Are you looking for the best restaurants in Tribeca? If so, keep reading!

If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy dinner in Tribeca, then hopefully our list of the best restaurants in Tribeca will be useful!

Tribeca is a lively and fun neighborhood in NYC, and it’s packed full of interesting and delicious restaurants to try.

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We’ve included a lot of choices on this list of the best restaurants in Tribeca, with something for every budget.

So, if you’re looking for the best restaurants in Tribeca, keep reading!

Let’s get into it!

Here are our favorite picks for the best restaurants in Tribeca!


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Frenchette is the first place on our list of the best restaurants in Tribeca, and it certainly deserves the top spot!

This contemporary French bistro is on the expensive side, but its collection of rich dishes featuring seasonal ingredients and classic Parisian flavors makes it worth the dough.

Although it has only been open since 2018, it’s quickly become one of the restaurants in Tribeca that’s always packed to the rafters thanks to its incredible ambiance and elevated dishes.

We adore the Duck Frites and the Black Truffle Croque Monsieur Sandwich, but it’s the wines by the glass that’ll keep you coming back for seconds.

Whether you’re in the mood for escargot or a Happy Hour pour, you’re bound to agree that this is one of the best restaurants in Tribeca!

The best restaurants in Tribeca: One White Street

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Our next pick for the best restaurants in Tribeca, it’s One White Street!

This classic neighborhood joint has an impeccable farm-to-table menu that’s jam-packed with food that you actually want to eat.

Realistically, who doesn’t want to down a hefty portion of Scallop Skewers or fresh focaccia with onion jam? We’d struggle to resist, that’s for sure.

This is one of the more expensive restaurants in Tribeca, but you’re partly paying for the sexy marble surfaces and eye-catching ceramic tiles that you’ll see dotted around the dining room.

We recommend opting for the six-course set menu if you have a decent appetite, but there are plenty of a la carte favorites that’ll satisfy even the hungriest diner.

Oh, and did we mention that the sommelier here is a co-founder of the popular brand Verve Wine? 

So, you’ll be guaranteed the perfect pour for every occasion!

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1803 NYC

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Our next suggestion for the best restaurants in Tribeca, is 1803 NYC. This place serves up traditional New Orleans cuisine, and it’s so much fun.

The energy here is fun, fresh and vibrant, and the food follows the same description!

The interior at this amazing Tribeca restaurant evokes the friendliness and energy of an evening in the French Quarter, New Orleans. It’s like escaping NYC for the night!

There is even balconied and outdoor dining (so New Orleans!) and the finishing touch, you’ll even find an intimate underground jazz club, Bon Courage.

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Au Cheval

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If you’re a fan of all things American, then you’ll love the next spot on our list of restaurants in Tribeca – Au Cheval!

Despite having a Frenchy name, this place is all about serving elevated burgers and American dishes in a swanky dining room.

This is the sister restaurant to the famous Au Cheval in Chicago, and it’s just as good as the OG location when it comes to juicy burgers, piping-hot fries, and sinful bologna sandwiches.

It’s not the place to visit if you’re planning a mega trek around the city afterward, as you’ll be very full.

But if you’re looking for a huge meal to fill the void before turning in for the night, it’s one of the best restaurants in Tribeca for the job.

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Marc Forgione

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We adore Marc Forgione, and it’s been one of the best restaurants in Tribeca since opening its doors in 2008.

This popular farm-to-table eatery is owned by Chef Marc Forgione (hence the name!) and Christopher Blumlo, and it’s perfect for modern diners who appreciate a romantic setting and contemporary dishes.

Although the interior here is relatively bougie, the food is surprisingly simple and focuses on bold flavors and high-quality seasonal ingredients.

But don’t think that makes the food slap-dash or underwhelming – it’s anything but that!

Whether you fancy the Chili Lobster with Texas Toast or the incredible Dry Aged Tomahawk that’s enormous enough to share, this is one of the restaurants in Tribeca that’s unlikely to disappoint!

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The Odeon

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The Odeon is one of those next-level restaurants in Tribeca with a lively atmosphere and an excellent American menu.

It has an incredibly welcoming vibe that makes walking through the door feel like coming home.

And in a bustling city like New York, that’s no mean feat!

You can choose to dine inside, but we recommend booking a table for Outdoor Café Dining. It’s perfect for people-watching and fully protects diners with rain-proof awnings, umbrellas, and fans for NYC’s brutal summer heat.

If you’re looking for restaurants in Tribeca with top-tier food, then this place has got you covered.

Everything from the Steak Tartare to the Grilled Cheese and Odeon Burger and beyond delicious.

Oh, and nothing will break the bank (which is always a plus!).

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The Greek Tribeca

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If you’re on the hunt for truly wonderful Greek food in NYC, then the next place on our list of restaurants in Tribeca is for you! The Greek Tribeca is delicious!

This spot is all about serving Greek comfort food and it has even been recognized by Michelin for its top-tier service, food quality, and gorgeous décor.

You’ll find classic favorites like Souvlaki and lamb chops, but you’ll also find more unique eats that will transport you to the farthest corners of Greece.

The ambiance is super lively, so it’s not the best place to visit if you’re nursing a hangover.

But honestly, we’d say that this is one of the restaurants in Tribeca that’s a complete hidden gem.

So don’t miss it!

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American Cut

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If you’re looking for bougie steakhouses near Pier 25, then you need to head down to the next spot on our list of restaurants in Tribeca – stat!

American Cut has been a staple on Greenwich Street for years, and it serves truly excellent steaks and sides that’ll essentially poo-poo any meat that you’ve ever eaten before.

It’s a bold claim, but this is one of the restaurants in Tribeca that brings it.

The Filet Mignon and Beef Short Rib are incredible, but it’s the Jack Daniels Onions and S&W Bacon that’ll take your meal to the next level.

The ambiance is nothing to scoff at either.

With several chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and muted leather seats elegantly placed around the room, this is the place for an NYC proposal.

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Batard isn’t just considered one of the finest French restaurants in Tribeca, but it’s seen as one of the best eateries in the Big Apple.


This spot is owned and run by Chef Doug Brixton, and the entire menu aims to reflect his experiences of living in New York and France.

As a result, you can expect delicious French delights like Steak Tartare, Dover Sole, and Foie Gras to make an appearance on the menu.

We’d say that this was among the poshest restaurants in Tribeca, but the set menu is surprisingly affordable at $99 for 4 courses.

You can stay at your table for up to 2 hours if you’re a couple and 2.5 if you’re a party of 3 and above.

So, make sure you savor every second at one of the best restaurants in Tribeca!

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Añejo Tribeca

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Añejo Tribeca is our next suggestion for the best restaurants in Tribeca. If you’re craving some delicious Mexican food, then this is the place for you!

You’ll find a variety of small plates here, all themed along with Mexican cuisine, and including favorites such as tacos and empanadas.

The setting here is cozy and cute, and it has an adorable rustic feel to it too.

It’s a great choice for the best restaurants in Tribeca, NYC.

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We’ll always stop by Atera if we’re looking for restaurants in Tribeca with a luxurious and intimate setting.

This place has been awarded 2 Michelin stars over the years, so the quality of the food is basically assured from the word “GO”.

But it’s the open kitchen and sensory dining experience that makes this place worth the hefty price tag of $300 for the iconic set menu.

If money is no object, you may also want to throw in wine pairings for $198 per person.

Sure, it’s expensive.

But the continuously evolving seasonal set menu makes every dish taste ridiculously fresh and innovative.

And who doesn’t love restaurants in Tribeca that put their ingredients at the fore?

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Banares is the next amazing spot on our list of restaurants in Tribeca, and it’s a total winner.

This is one of the only restaurants in Tribeca that serves genuinely incredible Indian food, as everything is always perfectly spiced and beautifully cooked.

They serve a selection of next-level tandoori dishes, but it’s the delicate vegetarian dishes that always take our breath away.

The Benarsi Dal is a lentil-filled delight, but you can go meatier with something like the classic Butter Chicken or Tikka Masala.

Whatever you order, make sure you pair your dish with an iconic Indian beer or a smooth glass of wine.

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If you’re a fan of South Asian cuisine, then you’ll definitely want to check out the next spot on our list of restaurants in Tribeca.

Khe-Yo is the brainchild of restauranteur and chef Marc Forgione and Soulayphet Schwader and it serves an immense range of Laotian dishes. 

You’ll find everything from Creekstone Farms Sesame Beef Jerky to Crunchy Coconut Rice Balls taking residence on the unique menu.

And every dish is better than the last!

The portions aren’t enormous, so it’s not the best place to visit for filling your stomach on the cheap. 

However, you’re unlikely to be disappointed by the rich and authentic flavors that permeate every dish.

Trust us – this is one of the restaurants in Tribeca that you need to try at least once before leaving.

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Although people think that Farra isan upscale wine bar, it’s still considered one of the best restaurants in Tribeca thanks to its sumptuous food menu.

If you don’t believe us, it’s on the Michelin guide!

The menu isn’t enormous as they’re more focused on serving luxurious wines and nibbles.

But what is on there is utterly sensational.

From Sourdough Garlic Bread to Shrimp Ravioli and Vanilla Panna Cotta, this place is a mishmash of delicious upscale flavors that never fail to impress.

If you still aren’t tempted to visit, you might like to know that the atmosphere is incredibly clean-cut and modern. 

This makes it one of the best restaurants in Tribeca for first dates, cozy catchups, and everything in between.


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Nexton our list of the best restaurants in Tribeca, it’s Terra.

Terra is a beautiful little neighborhood wine bar, with gorgeously cozy vibes (and there’s also sidewalk seating for warmer nights).

Food-wise, they serve up delicious little small plates, themed along with Italian cuisine. And their Bruschetta ai Funghi e Montasio is one of our favorites.

They also serve up some pretty delicious pizzas too (check out the photo above!). Overall, it’s a great choice for the best restaurants in Tribeca, NYC.

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We couldn’t write a list of the best restaurants in Tribeca without mentioning Pepolino

This Italian joint is right off West Broadway Avenue and every single dish is bound to remind any native of their Nonna’s cooking.

The focus is on Tuscan fare, so you can expect favorites like Pappardelle Al Pepolino and Linguine Nere Di Mare to pop up on the menu.

The food is truly excellent, but the adorable and rustic décor makes dining here a serious pleasure.

Throw in the great service, friendly owners, and convenient location, and it’s easy to see why it’s one of our all-time favorite restaurants in Tribeca!


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Serafina is among our go-to restaurants in Tribeca for authentic Italian food and it’s tucked inside the Frederick Hotel.

Despite having a gorgeous atmosphere and serving celebrity clientele on the reg, this place remains affordable, casual, and open to everyone – if you can get a seat!

If you add this to your list of restaurants in Tribeca to try out, we recommend trying one of their thin-crust pizzas or their Lemon Ricotta Pancake Breakfast if you’re looking for a bumper brekkie.

Although we could wax lyrical about the food all day, we also thought their special cocktails deserved a special mention.

With everything from Pink Lemonade to Spiked Watermelon and Italian Margaritas on offer, this is one of the restaurants in Tribeca that’s perfect for a boozy beverage.


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To round off our list of the best restaurants in Tribeca, we have a true neighborhood classic that’s adored for its classic comfort food – Bubby’s!

There’s absolutely nothing pretentious about this place, and it serves some of the finest brunch goodies in the city.

It’s been on the Big Apple’s foodie landscape since 1990 and it’s the place to be for delicious Buttermilk Biscuits, Mac and Cheese, and sky-high stacks of pancakes.

If you want to round things off with something sweet, their homemade pies are oh-so-delicious.

Whatever you order, this is one of the restaurants in Tribeca that will always welcome you with a smile and send you off with a wonderfully affordable bill.

We hope this list of the best restaurants in Tribeca NYC has been helpful!

Which of these choices for the best restaurants in Tribeca NYC will you be visiting first?

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