Is first class worth it? Keep reading for our guide on how to know for sure.

If you’re asking yourself “is first class worth it?” then hopefully we’ll be able to answer that question in this blog post!

Flying first class for the first time is momentous. If you’ve spent your entire life turning right into Economy, there’s no better travel feeling, than turning left and finding your first class seat waiting for you.

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So… If flying first class worth it? Let’s delve into it!

We’re going to delve into whether first class is worth it, and look into the various aspects of flying first class, and what sets it apart from economy or business.

Is first class worth it, let’s find out!

First of all, what kind of flight are you taking?

When it comes to asking ‘is first class worth it?’ it’s important to think about the flight you’re taking.

Generally, in our opinion, if you’re flying for less than 4 hours, the bump in price to up first class, may not be ‘worth it’.

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When you’re flying first class, you want to be able to soak up every part of the experience, and if you’re only on board for 1-3 hours, it may not be enough time!

If you’re flying long haul, however, then first class may be a perfect investment. Not only because you’ll have time to enjoy it, but also because if you’re crossing timezones, the comfort of first class may help with the jetlag and tiredness.

One time when the question ‘is first class worth it?’ is immediately answered… Is for international flights.

International flights are usually a good opportunity to experience first class, and first class is worth it when you’re taking an international trip, as it’s often a longer flight, across multiple timezones.

International airlines (such as Singapore Aire, Emirates, Qatar, Qantas and BA) often offer amazing first class cabins, with lots of added features such as free chauffer services, and amazing lounge access too.

Is first class worth it in that situation? Of course!

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Ask yourself… Do I have a reason to fly first class?

Sometimes flying first class is all about treating yourself and taking that leap into luxury.

But if you’re reading a post about ‘is first class worth it?’ you may be looking for reasons to justify spending the money.

A good thing to do in this case, is to think about the reasons booking first class might be beneficial for you. We’ve put some of those reasons into a list below:

  • Maybe it’s a special occasion… A birthday or a honeymoon! In which case, is first class worth it? Yes!
  • Do you have a medical condition, that might be eased with the comfort of first class? For example, those with back problems would absolutely enjoy first class, as it may lead to less pain and discomfort.
  • Are you flying long haul? If so, the first class cabin and all its comforts may help you arrive feeling fresher, and less jetlagged!
  • Do you have miles or points to use? If so, upgrading to first class is totally worth it! Upgrading is a great way to use those rewards!
  • Is this a momentous flight? For example, are you moving abroad, or travelling for 24+ hours? If so, this flight is a big deal, and first class would be worth it for all the ease and comfort it brings.
  • Are you pregnant? If you’re pregnant (and you have the go-ahead to fly), flying first class is worth it. You’ll be so much more comfortable. Is first class worth it when pregnant? The answer is usually yes.

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Hopefully these reasons might help you understand if flying first class is worth it!

But now, lets look at the different parts of flying first class, and if those parts of the experience make flying first class worth it.

Is first class worth it… For speedy check-in?

The first part of flying first class, is often a speedy check-in, quick security queues and fast boarding.

It’s certainly one of the best bits about flying first class, because it makes the airport experience so much more enjoyable and tolerable.

So, is flying first class worth it for the fast check-in? We’d argue the answer to ‘is first class worth it?’ is yes in this situation.

Sure, you’re not going to drop $$$’s on a first class flight JUST for the speedy check-in, but it really adds to the experience!

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Is first class worth it… For the lounge access?

When asking ‘is first class worth it?’ you might be wondering about the lounges in the airports.

Another great thing about flying first class, is getting access to the lounges at the airport!

Airports can be busy and stressful places, and first-class lounges are always beautifully decorated, and often include free food, free drinks and (in some cases!) access to spa treatments, nap rooms, and shower facilities.

Some of the best first class lounges we have experienced at the BA First Class Concorde Lounge (at Heathrow) and also the Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai.

When asking ‘is first class worth it?’ it’s worth researching the first class lounge you’ll be given access to.

If you get access to a good lounge, the airport lounges for first-class passengers are like secret havens in busy airports, where you can relax and unwind.

In the first class lounges for major airlines, you’ll have access to catered food (usually a selection of food such as sandwiches, pastries, national dishes, etc). There may also be cocktails, soft drinks, and hot drinks for free too. This is a big thing that confirms that first class is worth it!

The majority of first-class lounges will offer you entertainment options too, such as TVs, newspapers and magazines.

So is first class worth it for the lounges? YES!

All of these things will save you money in the airport (no need to buy expensive airport food, or expensive airport snacks). It also guarantees you a comfortable and nice place to sit in the airport during your waiting time.

Is first class worth it… For the added comfort and space onboard?

So, our next question, ‘is first class worth it for the added comfort?’ – let’s delve into it!

When asking ‘is first class worth it?’ one of the things you’ll be focussing on the most, is the seating onboard and whether it’s worth it for the additional cost.

First class cabins are usually extremely elevated from the business and economy cabins.

First class cabins are built for comfort, luxury and convenience. You’ll find you have much more space when flying first class, and you’ll notice much more ease of access too, such as all seats having direct access to the aisle.

So ‘is first class worth it for the comfort and space?’ – YES! First class is all about the comfort and space, and for long haul flights, it’s one of the main reasons to spend that additional money.

Is first class worth it…. For the lay-flat bed?

So, is first class worth it for the lay-flat bed onboard?

We think that almost all first class cabins will offer lay-flat beds for their passengers, and those lay-flat beds are a huge benefit of flying first class.

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If you’ve never slept well on a plane before, you might find that changes when you fly first class!

Lay-flat beds in first-class cabins are one of the most appealing reasons to fly first class. Being able to take a nap laying down, or get a proper nights sleep (on long haul flights) is such a pleasure.

Even if you don’t plan on sleeping onboard, being able to recline in your chair, and lay down is really relaxing and enjoyable.

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BA First Class as a seat…
That same BA seat, converted into a bed!

In some first class cabins (Singpore and Qatar) your first class seat may include a chair, and an additional bed too. These first-class seats are more like suites, and they are so other-wordly, they are absolutely worth it, because you feel utterly transported.

You won’t feel like you’re onboard a plane, you’ll feel like you’re at a private spa!

So is first class worth it for the lay-flat bed? YES! Laying flat onboard a plane is magic! You have to try it to know, but once you’ve slepted properly on a plane, you’ll want to always have a lay-flat seat.

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Is first class worth it…. For the food and drink?

So, is first class worth it for the food and drink? That maybe be another question you’re asking yourself before booking your first class ticket!

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The food onboard a plane in first class is definitely different from in economy.

The food in first class is usually far more ‘homemade’ (rather than processed) and it also feels much fresher too. Generally, the food in first class feels like restaurant food, not like plane food.

Another aspect of flying first class and enjoying the food, is the presentation. Food in first class is always presented wonderfully. You’ll have cloth napkins, china plates, metal knives and forks, and lovely glassware too.

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As an example, on BA first class, you’re given a traditional afternoon tea to enjoy with cakes, scones and pastries! It’s wonderful!

The drinks in first class are great too. You’ll have lots of choice, usually unlimited, and there may even be an upgraded version of certain wines and champagnes to enjoy in first class.

For example, those who are passionate about wine, may find some wonderful varieties in first class.

You’ll also be able to drink when you want to drink, rather than relying on drinks service, which is a nice change to economy.

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The extra benefits we haven’t spoken about when flying first class…

Aside from all of the above, there are a few other advantages to flying first class, that make flying first class worth it in our eyes.

Here’s what they are:

  • Your luggage is less likely to get delayed or lost when traveling in first class.
  • You may get free chauffeur transfers to and from the airport in first class (this is common with international airlines).
  • Flying becomes a much calmer experience (so it’s great if you suffer with anxiety).
  • First class cabins often have ‘break-out’ areas such as an onboard bar or communal sitting area. This is good for those who like to move around onboard.
  • Onboard WiFi in first class is often free, so it’s a great if you plan to work onboard, or if you just like to stay connected.
  • You’ll leave the plane first, which means you’re often at the front of any custom queues upon arrival.
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All of these things might help you answer the question ‘is first class worth it?’.

So is first class worth it? You decide!

After everything you’ve read, is first class worth it to you? Let us know!

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