Are you on the lookout for South Street Seaport restaurants in NYC that’ll tantalize your tastebuds? Read ahead for our top 20 picks!

I think South Street Seaport is one of the most underrated neighborhoods in Downtown NYC, it has amazing views, great dining, and quirky little buildings too.

So, if you’re searching for interesting and delicious Downtown restaurants, then I really recommend checking this unique little neighborhood out.

I’ve listed my favorite South Street Seaport restaurants here, that will fill you up and have you returning for seconds! I’ve also tried to include different cuisines to suit different tastes, and I’ve included a few ‘grab and go’ options, too, just in case you’re in a hurry!

My favorite Restaurants in South Street Seaport – A helpful map!

Fulton Fish Company

First up on my list of the best South Street Seaport restaurants, it’s the delicious Fulton Fish Company.

If you’re looking to sample some of the city’s best oysters, then we promise you’re going to absolutely love it here.

But it’s not just oysters at the Fulton Fish Company.. You’ll find plenty of other delicious fresh fish dishes to win you over.

Located inside the bustling Tin Building, this is a pretty fantastic spot to grab lunch or dinner.

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Café Patoro

Café Patoro is the second place on my list of wonderful restaurant in this area of NYC.

This spot serves the most delicious Brazilian cheese bread in the city. But you’ll also find pastries, breakfast goodies, and delicious coffees to-go!

And the best part? This is one of the restaurants on my list where everything is baked fresh onsite. Score!

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This place is a burger joint, but there’s a slight twist – everything is 100% vegan!

Although you might not be a huge fan of classic vegan fare, this place proves that everything from guac burgers to vegan mac and cheese can easily outrank the regular stuff.

Whatever you order, you’re bound to agree that this is one of the South Street Seaport restaurants in NYC that makes veggies exciting again!

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Carne Mare

If you’re searching for South Street Seaport dining options that serve incredible meats and fine seafood, then you’ll adore Carne Mare.

Carne Marne is an Italian chophouse run by Chef Andrew Carmellini, and people always rush down here for a taste of their prime cuts.

Because it offers next-level views over the waterfront and the Brooklyn Bridge, this is somewhere you’ll absolutely need to make reservations ahead of time.

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Cowgirl SeaHorse

Cowgirl SeaHorse has been one of the best South Street Seaport restaurants in NYC since it first opened its doors in 2009.

These days, it’s frequented by casual diners who love Southwestern dishes. But it’s also a fantastic place to stop for seafood, Tex-Mex bites, and a few drinks!

This is one of my top choices in the area for a relaxed evening by the waterfront. 

Don’t worry though, you can also order for delivery if you prefer.


Next on my list, it’s Taquito. Located in the Tin Building, this place is a great choice!

If you’re into Mexican food, and fresh tasty produce – then we think you’re going to love Taquito.

You’ll find delicious dishes such as achiote pork, marinated shrimp, shaved beef a la plancha, seasonal margaritas, and cinnamon-dusted churros.

Sounds pretty amazing right?

The Fulton

The Fulton is among the most upscale restaurants in this area, and it’s perfect for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

It boasts a modern menu that’s filled with wild-caught seafood dishes, but you should keep an eye out for the amazing seasonal cocktails too!

To match the restaurant’s nautical menu, the décor is packed with hand-painted murals that are inspired by Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.

It’s absolutely worth adding to your list, and makes a great date location too.


If you’re on the hunt for wood-fired pizza, head down to Keste. I know you’re going to love it.

Keste is an award-winning pizza joint that serves delectable, thick-crust pizza that’s always slightly charred on the bottom.

In other words, cooked to perfection!

The traditional Margherita is always a safe option. But if you’re visiting South Street Seaport restaurants in NYC to be adventurous, ask the wait staff about any specials.

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Malibu Farm

There’s something that always hits the spot with fusion fare, and that’s why I’ve added Malibu Farm to my list.

This place is the perfect combination of Southern Californian and NYC’s best flavors.

It serves everything from fish tacos to spaghetti squash lasagna, but it’s the fun and funky service that puts this place over the top!

And if you want something super healthy while visiting South Street Seaport? Try their poke bowl!

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Double Yolk

Double Yolk is among our top picks that serve incredible breakfast dishes in South Street Seaport.

As you might have guessed from its name, this is one of the South Street Seaport restaurants that’s all about EGGS. The name kind of gives it away right?

From breakfast sandwiches to eggs on toast served with cheese and hashbrowns, this place is the cure for just about anything.

The Frenchman’s Dough

If you’re on the hunt for restaurants in South Street Seaport that serve the best Italian food, then you’ll want to sashay on down to The Frenchman’s Dough.

Although you’ll find amazing classic dishes here, everything is served with a slight twist.

For example, you’ll find Burrata, but expect it to be served with a fig compote.

If you love pizza, you might find fun takes on pies like the Truffle Shuffle that’s made with farm eggs and black truffle!

Funny Face Bakery

Funny Face Bakery is a unique pop-culture bakery that specializes in delicious themed cookies that weigh a whopping 6 ounces EACH. OK, it’s not a ‘restaurant’ but it’s a perfect place for grabbing dessert (which is just as important!).

You can create custom iced cookies or choose from their regular pre-made cookies if you prefer.

If nothing else, this is among the most Insta-worthy places in the neighborhood, by a decent margin!

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My favorite cookies in NYC!

House of the Red Pearl

Next on our list of South Street Seaport restaurants in NYC, it’s House of the Red Pearl.

This place is seriously bougie and screams fine dining.

From the blue velvet seating to the gorgeous gold wallpaper, this is one of the places on my list that’s ideal for a romantic and glamorous date night.

Oh, and the perfectly presented Chinese-inspired dishes don’t hurt either.

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The Paris Café

If you want to find South Street Seaport restaurants in NYC for a relaxed meal that’s dripping in French charm, head to The Paris Café.

It’s been around since 1873 (yup – you read that right!), so it’s among the oldest restaurants in the area too.

Alongside a great beverage list packed with delicious wines, beers, and cocktails, you’ll find a bunch of French-American fusion dishes (think steak frites and burgers with a twist!).

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abcV at Tin Building

abcV at Tin Building is probably our top plant-based pick for South Street Seaport restaurants in NYC that’ll leave you feeling completely satisfied.

It prides itself on offering seasonally driven plant-based food, with a quirky twist.

It’s on the pricey side, but everything from the Avocado Lettuce Cups to the Mushroom Walnut Bolognese is worth ordering!

Oh, and the stunning views certainly don’t hurt.

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Another excellent pick for South Street Seaport restaurants in NYC that serve plant-based dishes is Tagmo.

This place is lucky enough to have the famous (and award-winning!) chef Surbhi Sahni running the place.

So, you can be sure that every single dish will be seasoned to perfection and draw influence from authentic Indian dishes.

They’re known for cooking their dishes slowly, meaning the flavors are quite literally baked in for a delicate mouthfeel with every bite.

DiFara Pizza

Whilst not strictly a ‘restaurant’, if you’re looking for something t eat in the South Street Seaport area, DiFara Pizza is a New York classic!

This is one of the area’s best pizza places, and it’s located right on the Seaport’s edge. A great little spot for some casual dining, so don’t miss it!

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Next up on my list of amazing South Street Seaport restaurants in NYC, we have the intimate and refined Japanese spot Shikku.

It’s another restaurant that’s tucked inside the Tin Building and only seats 12 people for the ultimate omakase experience.

It’s one of my favorite restaurants in South Street Seaport for authentic sushi rolls and sashimi, but it’s also great if you’re looking for food to-go!

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The Greens

This refined and modern spot is a welcome escape from NYC’s sometimes-crazy hustle and bustle!

From the relaxed tables to the elegant bar area that serves a ridiculous number of wines and spirits, this is one of the restaurants on my list that guarantees you a good time.

And during the summer? Feel free to dine outside on the rooftop patio area, the views are amazing! Just take a look at the photo below!

Hopefully this list of restaurants in South Street Seaport has been useful!

South Street Seaport is a pretty wonderful neighborhood, and I think you’ll love visiting and dining there!