If you’re planning a weekend or a longer vacation with your girlfriends, you might be looking for girls’ trip ideas!

There are so many amazing locations out there, ideal for a girl’s trip, so hopefully, our list of girls’ trip ideas will provide you with plenty of ideas and inspiration!

So, whether you looking for a beachy weekend or a city break, this list is going to give you plenty of locations to check out!

Before we start, we’ve divided the list of girls’ trip ideas into 3 categories:

  • City Break
  • Sunshine fix
  • Something Quirky
  • Longhaul adventures

This way, you’ll be able to find the perfect girls’ trip ideas for your group of friends, and prioritize exactly what you’re all hoping for.

So, let’s get into it!

Here are our favorite girls’ trip ideas!

New York City (city break)

First on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s NYC. Of course, we had to include NYC on our list of girls’ trip ideas, because it’s the classic girls’ trip location.

Spend your days wandering around the MANY things to do in the city, shopping up a storm, taking some cute Instagram photos and seeing the sights…

And then spend your evening sipping cocktails in one of NYC’s best rooftop bars, tucking into some amazing food, seeing a Broadway musical, or enjoying live jazz music. It’s no wonder this is one of the best girls’ trip ideas.

Honestly, no one can be bored in NYC, and it’s one of those girls’ trip ideas that will please literally everyone in your group.

Yes it can be expensive, but there are ways around this, such as sharing rooms, and opting for slightly less central hotels (in Brooklyn for example).

Whatever you go for, NYC is one of the best girls’ trip ideas, and it’s always a winner.

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Chicago (city break)

If you’re looking for girls’ trip ideas based in a city, Chicago is another fantastic pick. It’s a little less pricey than NYC, and may be closer to you if you’re all based on the West Coast.

Chicago reminds us a lot of NYC, but it has it’s own personality and quirkiness that is hard to resist.

Chicago is one of the best girls’ trip ideas for summer city getaways. You’ll avoid the humidity of NYC, but still get the bustling summer vibe, and amazing city activities.

The food here is fantastic, the art scene is wonderful, there are countless parks to enjoy, and you can even swim in Lake Michigan if you’re brave enough!

It’s a fantastic choice for girls’ trip ideas, especially if you’re looking for a slightly more affordable city break.

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New Orleans (city break)

Editorial credit: Page Light Studios / Shutterstock.com

Next on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s New Orleans. Now, this is a great pick for the girls who love their nightlife, but also love a bit of culture and history too.

There isn’t a bad time to visit New Orleans, and it’s full of energy and vibes all year round – which is why it’s a fantastic pick for girls’ trip ideas.

New Orleans has an incredible food scene (unlike any other!) and the nightlife here is unparalleled. You’ll have some of the best nights of your life here, we promise.

With all the activities and fun to be had here, you can see why we included it on our list of girls’ trip ideas!

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Las Vegas (city break)

Las Vegas is a city like NO OTHER – which is why it made our list of the best girls’ trip ideas!

Las Vegas is made for a girls’ trip, and you’ll find everything you could possibly need and want here.

You can spend the day relaxing by the pool, go and get a blow-out at the hotel’s spa, and then head out int the night to sample some of the best nightlife in the country.

But it’s not all about nightlife! If clubbing isn’t your thing, don’t worry! You have hundreds upon hundreds of restaurants to pick from, rooftop bars and cocktail places, amazing theatrical shows (like Cirque du Soleil), magicians, shopping, you name it.

Seriously, if you’re looking for girls’ trip ideas that will get everyone excited, and be an absolute hit – visiting Las Vegas is a sure thing.

Another thing we love about Las Vegas for a girls trip? Luxury hotels (4* and above) are really competitively priced here. Especially during the week! So it’s one of those girls’ trip ideas where you don’t need to sacrifice style and sophistication.

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Charleston, South Carolina (city break)

Next on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s Charleston in South Carolina. This is one of those amazing cities that is heaven for a short break away.

Whether you spend your time exploring the flea markets, or browsing the second-hand book stores – you’ll want to finish your day by eating at one of the unique independent restaurants serving fresh local produce.

There’s not much not to like here. It’s a peaceful city, with plenty of things to do, and a great welcoming energy too.

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San Diego (city break)

Next on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s the amazing city of San Diego!

San Deigo is one of those cities that tends to fly under most people’s radar. It’s chilled, laid back and it doesn’t try to compete with the more metropolitan cities in the USA (because it doesn’t have to).

Instead, what San Diego can offer you is the great outdoors.

So if you’re looking for girls’ trip ideas with plenty of outdoor activities, then San Diego might be a perfect idea. You can scuba dive, snorkel, paddleboard, hike, you name it.

Oh, and if you want girls’ trip ideas with amazing Mexican food, this is the place!

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Portland, Oregon

Next on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s Portland, Oregon. Portland, Oregon is such a gorgeous city, oozing with character and quirky charm.

We especially love this city because it’s so welcoming, and (needless to say) the food scene is intensely glorious.

There is so much amazing food on offer here, so this will be a girls’ trip where you won’t go hungry. That’s for sure!

Miami Beach (sunshine fix)

Our last suggestion for girls’ trip ideas that falls into the city break category, is Miami!

Miami is a great girl trip idea for group of ladies who want to party, relax by the pool, and chill on the beach!

The weather her is (mostly great), there are some amazing hotels and AirBnBs around the beach area, and you won’t have to look far for things to do in the area.

Miami Beach is one of those cities that is an ideal spot for girls’ trip ideas, because it has so much to offer groups of friends! From amazing cocktail deals, to delicious restaurants, to pool parties!

If you’re looking for a jam-packed girls trip, with plenty of nightlife and attractions, then Miami might be the one for you.

Malibu (sunshine fix)

Next on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s a girls weekend in Malibu. Now, this isn’t for people who want loads of entertainment during the day and night.

Malibu is one of the best girls’ trip ideas for group who want to completely relax and switch off from it all.

Rent yourself a house on the beach, spend the days relaxing down by the waves, and then dine out some local restaurants in the evening.

This is one of those gorgeous girls’ trip ideas for when you want to switch off and enjoy some relaxed quiet time and some amazing sea views.

Key West (Sunshine fix)

Key West is next on our list of girls’ trip ideas, and it’s a gorgeous sunshine location you won’t want to miss.

Key West is a chilled-out, relaxed beach town, located a few hours drive from Miami, and on the southern most tip of the USA. And it makes a fantastic grown-up girls trip.

You’re almost guaranteed good weather here, and the vibe and energy here is so charming and wonderful too.

There is loads to do here too, which is why we wanted to include it on our list of girls’ trip ideas. You could try sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, paddleboarding, and jetskiing, the list is endless!

The town itself is full of so many beautiful little cafes and coffee shops, and lots of little stores and boutiques too. It’s such a great choice for girls’ trip ideas!

The Bahamas (Sunshine fix)

Our first international suggestion for girls’ trip ideas, is The Bahamas. A short flight from any east coast destination, we think this is an amazing pick for a girl’s trip!

We wanted to include The Bahamas on our list of girls’ trip ideas, because it’s an ideal place for a package holiday, where you can truly switch off and soak in the relaxation.

There are so many amazing hotels in the Bahamas, ranging in budget, which also makes it a solid pick for the best girls’ trip ideas.

You can spend all day by the pool or on the beach, and then get dressed up for drinks and dinner in the evening. Sound perfect!

Cancun, Mexico (Sunshine fix)

Next on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s Cancun in Mexico. Again, this is only a short flight from the USA, so it’s a perfect choice for girls’ trip ideas where you want guaranteed sunshine.

But what makes Cancun different to Tha Bahamas? We’ll we think Cancun is aimed at a younger, more nightlife focused crowd.

So if that sounds like you and your friends, then you might have stumbled upon the perfect girls’ trip idea for your trip!

Why did we want to include Cancun on our list of girls’ trip ideas? Well it has beaches, beautiful hotels, lively nightlife, and great weather. In a nutshell, doesn’t that sound ideal?

Portland, Maine (quirky)

Editorial credit: jejim / Shutterstock.com

First on our list of quirky girls’ trip ideas, it’s Portland in Maine. We LOVE Portland, Maine, and we could write our list of girls’ trip ideas without including it.

If you want a wholesome, fun, laid-back kind of girls trip, then this might be the ideal location.

You’ll find charming shopping, beautiful streets, amazing seafood (the LOBSTER is divine) and friendly locals.

It’s just a lovely place to be, and it’s one of those places that is even better when experienced with friends. It’s a great pick for girls’ trip ideas!

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Québec City, Canada (quirky)

Editorial credit: Charles-Edouard Cote / Shutterstock.com

Just over the border in Canada, is Québec City, one of the quirkiest girls’ trip ideas we could think of.

Québec City is one of a kind, and it’s so different to anywhere else on this list of girls’ trip ideas!

Many people say Québec City is the closest thing you can get to experiencing Europe, without being in Europe itself… So if you wanted a girls trip to Paris but your budget just won’t stretch that far, then Québec City is a perfect pick.

The architecture is gorgeously historical, and the locals even speak French!

Niagara Falls (quirky)

Next on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s Niagara Falls! Now this might not seem like the most obvious pick for a girls trip, but we think you’ll love it.

Niagara Falls has this kind of ‘Las Vegas’ energy to it. With all the attractions, restaurants, shows on offer there. And of course, it has the added bonus of having the actual Niagara Falls right there!

It’s one of those great girls’ trip ideas that is surprisingly fun, and unexpected. We think you’ll love it!

Oh, and it’s always great to tick off one of your bucket list items!

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Montauk (quirky)

Next on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s Montauk!

Montauk is a beach town, located at the very east end of the Long Island peninsula. It’s located by the Hamptons, so you can imagine the kind of bougee beach break we’re planning here!

Montauk is rustic, charming, quaint, and lovely. There’s plenty of outdoors exploring to do (the local lighthouse is pretty famous), and there’s also beautiful beaches to relax on and enjoy too.

Local restaurants are independently owned, usually serving up delicious catch-of-the-day seafood.

It’s one of the more expensive girls’ trip ideas on this list, but it’s wonderful. A weekend in Montauk won’t disappoint!

Atlantic City (quirky)

Editorial credit: KIRAYONAK YULIYA / Shutterstock.com

Have you seen the Sex and the City episode where they go to Atlantic City? We’ll that the next spot on our list of girls’ trip ideas!

Atlantic city isn’t exactly stylish or glamorous, but it’s a lot of fun if you’re with the right crowd.

Remove any expectations, and go for the cocktails, the dancing and the casinos! It’s a really fun idea for girls’ trip ideas, and we think you’ll love it.

Orlando (quirky)

Next up on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s Orlando! OK, we know Orlando might not be everyone’s top choice, but if you love theme parks, or Disney, we think you’ll love a girls trip here.

Orlando is such a great girls trip idea, and we think it’s a perfect pick for you if you want to let your hair down with some wholesome fun.

Buy some Mickey ears, buy all the amazing Disney snacks, and just enjoy!

This is one of those girls’ trip ideas that is fantastic for someone’s bachelorette party, or birthday party!

Theme parks are great fun, and they’re especially fun when you’re with all your favorite people!

Oaxaca (quirky)

Editorial credit: posztos / Shutterstock.com

Next on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s the wonderful Oaxaca.

Oaxaca, located in Mexico, is one of those destinations that is rising in popularity each passing year, as more and more people realise how wonderful it is.

The city is full of so much culture it could burst, but mainly, you go here for the food.

The food here is incredible. Traditional and modern, but always delicious. If you’re looking for girls trip ideas that center around amazing food, this is the one for you!

Nantucket, Massachusetts (quirky)

Editorial credit: EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

Next on our list of quirky girls trip ideas, it’s Nantucket, Massachusetts. This is a place to find beautiful beaches, beach huts, beach side cottages and all that good stuff.

If your friends were all over the ‘coastal grandmother’ trend this year, then we feel like Nantucket, Massachusetts is going to be a hit for you all.

Beach life is the only way of life here, and it’s amazing.

Eat some delicious local food, spend your nights stargazing, and spend your day winding down. It’s one of those girls’ trip ideas that can’t be beaten.

Sonoma, California (quirky)

Sonoma, California is next on our list of girls’ trip ideas. This is something for wine lovers.

Sonoma, California is known for it’s amazing wineries and vineyards, and visiting a winery is a pretty awesome idea for a girl’s trip.

There are lots of wineries in Sonoma which has added spa facilities too – making it a no-brainer!

London (long-haul)

Our first suggestion for long-haul girls trip ideas is London. London is located about a 7 hour flight from NYC and the east coast, and it’s well worth the flight time!

Fares are actually surprisingly affordable, especially with airlines like JetBlue now flying the route. So this is one of those girls trip ideas you might find surprisingly in budget.

London is one of the most magical cities in the world, steeped in history, with amazing shopping, lots of attractions and plenty of incredible photo opportunities.

Walking through London is like walking through a movie, you’ll recognize so many unexpected buildings and places!

We can’t recommend London enough when considering girls’ trip ideas! Who knows, you might even meet a prince!

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Edinburgh (long-haul)

Editorial credit: Richie Chan / Shutterstock.com

Another wonderful option for girls’ trip ideas in Europe, is Edinburgh. Edinburgh is only a short distance from London, and it’s this amazing city of gothic architecture, amazing food and (most importantly) kilts!

Edinburgh is a treat to visit. There is so much to see and do here, and the city is super easy to navigate and walk around too.

A great time to visit the city is during August during the Edinburgh Fring Festival, but this time of year is also expensive for hotels. A quieter (and cheaper) time to visit is during the spring or early summer.

Edinburgh is quite simply, wonderful. It has so much personality, and so much going on, and it’d be a great place to consider when looking at girls’ trip ideas.

Santorini (long-haul)

Next on our list of long-haul girls’ trip ideas, it’s Santorini. If you haven’t heard of this magical place, let us explain.

Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea, and it’s famed for it’s iconic cliffside buildings, incredible sunset and wonderful culture.

This is one of those girls’ trip ideas that is really unique and memorable, and (importantly) beautiful!

There are so many opportunities for amazing group photos here, with breathtaking backdrops.

Dubai (long-haul)

Our next suggestion for girl’s trip ideas is Dubai. Dubai is definitely a long-haul destination from the USA, but it’s well worth visiting.

Dubai is an ever-changing city, full of skyscrapers, stunning beaches, architectural wonders, and luxury beyond your wildest dreams.

If you’re wanting a one-in-a-lifetime girls trip idea, then Dubai might be perfect for you. From 7* hotels, to desert glamping, you can find it all here, which is why we had to include it on our list of girls’ trip ideas!

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The Maldives (long-haul)

Next up on our list of girls trip ideas, it’s The Maldives. This is one of those dream-vacation destinations, so this girls trip idea is probably for something special.

The Maldives is a small cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Sri Lanka. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and completely one of a kind.

You’ll have to take a few flights to get here, but you’re rewarded with incredible ocean views, unrivaled privacy, and luxury!

Reykjavik, Iceland (long-haul)

Next on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s Reykjavik, Iceland. This is one of those girls’ trip ideas for groups that adore the great outdoors.

Iceland is one of the most fascinating countries in the world in terms of landscapes and scenery – so we can’t recommend it enough.

If your friends have been searching for girls’ trip ideas that are out of the ordinary, with lots of exploring – then Reykjavik, Iceland is a fantastic pick.

The Amalfi Coast, Italy (long-haul)

Finally, on our list of girls’ trip ideas, it’s The Amalfi Coast. This is such a gorgeous choice for a girl’s trip, and it’s such a wonderful region of Italy to explore.

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most scenic places in Italy, with colorful coastlines of scattered cottages built into the cliffside, and the sparkling ocean just feet away too.

Amalfi is a haven for incredible food, incredible views, and incredible everything. It’d be an amazing place for a girls trip, which is why we included it on our list of girls’ trip ideas!

We hope this list of girls’ trip ideas has given you loads of inspiration!