One of the biggest concerns that individuals have after having started an around-the-World journey, or even after having decided for a traveling lifestyle, is how to earn money so as to survive. Even if you have enough savings when you start off, the chances are that you will need some extra cash to pay for accommodation and food at some point. We would like to share some tips with you below on how you can make money while traveling.

English as a foreign language

This is an old favourite and has been a means of earning money for many 21st century travellers. Different countries have different language-teaching employment programmes, but most of them function on the same basis and are fairly easy to access. The main benefit of taking on this type of work is that you get to socialise with the locals and learn the basics of the local language while teaching them English. This work can also help enrich your experience of the area as well as learn more about their culture and way of life.

The hospitality industries

One of the most flexible types of work that one can find today is that of working in the resort and hospitality industries. As the work is seasonal, it can accommodate your travel plans. The main benefit of working within the hospitality industries is that it gives you a great chance to network and meet people.

Work as an au pair

If you have previous experience of working with children or enjoy working with children, then working as an au pair is worth considering. The benefits being that while traveling and making money, you will also enjoy having board and lodgings and being able to mingle with the local families. Obviously, this line of work is not for everyone – but if you enjoy the company of children and need regular and guaranteed income, Au Pair could be a great choice!

Freelance writing

Upwork is a relatively new freelance writing site that is a joint venture between the former ODesk and Elance. Apart from allowing you to work/write in your own hours of preference, Upwork also let’s you pick any specific, writing sub-category – such as for example copywriting, translating, editing…etc. The beauty of this site lies in the fact that it also recruits website designers, video producers, game developers and virtual assistants. It would certainly be worth investigating to see if there is a category for you. You could also consider setting up an online marketplace, where you sell items remotely.

Selling handmade products

If your personal unique selling point is something like making handmade crafts, then selling them while traveling is a good way to earn money. By setting up an online marketplace, such as with Etsy or Amazon, you would also not have the confinement of an office space, but be able to work as you travel! If this is something that you usually do as a hobby, then it will feel great as a job!

Working while traveling is easily achievable. You just need to tap into the skills that you already have and find a job that works around your travel needs. Most importantly, don’t give up!