Are you searching for the best pizza in NYC? If so, keep reading for all my favorite recommendations!

Look, I’ve eaten a lot of pizza in NYC.

Would I class eating pizza as a hobby? Maybe I would!

But I mean, you come to NYC for 2 things… The city, and the pizza. The pizza slice might as well be the city’s mascot.

The truth is, you can’t visit NYC without trying the pizza. And finding the best pizza in NYC is like a New York tradition, and a rite of passage.

Basically, for this post, I’ve eaten my way around the city (It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it…) so you don’t have to. And I’ve compiled a list of all the best spots that I found.

Here I am, living my best pizza-fueled life.

If you’re searching for the best pizza in New York City, then hopefully this list I’ve compiled can point you in the right direction. It’s made up of all of my top choices, and I promise you, none of them will disappoint.

Prince Street Pizza

My absolute top choice for the best pizza in NYC? It’s Prince Street Pizza.

This place isn’t a restaurant; it’s more of a grab-and-go location, but it’s amazing. Simply put, if I had to choose one slice to rule them all – it would be the Pepperoni Square from Prince Street Pizza.

Prince Street Pizza don’t just serve up the traditional New York City slice, they also serve up more of a Detroit-style pizza (it has a thicker base and a thicker, crispier crust). It’s this slice that continually features in my dreams, it’s that good.

This slice is truly something else. And you simply have to try it.

Their “SoHo Square” slice is the one that went viral, and with it’s with tiny, thick slices of pepperoni loaded on top of their caramelized crust – it’s heavenly and well worth an Instagram post.

It’s somewhere you’ll be talking about for weeks (maybe months) after. It’s one of the best pizza in NYC, and you’ll love it.

Tip: DON’T ask for ketchup or mayonnaise, the staff will hate you for it. They don’t serve it, and you don’t need it.

Prince street pizza the best pizza in NYC
My two favorite slices from Prince Street Pizza.
Prince street pizza the best pizza in NYC
Prince Street Pizza again… Check out those pepperoni cups!

Upside Pizza

Second, on my list of the best pizza in NYC, it’s Upside Pizza.

Now, this is one of the most ‘New York’ pizza slices you can get in the city, and it’s totally delicious and everything you’ve been craving and hoping for.

There’s a couple of Upside Pizza places in NYC, but my favorite is located between Soho and the LES, on Spring Street, and it’s a great little friendly pizza joint.

Honestly, my favorite thing to order here is the cheese slice. Sure, it’s simple. But it’s also the perfect example of how good a plain slice can be when done properly. I give it a 10/10.

Top tip! Their garlic dough balls deserve a mention too, so make sure you order a portion. Also 10/10!

upside pizza the best pizza in nyc
Upside Pizza: My favorite classic slice. So perfect.
upside pizza the best pizza in nyc
Not a fan of the classics? They have loads of other toppings too!

Joe’s Pizza

  • Address: Many locations! 1435 Broadway, 7 Carmine St, 150 E 14th St, 124 Fulton St, 211 8th Ave.
  • Website:
  • Key points: Classic pizza, authentic street slice, touristy, affordable, lots of locations.

Next up on my list, it’s Joe’s pizza. This is the classic NYC ‘pizza joint’ – and you absolutely NEED to eat here at least once during your trip to NYC.

Listen, Joe’s isn’t the fanciest, the most instagrammable, or the trendiest pizza place in NYC – but it’s the iconic grab-and-go style pizza joint that New York City has become famous for, so it deserves a spot on my list, for sure.

Order by the slice, because one of the reasons Joe’s is the best pizza in New York City is their way of reheating and making the base perfectly crispy.

Large slices are reheated in the oven, which means you get a crispy base and crusty – and an oozy cheesy top. It’s amazing.

joe's pizza best pizza in NYC
Joe’s Pizza have loads of joints around the city. This one is located at Union Square.

Rubi Rosa

Rubirosa is one of the most well-known pizza places in the city, so it had to make our list of the best pizza in NYC. The pizza here is perfection, but you’ll need to think-ahead when it comes to booking.

This place is a super popular sit-down restaurant, with limited seating. And it’s incredibly difficult to secure a table here, especially at the last minute.

What’s the pizza like? Well, it’s fresh, rustic and delicious. I remember the first time I ate here with my husband about 8 years ago… we couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks afterwards.

To be honest, this place is so good, that you can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu – but if you’re feeling fancy, then order their namesake pizza, the Rubirosa Supreme.

It is a love letter to pizza, featuring hand-cut spicy pepperoni, diced basil, and mini meatballs. Another iconic choice for this list.

I challenge you not to drool.
Rubi Rosa is such a cute and cozy pizzeria.

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Williamsburg Pizza Lower East Side

Next up on our list of the best pizza in NYC, it’s Williamsburg Pizza. This is a pretty casual pizza place, serving up delicious slices of traditional NYC-style pizza.

Our favorite slice from Williamsburg Pizza? It has to be their Cup and Char Grandma slice (on the right in the photo below!).

They have a few shops in NYC, but our favorite is the LES one. This is one of the best pizza places in NYC to visit when you’re down exploring the Lower East side.

best pizza in NYC williamsburg pizza
Check out those crispy crusts!
best pizza in NYC williamsburg pizza

Simò Pizza

Next on my list of where to find the best pizza in NYC, it’s an amazing place called Simo in the West Village.

We discovered this little pizza place by accident, when visiting the Whitney Museum of American Art, because it’s handily located right across the street!

We stumbled in looking for a quick, cheap lunch and were seriously wow’ed by how tasty the pizza was here.

It’s not traditional NYC pizza here, but more Italian Napoli-style pizza. So think big fluffy crusts, freshly cooked and light dough. The pizza takes 90 seconds to cook fresh, and it’s pure magic.

Another reason this makes my list? At $11.90 for an entire Margherita pizza, it’s really damn affordable.

best pizza in NYC SIMO
This pizza was light, fluffy perfection! I’m still thinking about it!
best pizza in NYC SIMO
You can also split your toppings (like the pizza on the left!)


Some of the best pizza in NYC, can also be found in Lucali. Lucali is located across the river in Brooklyn, but it’s easy to get to, and worth the trip out of Manhattan.

The pizza in Lucali is a labor of love, and you can taste all the years of perfecting and love that has gone into these pies.

Pizza guru Mark Iacono owns it, and this place has been visited by celebrities such as Beyonce – so that should be the only seal of approval you require!

Tips: At the moment, these guys are a cash-only restaurant. So make sure you have some cash ready, with you.

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Famous Ben’s Pizza

Famous Ben’s Pizza is an amazing choice is you’re in the Soho area. This place has been open for almost 40 years, so you know they must be doing something right!

This is one of my favorite local pizza places, and I love visiting here when we’re stopping in the Soho area.

The pizza here feels like a nice cross between Sicilian-style pizza and NYC-style pizza, and I love it.

The staff here are great too, they’ll treat you like a local, even if it is your first time visiting.

So many flavors to choose from, I love this place when stopping in Soho!

Zazzy’s at Orchard St

Next on our list of the best pizza in New York City, it’s Zazzy’s. This is a great choice for the vegans and vegetarians – as they have a plant-forward menu.

There are two NYC locations to pick from, one in the Lower East Side (which I prefer) and one in Greenwich Village.

They also do delicious desserts here (which are always worth mentioning!). So if you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you might want to add this place to your pizza-list.

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Coco pizzeria

Coco pizzeria is next on our list for amazing pizza places to try. This place was founded by famous restaurateur Pino Luongo, and pizzaiolo Ciro Verde.

You’ll find delicious wood-fired pies here – and (if you fancy branching out a little) you’ll also find their iconic focaccia bread. I have a weakness for the focaccia bread (the smell, the texture, everything really) so I can never resist ordering a portion of that too.

This place offers dine-in and takeaway, and it’s seriously worth a visit.

Tip: If you’re dining with friends, order the PAZZERIA (trust me!). You can try three different flavors, and it serves 3 people, for only $49. Take a look below!

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Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara Pizza is one of the oldest, and one of the best pizzas in New York City. Hands down.

You might have spotted this place on the TV show ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ – and if so, you’ll know the amazing story behind this incredible pizza shop in NYC.

Tip: If you fancy watching that episode of Somebody Feed Phil (so you know what to expect) it’s season 2, episode 6.

Honestly, this isn’t just some of the best pizza in New York City, it’s also the most legendary!

It has been around for years – and still offers the tastiest and most delicious around. You can’t go wrong here, and honestly if Phil Rosenthal recommends it, you know you’re in good hands.

Image credit:
difara pizza best pizza in nyc
This is the South Street Seaport DiFara’s.

Emmy Squared

As the name suggests, Emmy Squared offer up delicious pizza in a crispy, crusty square shape, rather than the traditional circular shape.

This place is insta-famous, and you’ll probably have seen photos of their square pizzas in your explore feed at some point!

We recommend the Roni Supreme (a scrumptious pizza dotted with pepperoni and firey Calabrian chilis).

We also love that they put honey on their spicy pizzas too (this was revolutionary when we first tried it!). It’s absolutely some of the best pizza in NYC, and we think you’ll love it.

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best pizza in Times Square
Our favorite toppings at Emmy Squared. We love takeout from here, because it always travels well.

Emmett’s on Grove

Emmett’s on Grove Pizza is where you want to head if you want a lovely dine-in option.

It looks so good and definitely deserves a spot on my list. Another thing I love about this place, is how cozy and cute it is.

You’ll walk down into their basement-style restaurant, and be greeted by the cutest, coziest looking pizza place you’ve ever seen.

As it’s located in the heart of Greenwich Village, I think it makes a super cute date night location, because once I’m done eating all their pizza, I always get to walk around a part of town I love after.

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Inside the restaurant, such cute and romantic decor!

John’s of Bleeker Street

The gorgeously charming John’s of Bleeker Street, is my next suggestion. This place is such a cute place to eat some amazing pizza.

First of all, we love the staff (they’re friendly, cheeky and so welcoming), but we obviously also love the pizza too. And did we mention the decor? Because it’s really something.

John’s of Bleeker Street serves up both slices and full pies, so you can order what’s best for you, depending on your hunger levels.

Tip: I recommend eating inside the restaurant (not takeaway). The decor and vibe is something special here, so don’t miss out.

Best pizza in NYC john's of bleeker street
Best pizza in NYC john's of bleeker street
I love the decor here so much! It feels so ‘New York’.

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Essex Pizza

This place is quite literally a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ kind of pizza joint, but don’t let that put you off!

Essex Pizza is continuously voted among the best pizza places in NYC, and it’s no surprise.

They do those late-night slices to perfection, and after spending Friday or Saturday night at a bar, always make sure you grab a slice from Essex Pizza on your way home!

best pizza in NYC Essex Pizza
best pizza in NYC Essex Pizza
Check out those toppingsat Essex Pizza! So generous!

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop

Next on our list of the best pizza in NYC, it’s Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop. This place is located in Brooklyn, and is home to that gooey, oozy delicious pizza you probably dream about.

You can order by the slice, or by the pie, and the prices are really reasonable too!

My favorite slice here has to be the Freddy Prinze, which is an upside down Sicilian, with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, Pecorino Romano and a sesame seed bottom.

A great place to try some fantastic pizza, especially if you’re based in Brooklyn!

Image credit:

Bleecker Street Pizza

Bleecker Street Pizza is one of the most hyped pizza places in NYC, and so (of course) it deserved a spot on our list of the best pizza in New York City.

This place has actually been voted Best Pizza by Food Network 3 years in a row, which obviously speaks really highly for the kind of pizza you can get here!

They serve up crispy and delicious thin-crust pizzas, and have some really unique combination of toppings too. My favorite pizza here is the ‘Nonna Maria Pizza’, so make sure you give that a try!

This place won the title ‘best pizza in New York City’ 3 years in a row – so you know it’s going to be good. Not sure what to order? Their best-selling ‘Nona Marie Pie’ is a classic.

It’s an old family recipe, and it’s a local’s favorite, and the perfect place to start!

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Peasant NYC

Next up, it’s Peasant NYC. This is definitely one of the more upscale pizza places on this list, but I think you’ll love it.

This Tribeca restaurant isn’t stricly pizza-only, it’s actually one of the city’s best Italian restaurants – so they serve up plenty of other dishes too.

But the pizza is really special, and wood-fired too, so it’s packed with flavor.

When ordering the pizza here, you’ll be ordering their ‘Pizza Picante’ – topped with Pecorino Peperoncino, Soppressata, ‘Nduja. It’s amazing, and a flavor bomb in your mouth.

Square Pizza (Clinton St)

Another great pick for the best pizza in NYC (especially if you’re in the LES area) is Square Pizza.

As the name suggests, you’ll find those crunchy, delicious squared slices here! These guys have consistently great reviews, and their pizza is fresh and so tasty.

You’ll smell this place before you see it, because the smell of the fresh dough and melty cheese is unmissable.

They’re such a great pick late-night pizza, and they have so many tasty flavors on offer too.

Mama’s Too

How could we write a list of the best pizza in the city, and not include Mama’s Too! This place is located on the Upper West Side, and it’s packing a punch.

The pizza here oozes expertise and attention to detail, and even the most basic items on the menu are delicious beyond words.

This is one of the pizza places in NYC, where you can feel the love that has been poured into each and every slice, and it’s absolutely some of the best pizza in NYC.

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Scarr’s Pizza

Address: 35 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002, United States


Key points:

Next up on our list of the best pizza in the city, it’s Scarr’s Pizza. This place is filled with nostalgia, and will have you feeling like you’ve stepped back into the 1960s.

This place is so recognizable and iconic – that they have their own merchandise (something to buy when you’ve had your fill of the pizza).

Song’ E Napule

If you’re looking for Neapolitan pizza in NYC, then this might be the best pizza in New York City for you!

Song’ E Napule do the most amazing Neapolitan-inspired pizza, and it definitely stands apart from the crowds. 

The pizza is fresh and light, and the dough and crust is fluffy and risen (almost like naan bread).

It’s so much different to the traditional NYC crispy thin pizza, and it’s definitely worth trying both if you have time, so make sure you put this amazing pizza place in NYC on your to-do list.

A classic choice for the best pizza in NYC, we know you’ll love it.

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Lombardi’s Pizza Soho

Last on our list, it’s Lombardi’s Pizzeria in Soho. This charming little pizzeria is located in the cross between Little Italy and Soho, and it’s this gorgeous rustic, traditional pizzeria trattoria.

The pizza here is this delicious smoky-crusted, coal oven baked, cheesy pizza. It’s so tasty, and so New York.

They also have the claim to fame of being ‘America’s first pizzeria, est 1905’. So that’s also pretty cool!

It’s absolutely one of the best pizza places in NYC, and we know you’ll love it.

best pizza in NYC

We hope this list of the best pizza in New York City has been helpful!

As you can see, there are so many places to find incredible, tasty pizza in this amazing city.

NYC is brimming with pizza places, and they all offer something unique and different. No two pizzas in this city will ever taster the same!

And that’s what we love about searching for amazing pizza!

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best pizza in New York City

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