restaurant Daniel is known for its festive fare, so it’s unsurprising that it’s one of the restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC!

At this wonderful spot, you’ll be treated to a three-course meal featuring Thanksgiving classics that have been elevated with high-class ingredients such as duck and truffle.

This is one of the best traditional dinners in the city for this holiday – and I think you’re going to love it. It feels special, and memorable.

Although we don’t recommend visiting this restaurant if you’re a picky eater, those who love a taste of the fine life will surely appreciate all that Restaurant Daniel has to offer. 


  • Website: https://www.oceanarestaurant.com/
  • Address: 120 West 49th Street New York, NY 10020
  • Phone: 1 212-759-5941
  • Closest Subway station: 47-50th Streets-Rockefeller Center subway station

Oceana is known for being one of the top seafood restaurants in the city.

However, it’s also one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC for a lush, turkey dinner! Seriously, these guys know how to do it all.

If you’re looking to dine in on that special day, then book in for the three-course fixed menu.

It comes in at $95 for adults and $60 for kids under 12. As one of the more reasonable Thanksgiving dinner options, it’s a perfect choice for larger families that may struggle to budget elsewhere. 

If you’d prefer to enjoy Oceana’s incredible menu from the comfort of your own home, then you can go for their Thanksgiving Takeout Package.

Their smaller package comes in at $275, which should work out for families of up to 6.

Featuring stuffing, perfect potatoes, sides, and of course, the famous turkey, this is a must-visit.

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Il Fiorista

  • Website: https://www.ilfioristanyc.com/
  • Address: 17 West 26th Street New York, NY 10010
  • Phone: 1 646-490-8240
  • Closest Subway station: 28th Street subway station

Il Fiorista is next on my list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC!

This place is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for modern, tasty and fun food.

It’s another wonderful location for Thanksgiving dinners in NYC, and sophisticated too!

This restaurant is all about embracing the amazing power of flowers – so you can imagine that Thanksgiving in Il Florista is Thanksgiving dinner with a twist!


  • Website: https://www.gyu-kaku.com/
  • Address: 805 3rd Ave, 2nd Floor, NY, 10022
  • Phone: (212) 702-8816
  • Closest Subway station: City Hall station

If you’re looking for a different take on thanksgiving dinner in NYC, then you’re going to love my next suggestion!

Gyu-Kaku is a Japanese BBQ place, serving up some pretty epic flavors and food combinations, under than classic style of table-shared grilling.

They are booking only, so you’ll want to make sure you get yourself booked and ready, if this is taking your fancy.

They have a few locations in the city though, so you shouldn’t struggle.

Overall though? This is a fantastic choice for grabbing dinner on Thanksgiving in New York. It’s fun, different and immersive.

Image credit: https://www.gyu-kaku.com/east-village/

La Grande Boucherie

  • Website: https://www.boucherieus.com/
  • Address: 145 West 53rd Street New York, NY 10019
  • Phone: 1 212-510-7714
  • Closest Subway station: 7th Avenue subway station

My next idea for restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC, is the wonderful La Grande Boucherie.

If you’re looking for somewhere with classic decor, old-world charm and delicious food, then we think you’ll love visiting La Grande Boucherie for Thanksgiving dinner in NYC.

Just visiting this location is worth of a few Instagram snaps (and that’s before you see the food!).

The downright dazzling dining gallery features these incredible 40’ glass ceilings, and it really just transports you out of NYC, and into Paris.

Anyway, I think you’ll love this place, and I know you’re going to love the food.

Image credit: https://boucherie.nyc/la-grande-boucherie-midtown-manhattan-nyc/


Listen, we couldn’t write this list, and not include a few different steak options.

It’s pretty widely accepted, that a steak dinner in NYC, is almost as good as a Thanksgiving dinner in NYC – which is why they’re always such a popular choice on this day of the year!

We love STK in NYC, it’s a classic steak brand, and they serve up incredible meat (and delicious side dishes too).

Overall it’s a great choice for Thanksgiving dinner in NYC, but we do recommend booking ahead for this one especially.

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Image credit: https://stksteakhouse.com/venues/nyc-midtown/


  • Website: http://www.pappardella.com/
  • Address: 316 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10023
  • Phone: 1 212-595-7996
  • Closest Subway station: 72nd Street subway station

If you crave some Italian food this Thanksgiving in NYC, might we recommend Pappardella to you?

This is a great choice for restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC, and they serve up some seriously wonderful options!

The flavors and food here is inspired by the culture and menus of Tuscany, which means you can expect homemade pasta, artisanal pizza and other great Italian staples.

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Image credit: https://www.instagram.com/pappardellanyc/

Olio e Più

  • Website: https://www.olioepiu.com/
  • Address: 3 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10014
  • Phone: 1 212-243-6546
  • Closest Subway station: West 4th Street subway station

We thought we’d end our list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC, with another fantastic Italian restaurant.

Olio e Più is located in the gorgeous West Village, and they serve up some of the city’s most wholesome and delicious homemade pasta dishes.

Another reason we love this place for Thanksgiving dinner in NYC? The setting! There’s just something so homely and comforting about eating at Olio e Più.

Which is exactly the kind of vibe we’re looking for on Thanksgiving in NYC.

Image credit: https://www.instagram.com/olioepiu/

Hopefully this list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC has been helpful!

As you can see, there are plenty of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in NYC to grab a delicious Thanksgiving dinner in NYC!