Are you wondering ‘Does it snow in Georgia?” – If so, keep reading for the answer!

If you have found yourself wondering ‘Does it snow in Georgia?’ you might be scrolling the internet looking for somewhere guaranteed to have a sprinkling of the white stuff!

There’s nothing like a sprinkling of snow in Georgia to make you feel festive, especially in the winter months!

If you’re looking to visit Georgia during the winter months, then you might be wondering “does it snow in Georgia?” in the hopes that you might be able to time your visit with a fresh blanket of snow!

This useful guide about snow in Georgia should tell you everything you need to answer the following questions…

“Does it snow in Georgia?”

“Where does it snow in Georgia?”

“When does it snow in Georgia?”

In our opinion, it’s always tricky to answer the question “does it snow in Georgia?”. As with many states, snowfall varies each year due to fluctuating temperatures and varying elevations. However, as a rule, Georgia sees snow each year. 

Now, we’d like to say that you’ll see guaranteed snow at any of the locations we mention. However, nothing is certain when weather is changeable and so unpredictable.

So, if you head to one of the areas in Georgia that usually sees snow in winter, don’t be disappointed if you miss out. Weather patterns are one thing, but sometimes snow just isn’t meant to be!

When chasing snow in Georgia, it’s always best to keep an eye on various locations, and then be flexible and fly out at the last minute to enjoy the snow.

If you’re looking to give yourself a good chance of seeing snow in Georgia this winter, then read ahead for our top recommendations!

So, without further ado, let’s answer the question, “does it snow in Georgia?”! 

Does it snow in Georgia? Here’s everything you need to know! 

The simplest answer to the question “does it snow in Georgia?” is “yes”. 

Sure, it’s never that simple, but even the mild temperatures in Georgia can produce snow. It’s worth noting that if you’re in the northern parts of the state, you’re more likely to see snow than those based in southern areas. 

Unfortunately, you’re more likely to see frozen, slushy rain than full-on snow in Georgia. We get that you’re here to find an answer to the question “does it snow in Georgia”, so we get that this might be disappointing. 

If you’re in the right areas though, you can still see wonderful snow. For example, the mountainous areas of Georgia can see around 18 inches of snow each year which is certainly impressive!

If you’re worried about proper blizzards in Georgia, then you’ll probably be fine! The last recorded state blizzard was in March 1993, so you’re unlikely to be caught up in one anytime soon.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to be prepared, but a blizzard is unlikely to ruin your travel plans – so, don’t stress too much!

When does it snow in Georgia?

If you’re wondering “when does it snow in Georgia”, we’d say the best time to visit Georgia for snow is between mid-December and mid-January.

You may see smatterings of snow between February and April, but we highly recommend visit Georgia during December or January to experience the best of the festive season. 

If you struggle with the cold, then we’re pleased to say that the average temperatures in Georgia average around 50 degrees Fahrenheit or so.

This isn’t overly cold, so if you’re wondering “when does it snow in Georgia?” and are concerned about temperatures plummeting, you should be able to get by without any excessive shivering! 

Those looking to visit Georgia during ski season should be good to go between the months of November to April.

You may be surprised by this, but up in the mountainous regions, you can see decent snowfall during the entire winter period. 

Where does it snow in Georgia? 

Now that we’ve answered the question “does it snow in Georgia?”, we thought we’d delve into “where does it snow in Georgia?”! Continue reading for our favorite snowy spots in this wonderful state.

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Not only is Atlanta the state capital of Georgia, but it’s our favorite answer to the question “where does it snow in Georgia?”.

Seeing an average of 2.9 inches of snow each year, this is an excellent place to visit for any traveler who wants to catch snow during their visit to Georgia.

Although this isn’t the city in Georgia with the highest elevation, it still stands at 1050 feet or so. This means it often experiences freezing temperatures. 

Now, before you get too excited, Atlanta doesn’t see guaranteed snow each year, but it’s a great place to visit during winter.

However, there’s so much to do here that you genuinely won’t mind. Offering visitors everything from a gorgeous botanical garden to a state-of-the-art aquarium, you’ll quickly forgive the weather gods if you don’t manage to see any snow in Georgia.


Another great answer to the question “where does it snow in Georgia?” is Athens, Georgia. No, we’re not talking about Athens, Greece!

This awesome city is close to Atlanta, so is ideal for tacking onto a capital city visit. January tends to be very cold in Athens, so you’re likely to see a decent amount of snow during this month. 

If you’re looking for things to do in Athens, why not visit the Georgia Museum of Art or the Athica Athens Institute? Athens is well-known for its art scene, so you should certainly add both spots to your to-do list.

If art isn’t your bag but you’d still like to visit, then you should check out the Sandy Creek Nature Center or Downtown Athens.

There’s so much to do in Athens, so you really will be spoiled for choice. This is a great place to see snow in Georgia.

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Blairsville is one of the best places to visit for snow in Georgia. Although it’s a small city (it has a population of only 724!), it has plenty to offer visitors.

Be aware that it can get extremely cold in this little haven. With temperatures dipping as low as 25.4 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter, you should plan for bitter cold.

Generally, Blairsville sees around 6 inches of snowfall each year, but this can vary based on weather patterns. Who knows, maybe you’ll be blessed with an immense amount of precipitation during your visit!

Those visiting Blairsville should explore the Mountain Life Museum and Grandaddy Mimm’s Distilling Co.

Although these attractions are quite different, they’re two of the most popular things to do in the city that shouldn’t be missed. Another beautiful place to experience snow in Georgia.


If you’re asking, “where does it snow in Georgia?”, you needn’t look further than Dalton.

Although this city won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it tends to see decent levels of snow each year.

Like most other Georgian cities, predicting exact snowfall can be tricky. However, on a typical year you can expect to see 2 inches of snowfall during the winter months.

We get that this isn’t a massive amount, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t manage to catch any flurries during your visit. 

If you’d like to hit some attractions while in Dalton, we suggest checking out the Chief Vann House Historic Site and Western & Atlantic Railroad Tunnel.

Both are incredible historical sites that should be on anyone’s Dalton itinerary. It’s not as common here, but it’s a good place to see snow in Georgia.

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We hope that our guide has answered the questions “does it snow in Georgia?” and “where does it snow in Georgia?”. 

You won’t see as much snow in this southern state as you might in other parts of the US, but with a bit of forward planning and a touch of luck, you might just be greeted with a blanket of wonderful, white snow in Georgia this Christmas!

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