Looking for things to do alone in NYC? If so – keep reading for all my favorite recommendations!

NYC is one of my favorite cities to visit alone. I think it’s the perfect city break for solo travelers. Myself included in that! There is nowhere in the world I’d rather vacation alone than NYC.

There is so much to do in NYC, and being a solo traveler doesn’t stop you from having fun here! Some of the reasons I love visiting NYC alone are… 

  • I never feel awkward in NYC doing activities alone.
  • Lots of attractions and sights are geared up to welcome solo travelers.
  • I’ve always felt very safe walking around NYC alone.
  • Dining options are plentiful, and I never feel weird dining alone here!
  • It’s often cheaper to do things solo in NYC!
Ellie walking in NYC alone
I’ve enjoyed many trips to NYC alone! As you can see!

So, if you’re looking for things to do alone in NYC, then hopefully this post will give you tons of ideas. This is how I would spend my time alone in NYC, so hopefully you’ll enjoy doing all these activities too! 

Tip: If you’d like a personalized NYC itinerary designed for you (by me) that’s a service I can offer! I tailor the whole thing to your interests, to ensure you have the most amazing time. Drop me an email at ellerosemoogan (@) gmail.com to find out more!

Here’s a helpful map of everything on this list…

Take the Staten Island Ferry

My first suggestion of things to do alone in NYC, is something easy, and free! Two things I always appreciate when traveling by myself!

Taking the Staten Island Ferry is one of those iconic activities in NYC, and it’s a really lovely one to do by yourself, I really recommend taking a round trip on this world-famous boat!

It’s completely free (it’s just public transport, not a tour or anything!) but the views over the city on your way over to Staten Island are insanely good.

There’s a little shop on board, and a few shops in the ferry terminal, so you can sit down, people-watch, have some snacks, enjoy the view, you name it.

Tip: It’s even worth doing in the rain! The last time I visited, I decided to take the ferry even though the weather was terrible. It was still loads of fun.

Ellie on the staten island ferry looking at the view of manhattan
Here I am, looking pretty windswept, riding the Staten Island Ferry!
elle on the staten island ferry
Warning: It might get windy!

Visit the Museum of Broadway

This is a relatively new discovery for me, but I’m absolutely obsessed with it! I had the best time visiting the Museum of Broadway recently.

The museum is basically an ode to all things Broadway, and you’ll find amazing props, costumes, historical artefacts, and so much more here.

My favorite part was seeing so many costume up close, but I also adored the immersive photo opportunities they had strategically placed around the place too. And even as a solo traveler, I felt totally immersed in all the fun.

The museum is absolutely wonderful, and I think it’s one of the best in the city for solo travelers.

Tip: If you’re a bit nervous about asking strangers to take your photo, then I recommend taking a little phone tripod with you! That’s how I got my photos at the Museum of Broadway!

Ellie sat on a multicolored swing in the museum of broadway
Here I am, making the most of the amazing photo opportunities in the Museum of Broadway.

Explore DUMBO and enjoy those amazing city views!

DUMBO in Brooklyn is one of my favorite places to explore alone when I’m alone in the city. It’s a beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood that sits right next to the water, and has amazing city views.

My ideal morning, would be jumping on the subway to York St (in Brooklyn) and taking a slow walk to the DUMBO waterfront, stopping to grab a coffee, and ice-cream and enjoy the views along the way. 

You get the most incredible views of the city from here, so spend some time soaking them all in, and enjoy being by yourself and doing things on your own schedule! 

Here are some reasons I love this place so much…

  • You have plenty of interesting stores nearby
  • There’s a great food market (featured later on this list!)
  • There are so many walkways and parks to stroll through
  • There are amazing skyline views
Ellie in DUMBO, with a backdrop of Manhattan
Here I am, in DUMBO, with a beautiful backdrop of Downtown Manhattan

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

  • Address: Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY 10038, USA
  • Website: No official website.
  • Helpful info: The pedestrian pathway is approx 1.1 miles and the pedestrian entrance to the bridge is right across the street from City Hall Park, along Centre Street.

Next up on my list of things to do alone in NYC, the Brooklyn Bridge!

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is a must-do for anyone visiting NYC, and it’s definitely one of the best things to do alone in NYC because going alone lets you soak in all the views!

First of all, it’s one of the most iconic bridges in the world, so you definitely need to make time to walk across it. Secondly, the views you get from the bridge are amazing, and it’s one of the best ways to see the NYC skyline.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is one of those things that is equally amazing in the sunshine, or the rain. I’ve done it in all weather, and it’s always beautiful, and the views always take my breath away.

Tip: If safety is a concern, then I recommend walking the bridge in the daytime, not nighttime. You’ll be surrounded by more tourists, and feel much safer.

Ellie walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in the rain
Here I am walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in winter!

A few seasonal activities you might enjoy!

If you’re reading this in November or December, there are a few amazing seasonal activities I want to recommend to you!

NYC is magical during the festive season, and just because you’re traveling solo doesn’t mean you can’t get involved!

Here are some some activities I really recommend!

Visit Little Island

  • Address: Pier 55 in Hudson River Park at, W 13th St, New York, NY 10014, United States
  • Website: https://littleisland.org/
  • Helpful info: Free to access, could be closed in bad weather (so check ahead).

Another one of my new favorite things to do alone in NYC!

This wonderful little park, is found just off the west waterfront of NYC (near Chelsea), and it looks over the Hudson River. It’s a unique and amazing little floating island, housing a gorgeous park space. 

If you want somewhere unique and interesting to walk around for the day – this is it. There’s nowhere else like it in the city, and it has quickly become one of my favorite recommendations for people visiting.

Ellie in Little Island Park, with the Empire State Building in the background.
Here I am in Little Island Park. You can see the Empire State Building in the background!

The views of the city are wonderful, it’s free (hurray!) and it’s gorgeous. It doesn’t take too long to walk around it either, I think setting aside around 2 hours would be perfect.

There are some amazing views from the park itself, it has several lookout points that look over the Empire State and Downtown Manhattan.

Tip: I recommend reading my guide to visiting the famous little island in NYC for all the info you need about visiting. 

Ellie standing in front of Little Island in NYC.
Here I am, standing in front of Little Island! You can see how unique this place is!

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is a foodie-haven located really close to Little Island (mentioned above).

In fact, walking around Little Island and then grabbing lunch at Chelsea Market would make a fantastic itinerary for a sunny morning in NYC!

Chelsea Market is an indoor market in the heart of the Chelsea neighborhood, with so many wonderful food vendors inside. One of my personal favorites is Friedman’s (a jewish deli restaurant).

I also LOVE the Pearl River store in Chelsea Market – so make sure you check that out too if you visit! It’s full of so many gorgeous little NYC souvenirs and goodies, themed after Chinatown.

Visit Time Out Market in Brooklyn

  • Address: 55 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States
  • Website: https://www.timeoutmarket.com/newyork/
  • Helpful info: Alongside the food court, check out the rooftop terrace for amazing city views! Opens at 8am every morning.

Next on my list of the best things to do alone in NYC, it’s the Time Out Market.

The Time Out Market is located in Brooklyn (right under the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO) and it’s one of the best places to eat in NYC if you’re visiting solo.

It’s a brilliant food hall full of some of NYC’s best food chains, or restaurants. They’re all handily located in a food hall, with communal seating, and they serve up their best dishes.

It’s a lot of fun, a must-visit for any foodies! Also – the rooftop has some of the best views in the city, so make sure you head up there before leaving!

Tip: It’s really great place to eat if you’re a bit nervous about eating on your own too – because no one is going to look twice at solo diners here.

Read more about dining solo in NYC: Dining solo in NYC and the best places to eat alone in NYC!

Here I am, overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge from the Time Out Market rooftop. I told you it was a great view!
Here I am, overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge from the Time Out Market rooftop. I told you it was a great view!

Visit one of the free art galleries in SoHo

We all know NYC is full to burst with huge, iconic museums and art galleries, but some of my favorite galleries in the city are totally free – and located in Soho.

You’ll find the majority of them located along West Broadway between Prince St and Spring St. Click here for a Google maps link.

Just walking along this little stretch of Manhattan, and you’re going to stumble across so much interesting art. And you might even meet the artists too!

One my last visit to NYC in October, I was literally following my own advice and exploring these gorgeous little art galleries, and I bumped into one of my favorite modern artists – Mr Doodle (Sam Fox).

It was absolutely wonderful, and made my day! Here’s a photo of us together.

Elle and Mr Doodle in NYC
Thumbs up for art! Here’s me and Mr Doodle in Soho!

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Walk the High Line

Next on my list of things to do alone in NYC, it’s the High Line park. The High Line is a public park that was made on top of old abandoned rail lines in the Midtown / Chelsea area of NYC.

It’s a really special place, constantly changing with the seasons, and with some beautiful places to sit and relax and enjoy views of the city.

I love nothing more than spending a couple of hours on a sunny day just wandering along the pathways and soaking in the city.

Oh, and it’s totally free! So this is also a really affordable activity to add to your list too.

Tip: On a clear day it’ll be busy, so I recommend getting there early to avoid the crowds.

Ellie walking the Highline in NYC.
Here I am, walking the Midtown portion of the Highline, in NYC.

Ride the Battery Park SeaGlass Carousel

  • Address: Water St &, State St, New York, 10004, United States
  • Website: https://www.seaglasscarousel.nyc/
  • Helpful info: Tickets are $5.50 each, or $50 for a 10-Pack

Next up for things to do alone in NYC, it’s something for the young-at-heart! Located in Battery Park (right next to the Staten Island ferry terminal) it’s the Battery Park SeaGlass Carousel.

This little attraction is missed by most visitors, but it’s such a cute and fun way to spend time, so it had to make my list.

The SeaGlass carousel is themed after the ocean, and each rider sits within a glowing, colorful fish. When the ride starts, your fish moves up and down, and rainbow lights make the room aglow.

On my latest visit to NYC, I headed over to the carousel, and despite there being no other riders, they turned on the whole thing, just for me!

Who else can say they rode an NYC carousel on their own? This is random, cute, and I really recommend doing it for something whimsical and weird.

Elle sat on the Battery Park Carousel.
Here I am, riding the Battery Park Carousel alone! Why not?

Stroll through Central Park

Speaking of parks… You can’t beat a leisurely stroll through Central Park, so it had to make my list of things to do alone in NYC.

Exploring Central Park is something that every traveler in NYC has to make time for. Central Park is the beating heart of the city, it’s the soul of Manhattan.

During the daytime, you can walk through the park on your own completely safely – so don’t let that worry you. The park feels extremely safe in the daylight, and it’s a wonderful place to explore alone.

The park is always full of locals, visitors, and event tour groups and cyclists, so you never truly feel alone anyway!

This is an all-weather activity for me. I’ve enjoyed walking through Central Park in all seasons. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or blazing sunshine.

Tip: If you still feel nervous about exploring the park alone, this list of Central Park tours might help! There are all kinds to choose from, including running tours and even movie tours!

Read more about Central Park: 35 best things to do in Central Park, NYC

Elle sat on Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.
Here I am, sat on Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

Go searching for sweet treats

Sometimes when you’re traveling on your own, you get to go out of your way to do something ridiculous, or frivolous. 

My version of this? It’s to search out delicious sweet treats in the city! From cupcakes and cookies, to pancakes and candies.

Funny Face Bakery‘ in NYC is one of the best I can recommend to you. They basically make cookies that are designed to look like well-known celebrities, or memes, or just hilarious quotes. 

Another great option is Molly’s Cupcakes in Greenwich Village, or Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village (both do amazing cupcakes).

Sure, this isn’t for everyone, not everyone has a sweet tooth, but it’s something I love and it always makes me smile to find delicious food.

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New York's famous Pizza Rat. A hero!
Last time, I oped for the cookie shaped like New York’s famous Pizza Rat. A hero!

Eat at Prince Street Pizza

  • Address: 27 Prince St A, New York, NY 10012, United States
  • Website: https://princestreetpizzanyc.com/
  • Helpful info: The earlier in the day you visit, the less you’ll queue!

Next on our list of fun things to do alone in NYC, it’s eating at Prince Street Pizza. 

Not only is this one of the best pizza slices in New York City, it’s also a great place to eat alone (without feeling self-conscious about it!). 

They have the traditional thin NYC slices here, as well as the thicker Detroit style pizza. 

Seriously, don’t miss it. It’s incredible. Definitely one of the best things to do alone in NYC. 

Tip: Don’t ask for ketchup or ranch! The staff will hate you! They don’t serve it, and trust me, you don’t want to ask.

Ellie eating at Prince Street Pizza
Here I am, enjoying a slice at Prince St Pizza!

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Visit the Harry Potter Exhibition

The Harry Potter Experience is a relatively new thing in NYC, and if you’re a fan of the movies and books – then this is a pretty nice way to spend a few hours.

It’s also totally great for solo visitors (I did this solo just a few weeks ago!). It’s super immersive, and very entertaining – and you’ll have a great time soaking in all the props and costumes, etc.

There are also some great photo opportunities here, so you can insert yourself right into the movie sets! Below is a photo of me in Professor Umbridge’s office!

Elle sat in Professor Umbridge's office at the harry potter experience
Here I am, sat in Professor Umbridge’s office at the Harry Potter Experience, NYC.

Take a guided tour

Guided tours are brilliant things to do alone in NYC, so if you’ve got the time, it’s a great choice.

First of all, being in a group setting is refreshing when you’re traveling alone (it’s nice to have some conversation and laughter!) but also, it’s a great chance to potentially meet other solo travelers and potential friends for a dinner date later in your trip.

There are lots of differently themed tours you can take, here are some we recommend: 

Another great thing about guided tours, is how much you learn! You’ll find out things about NYC you never knew, and have lots of knowledge to return home with! 


Explore Grand Central Station

  • Address: 89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, United States
  • Website: https://www.grandcentralterminal.com/
  • Helpful info: The Information Booth Clock, the Whispering Gallery, and the Main Concourse are all things to check out inside!

Next on my list of things to do alone in NYC, it’s exploring Grand Central Station. Grand Central Station is one of the most iconic buildings in NYC, and you can easily explore it by yourself. 

A great thing about exploring Grand Central Station when you’re a solo traveler?

You don’t really stand out – everyone is going somewhere or doing something here, so being on your own isn’t a big deal. 

Of course, you have the amazing main concourse (don’t miss it!), but I’d also really recommend checking out the cute little food market inside the station too! It’s adorable and a great place to grab lunch! 

Tip: Take the ‘Secrets of Grand Central Station tour’ to learn everything there is to know about this amazing landmark.

things to do alone in NYC

Urban Hawker food court

  • Address: 135 W 50th St, New York, NY 10020, United States
  • Website: https://www.urbanhawker.com/
  • Helpful info: Daisy’s Dream is one of my favorite vendors inside!

My next suggestion for things to do alone in NYC, is the amazing food court – Urban Hawker in Midtown Manhattan.

This amazing indoor food hall is inspired by the hawker food markets in Singapore, and it is jam packed full of amazing asain food options. 

So, if you’re in Midtown and looking for things to do alone in NYC (that also includes lunch!) this is such a wonderful choice. 

Take an hour or so to browse all the food stalls inside, try a variety of new and exciting cuisines, and just enjoying the atmosphere! 

It’s such a great pick for things to do alone in NYC!

things to do alone in NYC

Try NYC’s best hot dogs

  • Address: 2090 Broadway, New York, NY 10023, United States
  • Website: https://grayspapaya.nyc/uptown-menu/
  • Helpful info: My go-to order is a frank with ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut.

If you’re a foodie, then the next suggestion on my list of things to do alone in NYC might be somewhat appealing!

The hotdogs at Grey’s Papaya hot dogs are some of the best in the city (and I can confirm, they’re great!).

If you’re looking for somewhere easy and cheap to eat (where you won’t look out of place alone) then this is a fantastic option. 

It’s a little bit out of Midtown, but it’s worth the subway ride, and you’ll get to explore a new neighborhood too! 

things to do alone in NYC

Take a food tour

The next thing on my list is a food tour! Doing an NYC food tour is actually one of the best things to do solo in NYC!

A food tour is a guided group tour (usually between 5-10 people) where you’ll be taken around some of the best local restaurants or cafes to try their ‘specialty dish’ or just something extremely delicious.

It’s great for solo travelers in NYC because it’ll give you a chance to meet new people, try lots of new food and explore a neighborhood too!

There are loads of food tours in the city, but here are a few of my top picks…


Go shopping in Soho

  • Helpful info: Broadway has lots of the bigger stores, and Spring St and Prince St have smaller more boutique stores.

Next up on my list of things to do alone in NYC, it’s shopping in Soho.

Soho is probably my favorite neighborhood to go shopping in. The stores are all within easy walking distance, and there’s a good mix of big brands and independent stores.

You’ll even find a few thrift stores in Soho too – if you’re looking for pre-loved bargains!

Another reason I love shopping in Soho? I love the neighborhood so much. It feels safe, the buildings are beautiful, and the cobbled streets feel so quaint and lovely.

Elle shopping in Soho
Here I am, looking happy because I’m shopping!

Have a spa treatment at Aire Ancient Baths

  • Address: 88 Franklin St, New York, NY 10013, United States
  • Website: https://beaire.com/en/aire-ancient-baths-newyork
  • Helpful info: If you want to save money, you can book a pools-only experience for much less.

The great things about traveling alone, is the reduced costs! So my next idea for things to do in NYC alone, is to book yourself a spa treatment.

Of course, if you were there with someone else, you’d need to fork out for double the treatments, and double the costs – but when you’re by yourself and alone in NYC, suddenly a spa treatment becomes more affordable! 

I recommend the Aire Spa in downtown NYC as an epic choice. The whole point of the spa is to transport you to another world, and make you feel completely relaxed. And trust me, they succeed!

An image from my recent visit to Aire Ancient Baths. You should really take photos in there – but I thought taking just one would be ok!

Visit Washington St, in Brooklyn

  • Address: Washington St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
  • Website: No official website.
  • Helpful info: Look out for the photo stands (to give you height!) they make for a better selfie!

Next on my list of things to do alone in NYC, it’s a classic photo spot!

One of those must-have photos in NYC, is looking down Washington St (in Brooklyn), towards the Manhattan Bridge.

Luckily, there’s also lots of lovely cafes and shops here, so you don’t just have to go for the photo and turn back again!

This is a lovely place for people-watching on a sunny morning or afternoon, and it’s a place I often find myself visiting when I’m alone in NYC.

Eat at Katz’s Deli

Next up on my list of things to do alone in NYC, it’s Katz Deli. This is one of those epic NYC food places, that you have to see to believe.

With sandwiches bigger than you can imagine… it’s a must-visit! 

The diner-style of Katz Deli means that it’s also a really easy place to eat at alone. You won’t feel self conscious, and the staff are really friendly too.

Definitely add this to your list of things to do alone in NYC. 

Ellie holding a plate of pickles in Katz's Deli
Most people’s favorite part of Katz is the epic sandwiches. Mine is the pickles!

Find the Friends Apartment

  • Address: 90 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014, United States
  • Website: No official website.
  • Helpful info: Arrive early for a photo without any tourists in the background!

If you’re anything like me, and you grew up watching the sitcom Friends – you might be a little curious about the famous apartment building where the sitcom was based.

It’s pretty easy to find, and it’s a really nice solo activity. Who doesn’t want a selfie in front of the world’s most famous apartment building?

The apartment building is right in the heart of Greenwich Village too – which is a gorgeous location in the city and brings me onto my next suggestion!

Tip: If you want to search out some more famous streets in the city, then read my post about 20 famous streets in NYC!

Ellie stood in front of the Friends apartment building in NYC.
Here I am, super excited about seeing the Friends Apartment!

Visit the observation decks

Next up on my list of things to do alone in NYC, it’s visiting an observation deck. There are four main observation decks in NYC, and it’s definitely worth visiting at least one during your solo trip to NYC.

I’ve listed them out below so you can see which is best suited to you! Make sure you add at least one of these to your list of things to do alone in NYC.

Click the links below to books tickets! 

The One World Observation Deck – Amazing views from the highest building in NYC.

The Empire State Building – An NYC classic, this is one of the original observation decks!

Top of the Rock Observation Deck – My personal favorite, this observation deck has the BEST views over the city and the Empire State.

The Edge Observation Deck – A brand new observation deck with a glass floor overlooking downtown NYC!

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Explore Little Italy 

My next suggestion for things to do alone in NYC, it’s exploring Little Italy.

This is a great neighborhood to explore in NYC, and it’s a lovely place to stroll around, and explore alone. 

Take your time and explore all the little stores, amazing cafes and street art too. Oh, and make time to enjoy some Italian food whilst you’re in the area too!

I recommend trying the local cannollis!

Read more about NYC food: Top 12 best places to eat in Little Italy, NYC

Get lost inside Macy’s 

  • Address: 151 W 34th St., New York, NY 10001, United States
  • Website: https://l.macys.com/new-york-ny
  • Helpful info: If you get hungry in the middle of shopping, there is a secret McDonalds on the 7th floor of Macy’s!

Did you even visit NYC, if you didn’t go inside Macy’s? Next on my list of things to do alone in NYC, is getting lost in Macy’s! 

Take a trip to this gigantic department store, and either shop until you drop… or just do a little bit of window shopping! 

Another thing I love doing? No matter what your age, visit the prom department, and try on prom dresses! It’s hilarious.

Tip: If you’re a big kid at heart, then you should know that Toys R Us has relocated to Macy’s! It’s great fun to look around!

Elle in Macys toys r us in NYC
Don’t forget to visit Toys R Us, on the 7th floor!

People watch in Times Square

  • Address: The intersection of Broadway and 42nd Street, and surrounding blocks.
  • Website: https://www.timessquarenyc.org/
  • Helpful info: The big red steps are a perfect place to sit and people-watch in sunny weather!

Next on my list of things to do alone in NYC, it’s people-watching in Times Square! This is one of those must-do things in NYC, especially if you’re a first time visitor.

Grab yourself a coffee, sit in one of the many seating areas, and just enjoy a bit of people-watching!

There’s nowhere quite as good as Times Square for people-watching in NYC! It’s a must-do for things to do alone in NYC!

Tip: If you aren’t a fan of crowds, then I recommend heading to Times Square in the morning instead. It’ll be far less busy!

Hang out in Bryant Park

  • Address: Bryant Park, New York, NY 10018, United States (near 40th – 42nd streets, between 5th and 6th ave)
  • Website: https://bryantpark.org/
  • Helpful info: The public toilets at Bryant Park are the best in the city!

Next on my list of things to do alone in NYC, it’s exploring Bryant Park. This might not be one of NYC’s most famous parks, but it’s my favorite! 

This park is located in the heart of Midtown, and it’s pocket-sized, so perfect for an hour or so of exploring. 

I’d grab yourself a lunch from Wholefoods (across the road) and then have a little picnic on the grassy area, or on one of the many chairs and benches. 

The views are absolutely lovely, which is why it makes my list of things to do alone in NYC. 

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things to do alone in NYC

Visit South St Seaport and The Tin Building

  • Address: 96 South St, New York, NY 10038, United States
  • Website: https://tinbuilding.com/
  • Helpful info: The raspberry croissant is unbeatable! But it sells out really quickly!

Next on my list of things to do alone in NYC, it’s visiting South St Seaport. 

South St Seaport is a little hub on the Lower East Side (close to Downtown and Wall St) and it’s a great place for foodies! 

There are several restaurants to visit there, alongside an amazing indoor food market (called the Tin Building).

If you’re a solo traveler, then strolling around here for a couple of hours is a great way to spend the morning.

Watch the sunset at Pier 35

  • Address: Pier 35, FDR Dr, New York, NY 10002, United States
  • Website: www.instagram.com/pier35nyc/
  • Helpful info: Look out on social media for local events and special occasions! They have an egg hunt at easter time, for example!

Next on my list of things to do alone in NYC, is watching the sunset at Pier 35. 

This pier on the east side of Manhattan overlooks the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, and the views around sunset… they’re amazing. 

Who says sunsets are only for couples in love? Not me!

Head down to Pier 35 with your book, or a podcast, sit on one of their sunset swings, and just enjoy those amazing views as the sun goes down. I know you’ll love it. 

Visit Magnolia Bakery

Next on my list of suggestions for things to do alone in NYC, it’s visiting Magnolia Bakery. 

This place is a classic NYC bakery, and it’s famous with locals and tourists alike – because the sweet treats here are so damn delicious. 

Now, Magnolia Bakery is most famous for the Banana Pudding, and that is the first thing I would buy if going for the first time. But I’d also stock up on a few cupcakes too (because why not?). 

If you like to have a few sweet treats stocked up your hotel room… then this is such a great choice for things to do alone in NYC. 

things to do alone in NYC

Summit One Vanderbilt 

  • Address: 45 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, United States
  • Website: https://summitov.com/
  • Helpful info: Early time-slots generally mean less crowds.

Next up on my list of things to do alone in NYC, it’s Summit One Vanderbilt. 

This is technically an observation deck, but it’s also just a fantastic experience and great way to spend a few hours. 

It’s like a mix between an art gallery, and observation deck, a playground and a cool rooftop bar.

There are so many wonderful photo opportunities too – so even solo travelers can get some amazing shots! 

It’s a wonderful choice for things to do alone in NYC, and I think it’s one of my favorite observation decks in the city too. Don’t miss it, it’s a lot of fun.

things to do alone in NYC

Explore Little Tokyo

Next on my list of things to do alone in NYC, it’s exploring Little Tokyo. 

Little Tokyo is such a quirky and unique part of the city, and if you’re interested in Japanese culture then it’s a must-visit! 

You’ll find amazing Japanese restaurants here, alongside quirky Japanese-themed stores and cafes too! 

Whilst Little Tokyo might not be the biggest neighborhood in NYC, it’s easy to find, and easy to navigate, and so interesting to explore. 

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Visit Levain Bakery 

  • Address: 340 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012, United States
  • Website: https://levainbakery.com/pages/noho
  • Helpful info: Their two-chip chocolate cookie is a winner, but I also love their loaf cake!

If you’ve got a little bit of a sweet tooth, then my next suggestion for things to do alone in NYC is going to hit the spot! 

Levain Bakery is home to New York City’s most famous cookies – so you can guarantee some pretty delicious treats here! 

Their two chip chocolate chip cookies are my personal favorite, but honestly, you can’t really go wrong with any of their flavors. 

Watch a Broadway show

I can’t visit NYC without watching a Broadway show, so it had to make my list of things to do alone in NYC!

I don’t think it really matters which show you see (they’re all great) but some of my favorites include; Wicked, The Lion King, Frozen, and The Book of Mormon.

Tip: Going alone to a Broadway show is actually a great way to score cheap tickets! Usually, single seats are priced lower than seats together, so you might be able to snatch up a really good seat for a pretty affordable price, which makes this one of the best choices for things to do alone in NYC!

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Balloon Saloon

  • Address: 133 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013, United States
  • Website: https://www.balloonsaloon.com/
  • Helpful info: This place is great for funny souvenirs!

The Balloon Saloon is my last suggestion for things to do alone in NYC. 

This isn’t really anything ‘special’ – technically it’s just a shop. But it’s what’s inside that makes it’s so much fun. 

This party store in Downtown, is just absolutely chaotic, and so much fun to stroll around. It’s full of more balloons than you’ve ever seen, alongside funny gifts, costumes, greetings cards, and random items. 

They call themselves the ‘most fun store in NYC’ and honestly, I can’t really disagree! It’s so unique and fun. 

I hope this list of things to do alone in NYC has been useful! 

As you can see from this list, there are so many amazing things to do alone in NYC! The city has plenty of awesome activities and things to do for solo travelers!