8 of the Best Christmas Trees in New York City

November 28, 2020

Are you looking for a list of the best New York Christmas trees?

There are so many amazing Christmas trees in New York to admire… Here’s a list of the best Christmas trees in New York.

If you’re visiting NYC during Christmas, you’re no doubt wanting to take some time to visit some of the city’s beautiful Christmas trees. The good news? There are SO MANY amazing Christmas trees in New York to choose from!

Of course, you have the classic (and most well-known) Christmas trees in New York, which we’ve included at the top of this list, but don’t forget some of the lesser know New York Christmas trees too!

Rockefeller Christmas tree

The Rockefeller Christmas tree is perhaps the most famous Christmas tree in New York. It’s featured in many movies, but you likely remember it from Home Alone, as it’s the big tree in the final scene!

The Rockefeller Christmas tree never disappoints, it’s beautiful (massive!) and always decorated so beautifully. I love it, and always try and pay it a visit. If you can try and time your visit for the big lights switch-on, then definitely do!

Top tip! Visit the tree early in the morning or late at night, to get some gorgeous photos without the crowds.

Best Christmas trees in new york city.

Bryant Park Christmas tree

Bryant Park Christmas tree is another beautiful New York Christmas tree – and it’s my personal favorite in the city.

Bryant Park is a great place to visit in the city during the festive season, there’s a winter market and a free ice skating rink – so it’s a perfect place to go to enjoy the Christmas tree, and lots of other stuff to.

I love the Bryant Park Christmas tree because it’s big, chunky and always lit up really wonderfully. I also love the backdrop of the midtown skyline too!

Best Christmas trees in new york

Wall Street Christmas tree

If you’re staying downtown (instead of midtown) then you’ll definitely want to visit the Wall Street Christmas tree. It’s official name is the ‘The New York Stock Exchange Christmas Tree at 11 Wall Street‘ and that’s also where you’ll find it!

I love this New York Christmas tree because of the classic NYC backdrop of downtown!

Best Christmas trees in new york city

Madison Square Park Christmas tree

Madison Square Park Christmas tree is one of my favourite Christmas trees in NYC… Because I got engaged in front of it!

My (now husband) Pad popped the question in this beautiful park, and so for me, this is definitely one of the best Christmas trees in New York City.

I love this tree because it’s so much less crowded than others, and it’s surrounded my lovely midtown buildings, including the Flat Iron building.

best New York Christmas trees

Washington Square Park Christmas tree

Washington Square Park Christmas tree is one of the New York Christmas trees that you might not have heard about. Washington Square Park is near a lot of the university campus, so it’s a popular park with lots of seasonal decor throughout the year.

The Washington Square Park Christmas tree is just beautiful – it’s located under the park’s famous archway too, making it extra special!

Best Christmas trees in new york

Grand Central Station Christmas tree

You’re definitely going to want to visit Grand Central Station during your trip to NYC (as it’s pretty amazing) but if you’re visiting at Christmas time, then the Christmas tree inside gives another reason to pay Grand Central Station a visit!

The Grand Central Station Christmas tree might not be the biggest New York Christmas tree, but it’s definitely one with an iconic backdrop!

Best Christmas trees in NYC

The Lincoln Center Christmas tree

The Lincoln Center in NYC is one of the must-visit locations for the festive season (as it’s the place where the Nutcracker is performed!). If you’re visiting, you’ll want to take a lovely selfie in front of their beautiful Christmas tree too.

best New York City Christmas trees

Lotte Palace Christmas tree

Lotte Palace is a hotel in the city, and their contribution to the city’s Christmas tree scene is so beautiful! The backdrop of the property’s Villard Mansion courtyard is just pure festive magic.

This is probably one of the most un-crowded Christmas trees in New York… so it’s a perfect choice for a holiday photo shoot (or even an engagement!).

best New York Christmas trees.

Avenue of Americas Christmas baubles

Ok, so this isn’t technically a New York Christmas tree… but it’s definitely one of the best Christmas themed things you can seek out in the city! So I wanted to be sure to include it on this list!

best NYC Christmas trees

Hopefully this list of the best Christmas trees in New York City has given you lots of festive inspiration!

Visiting NYC at Christmas is the perfect time of year to visit, and it’s beautiful at this time of year! Any of these Christmas trees in New York are beautiful to visit!

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