“Does it snow in Seattle?” – Keep reading to find out!

“Does it snow in Seattle?” – It’s a question you might find yourself wondering, especially if you’re visiting Seattle in the winter months.

Maybe you’re desperate to experience some snow (we all know that snow puts everyone in the festive mood!), or maybe you’re looking to avoid the snow (not everyone loves it!).

Whatever group you fall into, we’ll aim to answer the question “does it snow in Seattle?” – so you have all the information you need!

So, does it snow in Seattle?

The simple answer? Yes it does, but perhaps not as much as you think!

Because of the pacific ocean regulating temperatures somewhat, snowfall doesn’t happen in the droves many imagine it to in this northwest city.

However, this doesn’t mean that snow in Seattle never happens. Because of Seattle position on the northwest coast of the USA, snow is something that does happen during the winter months, because temperature can and do get cold enough.

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So straight up – the answer to ‘does it snow in Seattle?’ is YES IT DOES. But it might not snow quite as often as you are imagining or hoping.

Instead of a thick blanket of snow in Seattle, you’re more likely to experience a dusting of snow. The kind of snow where pavements are rooftops are covered, but only for a few hours, or at most a couple of days.

But prepare for excitement if you’re lucky enough to witness some Seattle snow!

Because it doesn’t snow too often in the Seattle, locals get seriously excited about it. Snow days in Seattle are full of festive cheer and excitement – and it’s great!

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What months does it snow in Seattle?

So, what months does it snow in Seattle?

We’ve taken data from weather-us.com and used it to make this useful table below to answer the question ‘what months does it snow in Seattle?’.

You can see below, that when asking what months does it snow in Seattle… You’re mainly looking at January and February.

Even still, in these months, the chance of heavy snowfall in Seattle is still low. You may experience snowfall in Seattle, but you might not see it stick around for very long, as often it melts!

If you’re set on experiencing snow in Seattle, then we recommend visiting in February for the best chances. Or heading out to one of the nearby locations we’ve listed below in this article.

MonthAverage Inches

How many snow days are there per month in Seattle?

Again, we’ll call upon a helpful little table from weather-us.com to illustrate how many days of snow you might expect during the winter months. As with the table above, February is your best chance to experience snow in Seattle.

So if you’re reading ‘does it snow in Seattle?’ and you’re hoping to experience some snow yourself, February is the time to cross your fingers and hope for some colders temperatures!

MonthAverage Snow Days

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Where can you experience snow near Seattle?

So, Seattle itself might not promise lots of snow (or it’s unlikely!) but there are plenty of places nearby that do get great snowfall.

So don’t worry – even if it’s not snowing in the city of Seattle, there are plenty of places further out that will catch some lovely snowfall.

So if you’re looking for that magical blanket of snow, these locations listed below might give you what you’re after!

These places are all within a 1-3 hour drive of the city, so perfect for a snow-filled day trip, or a snowy weekend break away from the city.

As a general rule, any of the nearby ski resorts are likely to have that lovely blanket of snowfall in the winter months – their trade depends on it!

They’ll also have great snow reports for skiers, which you can also take advantage of to make sure you’re visiting at the right time!

  • The Summit at Snoqualmie
  • Crystal Mountain
  • Stevens Pass Ski Area
  • Mt. Baker Ski Area
  • White Pass Ski Area
  • Mission Ridge Ski Area
  • 49 Degrees North Ski Area
  • Lake Easton State Park
  • Lake Wenatchee Sno-Park
  • Hyak Sno-Park 
  • Leavenworth Ski Hill
  • White Pass

All of these locations are great options for finding snow near Seattle, and a lot of them have great skiing, tubing, or sledding facilities too! To make the snow even more fun! Which we love!

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Is winter cold in Seattle?

So, by now you know that the answer to the question ‘does it snow in Seattle’ is yes, but not heavily.

But does that also mean the winters are mild in Seattle? After all, with a lack of snowfall, maybe the temperatures aren’t so bad?

Well actually, the temperatures in Seattle are still quite chilly in the winter months – with December and January reaching lows of just above freezing.

So make sure you still wrap up warm, even if snow isn’t expected during your trip!

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Hopefully this has answered your question… Does it snow in Seattle?

Yes, it does snow in Seattle, but snow is quite rare (even in the winter months) and it doesn’t snow very heavily often.

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