If you’re visiting Queenstown in summer, you might want to find the best swimming spots in Queenstown and enjoy a dip in the lake! Lake Wakatipu is completely safe to swim in – and incredible clean too!

swimming spots in Queenstown the best areas

I do have a couple of tips though, before we get onto the best swimming spots in Queenstown…

Tip 1: The lake is cold! It’s the South Island and it’s a glacial lake – so make sure you have some dry towels to wrap yourself up in once you get out of the lake.

Tip 2: Find some swimming shoes. The lake in Queenstown is quite ‘stoney’ or gravely on the surface (it’s not smooth like sand) so you might want to wear something on your feet for when you’re walking in or out. Some cheap swimming shoes would work perfectly.

Tip 3: Wear suncream! The sun is so much more powerful in New Zealand, and it’s so much easier to burn. So if your in a bathing suit, be sure to wear strong suncream.

Now, onto the best swimming spots in Queenstown!

Queenstown swimming spot 1: Queenstown Beach

Yes, Queenstown might be a lake, but it has a beach! The beach is located right off the town centre, before you reach Queenstown Gardens. On a sunny day it’s a really popular swimming spot in Queenstown – as it’s close to nearby cafes and shops and there are public toilets too. The beach is a gorgeous place to take a swim in Queenstown, and it’s super easy to find and get to!

Queenstown swimming spot 2: Wakatipu Yacht Club (Kelvin Heights)

This little swimming spot in Queenstown is one of the most blissful in the town. It’s located on the otherwise of the Kelvin Heights Peninsula, and whilst it is possible to drive there, it’s much easier to get a water taxi from the town centre. The water taxi will drop you off on one of the jettys (pictured below!) right by the yacht club and then you can let them know a time when you’d like to be picked up again. It only costs a few dollars – and you basically get a whole beach to yourself.

swimming spots in Queenstown

Queenstown swimming spot 3: Kelvin Beach

Next on my list of the best swimming spots in Queenstown, Kelvin Beach is located about a 5 minute walk from the yacht club (above). The main difference is that you can swim off the beach, rather than jumping off the jetty. You’ll want to get the water taxi here as well (just get dropped off at the Wakatipu yacht club and walk the short distance to the beach). It also has an amazing view of The Remarkables (which I love).

Tip! There aren’t any shops or cafes at this side of the peninsula (it’s not as busy as the town centre) so if you want food and drinks, definitely take a picnic with you! 

swimming spots in Queenstown

Queenstown swimming spot 4: Closeburn Beach

Closeburn Beach is located a little way out of Queenstown (it’s a stop-off on the drive from Queenstown to Glenorchy). It’s about a 10 minute drive out of town, but if you’re after a private swimming spots in Queenstown, on a stunning beach – then this is it! There are even picnic benches and toilets too!

swimming spots in Queenstown 2020

Queenstown swimming spot 5: Along the Frankton Arm Walk

Last on my list of the best swimming spots in Queenstown… If you follow the Frankton Arm Walk (or Queenstown Trail) from Queenstown towards Frankton, you’ll find loads of perfect spots for swimming. There are lots of jettys scattered along the walk, which you could take a dip from!

swimming spots in Queenstown..

I hope this list of the best swimming spots in Queenstown has been useful! Enjoy your trip to Queenstown, it’s the most beautiful place, and you’ll love it!

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